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Results for December 2006

248b/0612 December 2006Bendon Ltd
Bendon - Elle Macpherson Intimates - a woman's torso wearing white bra and pants set with black trim, standing in front of desk
436/0612 December 2006Saab Automobile Australia Pty Ltd
Saab - 9-3 Manual Sports Sedan - "Pilots Wanted - jet fighter aircraft flying and turning quickly before turning into Saab - car is left with tyre/jet skid marks behind it indicating it has been travelling at high speed
462/0612 December 2006Hairstop Clinic
Hairstop Clinic - "Get your pussy bald - 99% of guys prefer bald pussies - cartoon picture of woman's legs and cat with a bald head
464/0612 December 2006Daikin Australia
Daikin - mother allows baby to lie down and feed himself from a baby bottle
465/0612 December 2006Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Lynx Dry- "You don't sweat - she does" in capital letters showing parts of a woman's naked body - intimates men's sexual activity results in the exhaustion of women.
466/0612 December 2006Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Mazda - Hot Property - "Zoom Zoom" - theme in all ads - dictionary definition of "zoom" is "to move quickly"
467/0612 December 2006Nubco
Nubco - Big Tool Sale - catalogue features cover with young woman wearing yellow crop top and lacy underwear. Holing a giant size screwdriver
468a/0612 December 2006Bendon Ltd
Bendon - Elle Macpherson Intimates - a woman's torso wearing black lace pants & bra;
469/0612 December 2006Faith Night Club
Faith Night Club - Genitorturers - blond woman holding curved knife to another woman's genitals - blood streaming down legs - another womans upper torso lying on floor - ad for Brisbane Cyber Ball
470/0612 December 2006Mix 102.3 Adelaide
Mix 106.5 - Dr Lai - breast augmentation if you feel embarrassed, unfeminine, unattractive for having small breasts
472/0612 December 2006Medical Cosmetic Centre
Medical Cosmetic Centre - 2 ads - young blond woman wearing sports top and shorts reading a tape measure around her waist; 3 photos of young woman wearing short white evening dress
473/0612 December 2006Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - "Like to go faster?" (TV) - woman jumps on airport baggage carousel and slides through barrier to collect luggage and returns with her bags, smiling
475/0612 December 2006Kraft Foods Ltd
Kraft - Nabisco - Chicken In A Biskit - school boys on bus vomiting live chickens from their mouths
476/0612 December 2006Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Uncle Tobys - female swimmer talking underwater with product in her hand explaining how you can get free DVDs
477/0612 December 2006Dept of Health and Ageing
Dept of Health & Ageing - (TV) - skin cancer - surgeon removing a skin cancer from a patient's back in operating theatre - cancerous portion shown in a jar at the end
479/0612 December 2006Zodiac Group Australia Pty Ltd
Zodiac Group - young boy and girl playing pool game Marco Polo in a bath because their pool is not ready for swimming in
480/0612 December 2006World For Adults
World For Adults - Toys For Grownups - girl wearing school uniform in reclining position and sexually suggestive expression
481/0612 December 2006Greater Building Society
Greater Building Society - after young female employee places tea tray on desk, manager leers at her butt as she leaves office
482/0612 December 2006Elco Food
Elco Food - Dodoni Feta - 2 ads in Greek text - only feta made in Nthn Greece from sheep and goats' milk can be called "Feta Cheese"
483/0612 December 2006IKEA
IKEA - woman getting receipt runs out of store shouting "start the car" - believing she's been undercharged and wanting a quick getaway before it's discovered
484/0612 December 2006David Jones Ltd
David Jones - Instant Rewards catalogue - Holeproof "Nothing" hipster briefs - topless female model cradling bare breast in her hand
485/0612 December 2006Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Easy Off Bam Grime & Soap Scum - shows only women doing housework
486/0612 December 2006Big Kart Track
Big Kart Track - "Every K is a thriller" - large green image of a speedometer highlighting 20 - 60kph with cartoon-style racing car and driver backed with chequered flags on orange background
487/0612 December 2006Australian Showgirls
Australian Showgirls - young blond woman wearing white bra, white g-string and white thigh-high stockings lying on her side facing camera
489/0612 December 2006FHM
Emap - Zoo Weekly - Krystal's "Real Girls" - women scantily clad in suggestive positions
490/0612 December 2006Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank - Poland - man tries to get trip to Tahiti using rewards points but can only get Poland in 2008 - woman disappointed at Poland as holiday destination
491/0612 December 2006Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank - man in home office with young baby which cries, distracting him from work, and we see his office is actually the baby's nursery - he rings bank to get a home loan for extension to house
492/0612 December 2006Calvin Klein Underwear
Calvin Klein - B&W image of man reclining in underpants with a young woman in underpants crouching on his torso, both looking towards camera
493/0612 December 2006Fletcher Jones
Fletcher Jones - woman straddling a bicycle but no safety helmet in sight
495/0612 December 2006Eagle Boys Pizza
Eagle Boys Pizza - girl on mobile phone while driving is pulled over by cop and excuses herself by saying she's just ordering a pizza
496/0612 December 2006Suntory (Aust) Pty Ltd
Suntory - Frangelico Essenza - woman holding a hazelnut nut in her lips as it drips the Frangelico liqueur into a glass with ice and slices of lime
497/0612 December 2006Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - "Tonk a Pom" - backyard cricket - kid says "I tonked a Pom onto the neighbour's roof" - means to hit the Poms for a six
498/0612 December 2006Bendon Ltd
Bendon - Invisible - woman reclining, wearing pink bra - lower body appears naked
499/0612 December 2006Herald & Weekly Times Ltd (The)
Herald & Weekly Times - Herald Sun - "Stick it to the Poms" - souvenir Ashes cricket pins - Aussie fan uses voodoo doll to "pin" England fans here for the cricket - attacks stomach, legs, arms etc making them fall and spill beer
500/0612 December 2006Mattel Pty Ltd
Mattel - Sensei Shield Blaster - Asian man training kids in matial arts using super soaker water guns
502/0612 December 2006Hasbro Australia Ltd
Hasbro - Aqua Armies Super Soaker - young people using water squirters, soaking each other in water