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Results for April 2006

100/0611 April 2006Oz Spy
Oz Spy - surveillance equipment - image portrays an ethnic man assumed to be burglar
105/0611 April 2006Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond Broadband (TV) - neighbours use Scottish man's internet service - same ad as 351/05 but on tartan background and female Scots voiceover
106/0611 April 2006Sally-Anne
Sally-Anne - Perth Yellow Pages - woman with blonde hair wearing mauve low-cut bosom-revealing top. Lying on her stomach looking towards camera with mouth parted in sultry manner. "For gentlemen. Private in Lovely Home. My recorded info."
107/0611 April 2006Club 316
Club 316 - Perth Yellow Pages - pix of escorts with "clubs" logo and name in diamonds, background basically red with rooms shown - "Sexy girls. Exciting. Uncomplicated. Blondes Brunettes Exotics Asians. Visitors and first timers welcome."
108/0611 April 2006Langtrees of Perth
Langtrees - Perth Yellow Pages - blond woman in lacy underwear and pix of premises. Text advises services available.
109/0611 April 2006Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - video phones - "Isn't it good when the highway becomes the stadium?" Watching sport on video phone while driving
110/0611 April 2006Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - Evolution (TV) - Sam Neill evolves from ape to man and claims meat is an essential part of the development of the most advanced species of life
111/0611 April 2006Bible Society in Australia
Bible Society - "Jesus. All About Life" (TV) - various people relating belief that teachings of Jesus make sense
112/0611 April 2006SSL Australia Pty Ltd
SSL - Durex Fetherlite - woman sitting on chair with fan blowing up her dress showing butt and vagina through her skinny pants - nipples can be seen
113/0611 April 2006RAA of South Australia
RAA - Insurance - man's residence described as "near the deli" and is mistaken for "New Dehli" in India
114/0611 April 2006Just Jeans Group
Just Jeans - couple steal lobster from tank a Chinese restaurant and throw it back in the sea - "Live Like You Mean it"
117/0611 April 2006Suzuki Auto Co
Suzuki Auto Co - car being driven along beach and thru waves at twilight, spraying water
120/0611 April 2006Sunshine Toyota
Sunshine Toyota - gangsters will seek revenge if large shipment of cars doesn't sell
121/0611 April 2006Energex Limited
Energex - Drop Everything - staff respond immediately to emergency - Adam leaves food half eaten; Pam leaves redecorating job with mauve paint dripping down walls; Guy leaves his dog sopping wet from a half-finished bath
122/0611 April 2006Maxxium Australia Pty Ltd
Maxxium - Absolut Cut Vodka - woman gives man gift - as he thanks her verbally, subtitles on screen depict what his true thoughts are - in the silence screen text reads "Cut the Crap" - then a hand is seen slamming down a bottle of product
124/0611 April 2006Godfreys
Godfreys - "ship hot" deals for vacuum cleaners received fro overseas via sea containers
127/0611 April 2006Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster - naked girls rubbing bodies, blonde in shower with water nozzle caressing breasts.
128/0611 April 2006Sportsmans Warehouse
Sportsmans Warehouse - "a bloody big sale"
130/0611 April 2006Ford Dealer Advertising Fund
Ford - Territory - mothers dressed like truckies in 4WDs outside school watch as Territory drives past
131/0611 April 2006Staedtler (Pacific) Pty Ltd
Staedtler - handwritten note on car windscreen "Just ran into your car and want to give the impression to the people watching that I'm leaving my details. Sorry"
133/0611 April 2006Liquor Marketing Group
Liquor Marketing Group - Bottlemart - beer bottle tells Irish joke
134/0611 April 2006Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Impulse - girl on beach advising ways to trick boys and get their attention
136/0611 April 2006Australian Jockey Club
Australian Jockey Club - "Princesses Appreciated" - woman in lacy undies admiring herself in mirror, puts on long dress and hat while classical music plays in background
137/0611 April 2006Arnott's Biscuits Ltd
Arnott's - Thins - Lite & Tangy/BBQ Crisps - Chips speaking "Tangy BBQ, look at your tan" and reply "I got sizzled at the weekend" - "I'm green with envy"
138/0611 April 2006Coles
Coles - Lisa McCune and other mothers talk about special prices on nappies and washing powder
139/0611 April 2006Adult World
Adult World - two females, blonde and naked, facing the camera but with bodies touching, are holding sports whistles between their teeth for Grand Re-Opening of Adult World at Hillcrest (Browns Plains) on Saturday 11 February.
140/0611 April 2006Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - Pepsi Max - man wears rabbit ears and tail and sent out to race in front of dogs - commentator remarks "What an ugly rabbit!"
141/0611 April 2006Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - Evolution (billboard) - primitive cave painting showing man hunting deer "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind".
142/0611 April 2006Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - Evolution (print)- little girl at table with lamb chop for dinner "Red meat developed her ancestors' brains. Now it's developing hers".
143/0611 April 2006Cityprom Ltd
Cityprom - old woman takes time to vacate roadside parking space - young woman waiting in 4WD gets impatient and rude
96/0611 April 2006David Jones Ltd
David Jones - Simone Perele lingerie - woman wearing bra and panty set, lying sideways on a bed of yellow flowers
97/0611 April 2006Yooralla
Yooralla - long queue outside ladies' toilets - we see a confident-looking woman coming out of the men's toilet which was empty