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Results for September 2005

216/0513 September 2005Always Synergy
Always Synergy - "Don't risk the security of your employees or business assets with poor English-speaking guards"
225/0513 September 2005Pacific Magazines
Pacific Magazines - Men's Health - male & female undress, poster on wall says "Down Down Down",male kneels in front of girl, close up of her crotch with arrow pointing to G spot
229/0513 September 2005Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - "Scream" - motor racing footage "Honda cars use F1 technology - similar to 52/02 but doesn't intercut with family cars
230/0513 September 2005Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
Beiersdorf - Duo condoms - youth in chemist saying loudly "I need condoms" and "tonight's the night"
232/0513 September 2005Geoff Walsh Engine Parts Pty Ltd
Geoff Walsh Engine Parts - "this plastic cup is f----d" - comment made after Q&A session where Geoff's answers are always "No worries" which is his well-known tagline
233/0513 September 2005Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Fox FM - "Nuddy Day" - DJs portraying themselves naked in broadcasting room - mention of Matt Tilley's pubic hair
234/0513 September 2005Nestle Confectionery
Nestle - Allen's Anticol Vapour Action Lozenges - skiiers blown off ski slope as if by bomb blast
235/0513 September 2005BRP Australia Pty Ltd
BRP - Evinrude - man punches, butts and kicks groin of another man in violent & aggressive manner
237/0513 September 2005Mona Lisa Models
Mona Lisa Models/Escorts - ad in Sydney Weekly Courier depicting "Dallas" in g-string, on knees legs spread and crotch and bottom jutting towards camera
238/0513 September 2005Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple M - monkey named Barry wearing clothes & choosing music
240/0513 September 2005Football Federation of Australia
Football Federation - players dipping soccer balls in paint then showing skill by kicking against a wall to create street art
241/0513 September 2005The One Centre
The One Centre - "Old models don't cut it anymore" - mature age men/women modelling underwear
242/0513 September 2005Holden Ltd
Holden - Astra Coupe & Wagon - 2 TV ads - (1) naked couple (genitals obscured) leave house, drive car & walk amongst shoppers who are clearly startled (2) naked couple drive to charity bin to dump clothes not needed anymore
243/0513 September 2005Peters & Brownes Group
Peters & Brownes - Chill Bill flavoured milk - "girls are like footballs - you're bound to drop a few in your lifetime"
244/0513 September 2005Carpet Court
Carpet Court - "shipload" of carpets spoken by court jester figure - onscreen text "shipload sale"
245/0513 September 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Cajun Nuggets (vase) - people looking for water to drink after eating very spicy nuggets - woman drinks from a vase of flowers
246/0513 September 2005McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Cajun Nuggets (snowdome) - people looking for water to drink after eating very spicy nuggets - drink liquid from a snowdome ornament
248/0513 September 2005PAN TV Ltd
PAN TV - World Movies - depicts real gunfire, expolosions, heads being cut off etc on Streetvision video at Town Hall station platforms
249/0513 September 2005Unitab Ltd
Unitab - TAB - "the more you practice the luckier you get"
250/0513 September 2005The Samaritans
The Samaritans - Suicide Prevention - arm & hand shown with wrists slashed and note "I couldn't face my wife when the business broke down". Text "Suicide isn't always an instinct"
251/0513 September 2005Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds - Youth Summer - underwear-clad women running up & down stairs and in garden
252/0513 September 2005KIA Automotive Australia
KIA - No Haggling Required - two men slapping each other's cheeks in B&W old-time silent movie style
253/0513 September 2005Holden Ltd
Holden - Astra Coupe & Wagon - 2 print ads - (1) naked couple (genitals obscured) - neighbour on ladder trimming hedge looks like he's falling off at the view (2) naked couple on bridge, old woman passing with shopping trolley
254/0513 September 2005Samsung Electronics Aust Pty Ltd
Samsung - LCD TV Screen - man signs for delivery of TV screen to neighbour - when neighbour asks if package arrived, he decides not to tell him and keep it himself
255/0513 September 2005Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Hilux 4WD - 'Get in or get out of the way' - drives onto crowded beach
256/0513 September 2005Bible Society in Australia
Bible Society - "Jesus - All About Life" (billboard) - images of people with texts "What's life all about?" and "Free info pack 1300 512 312" as well as website address ""
257/0513 September 2005RACQ
RACQ - sewage pipe bursts at night & RACQ arranges plumber asp - husband comes in from checking sewer and wife objects to his smell
258/0513 September 2005Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Continental - Pasta Sauce - actress Mena Suvari at dinner is told by boyfirend she's intelligent and beautiful but they have to break up bcs he expects more now, with Continental Pasta Sauce - explains "it's not me, it's you"