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Results for February 2006

1/0614 February 2006Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Pea-Beu - One Shot - two cockroaches - man sprays alternative on one then Pea Beu on the other, and places paper cups over both of them
10/0614 February 2006Michael Hill Jewellers Ltd
Michael Hill Jewellers - old man in pool wears gold chain "you won't need a sugar daddy" to buy jewellery
11/0614 February 2006Australian Fast Foods
Australian Fast Foods - Red Rooster - Geordie man says "in fact" but accent makes it sound like "fuct"
13/0614 February 2006Ford Dealer Advertising Fund
Ford Dealer Advertising Fund - woman just given birth dashes from delivery room with drip still attached, to get to a Ford sale
14/0614 February 2006Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - KFC - Swing King Backyard Bucket - backyard cricket shows man being hit in groin by ball, then hit on the head
15/0614 February 2006Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - KFC - young men at beach playing cricket, try to hit the ball towards two bikini-clad girls, but it reaches a muscled man wearing briefs. Fielder catches the ball but knocks the muscle man down on sand, falling on top of him
16/0614 February 2006Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - KFC - men playing cricket on beach when ball hit towards a foot in gold high heel shoe. Fielder looks dismayed and sunbathing girls snigger. Later shoe is found to belong to an older woman 40 -50 years who returns the ball
17/0614 February 2006S C Johnson & Son Pty Ltd
SC Johnson - Baygon - man using outdoor pesticide spray without safety mask or protective clothing - boy's pet spider (CGI) in jar terrified. Mother calls out to get rid of spider - the boy does so by emptying the jar out the window
19/0614 February 2006Video Ezy
Video Ezy - Gladstone - woman urges renting $3.95 video with two-way volume control and turning up the volume to drown out sounds of baby crying
2/0614 February 2006AAMI
AAMI - family driving in very hot weather and father asks if they want aircon on. When wife goes to turn on airconditioning, the man slaps her hand away from controls and asks "half or full?" then winds windows down
24/0614 February 2006Clarks Shoes Ltd
Clarks Shoes - cobbler (1) - derelict-looking old man muttering to himself on bus trip with school children, when he gets to his shop we find he's a cobbler who's angry because he has a lot less business now the kids are wearing Clark's school shoes
25/0614 February 2006Clarks Shoes Ltd
Clarks Shoes - cobbler (2) - old man hammering and muttering to himself (subtitles on screen explain) - Clark's shoes' quality are putting him out of business
27/0614 February 2006Holden Ltd
Holden - Australia Week Sale - "Hewsy (Melbourne comedian) in front of beach marquee surrounded by Australian flags cooking a BBQ - he calls "come and get it" and camera pulls back and we see beach is deserted
3/0614 February 2006Blue Haven Pools & Spas Pty Ltd
Blue Haven Pools & Spas - elephant in pool lying on a float and bobbing in the water
30/0614 February 2006Stihl Pty Ltd
Stihl - Mr O'Brien - man infatuated with her asks female hardware assistant if she can see anything wrong with his chainsaw then she asks him "How's Mrs O'Brien?" which snaps the man back to reality, remembering he has a wife
32/0614 February 2006Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Nutri Grain - Honey Nut cereal bar - man running on beach dragging rope with tyre attached, kayaking, mountain biking - after eating a ceral bar he jumps a creek and triumphantly raises fists in the air
33/0614 February 2006Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - Broadband (TV) - 1/2 price offer on tartan background with bagpipes
34/0614 February 2006BIC Australia Pty Ltd
BIC - back to school - voiceover mentions "mums' but not dads choosing and buying educational resources
35/0614 February 2006Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple M - The Cage - crew shown with captions, "small doodle", "arse crack tatoo" "soft balls" "bed wetter" "lends his bum to other blokes" "gets turned on by the Discovery channel etc
351/0514 February 2006Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - ADSL - father & son visit Scottish neighbour to use his Broadband facilities and all he does is talk constantly about Scotland, and playing bagpipes, and dancing Scottish reels - father decides must get own Broadband
36/0614 February 2006Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Zero (TV) - young man surfing on the roof of a bus shouting through a megaphone, after leaning out of the windows to steal traffic cones - when bus stops suddenly, he is catapulted into into the sea
373/0514 February 2006Parmalat Australia Ltd
Parmalat - Pauls Slim Milk - woman drinking milk from carton then burps
374/0514 February 2006Mike Carney Toyota
Mike Carney Toyota - Nobody's Used Cars - girl in pink dress, sits in one of the cars and has an orgasm - tells salesman it was great and she'll take it
375/0514 February 2006Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Great Australian Road Trip - encouragement to turn radio volume up past normal decibel lever, and use of word "friggin"
376/0514 February 2006Diageo Australia Ltd
Diageo - Johnnie Walker - "just one more" Justin Langer describing a journey being governed by numbers on various pieces of Architecture/scenery
378/0514 February 2006NRMA Ltd
IAG- Insurance - NRMA - wedding - employee answers her mobile in the middle of her wedding vows
379/0514 February 2006Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd
Austar - wedding couple told by priest they can cancel within 60 days
38/0614 February 2006Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Lexus IS250 - black car with wheels splashing water under a diver on springboard and two black bulls to left and right. Diver and bulls merge into car and car drives through water towards camera and stops.
380/0514 February 2006Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's - three girls undo their jeans in preparation for the pizza delivery guy - when they open door, he says "Keep your pants on, you'll be satisfied, not stuffed"
381/0514 February 2006Peters & Brownes Group
Peters & Browne's - Chill Bill Coffee - Hugh Heffner-type in a spa surrounded by scantily-clad females using chauvanistic play on words
383/0514 February 2006Davey Products Pty Ltd
Davey - Torrium - woman abuses husband because she had no hot water in the bathroom
384/0514 February 2006McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - young mother with bowl of healthy salad, but daughter has only a small pack of fries
385/0514 February 2006Sunbeam Corporation Ltd
Sunbeam - Wet to Dry Hair Straightener - woman waiting in car honks horn for husband to hurry up - she gets ready faster with new appliance
387/0514 February 2006Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - BBQ & Baby 3 - father & son driving to get BBQ gas when car hits a woman with baby in pram
388/0514 February 2006Brisbane Marketing
Brisbane Marketing - Queen St Mall - woman holding man on leash
39/0614 February 2006BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd
BUPA - man on sports field measuring distance of a javelin throw, is struck in the arm by another javelin hurled by a competitor - he pulls it out and throws it on the ground, then stumbles in shock
391/0514 February 2006Kuta Lines
Kuta Lines - surf clothing sale ad seems to feature naked female torso
393/0514 February 2006Atkinson Gore Group
Atkinson Gore Group - Varsity View Apartments - nude female with images superimposed on her body
394/0514 February 2006Street Exchange
Street Exchange - nude male dancing to music with headphones on and scantily-clad woman on couch eating a sausage in a provocative manner. Dog steals woman's sausage then drops it to attack man's crotch
395/0514 February 2006Continental Oceania
Continental Oceania - Limar Helmets - nude woman painting bicycle helmet on canvas printed in "Ride" magazine Summer 2005
396/0514 February 2006SSL Australia Pty Ltd
SSL - Durex Pleasuremax - seductive female with tongue extended from mouth with voiceover describing condoms giving extra pleasure because of uneven texture of ribs and studs. Woman's fingernails scratching male's back as if in orgasm
397/0514 February 2006Bugal Pty Ltd
Bugal - Mobilemojo - 3970170 & 3979070 - lesbian acts
398/0514 February 2006Bugal Pty Ltd
Bugal - Mobilemojo - 4703170 - "Smack the shit out of your children. They deserve it"
399/0514 February 2006Bugal Pty Ltd
Bugal - Mobilemojo - 4947370 - "Kool-Ass"
4/0614 February 2006Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Stayfree Freestyle - graffiti used as background setting
40/0614 February 2006Titan Enterprises (Qld) Pty Ltd
Titan Enterprises - man driving 1961 Thunderbird with father lounging in back seat - appears as if neither wears a seatbelt - son shows Dad snake collection
400/0514 February 2006Bugal Pty Ltd
Bugal - Mobilemojo - 4925570 - "Shit Happens"
401/0514 February 2006Bugal Pty Ltd
Bugal - Mobilemojo - 4935270 - "Boobs"
402/0514 February 2006Bugal Pty Ltd
Bugal - Mobilemojo - 4964370 - "Porn Star'
403/0514 February 2006Bugal Pty Ltd
Bugal - Mobilemojo - 6111370 - "What a Shitty Day"
41/0614 February 2006Innerware Lingerie
Innerware Lingerie - two little girls having tea party with one wearing a pink bra over her clothes - the other girl says she needs to have it properly fitted
42/0614 February 2006Patties Foods Pty Ltd
Patties Foods - Four 'n' Twenty Pies - "you bloody ripper"
43/0614 February 2006Aquaflo
Aquaflo - Aquababe - young woman in bikini top & shorts demonstrates water refill station
44/0614 February 2006Penrite Oil Co. Pty Ltd
Penrite Oil - Devil Mobile - "Haven't burned out an engine since switching to Penrite - will have to try harder" - devilish laugh and take off at great speed
45/0614 February 2006Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Lynxjet - female flight attendant uses a bra instead of life jacket during safety demo to male passengers
46/0614 February 2006Mirvac Group
Mirvac Group - apartment sale "a nice pair of assets" describing twin blocks
47/0614 February 2006Lavalife
Lavalife - young single people at party being described in profile as an example of who you can meet via mobile SMS text
48/0614 February 2006Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster - Pimp Your Phone - scantily clad woman suggesting sex
49/0614 February 2006Dow Agrosciences Australia Ltd
Dow Agrosciences - Garlon 600 - high powered revolver is opened and a bullet loaded, closed, and shot at a target placed on a watermelon
5/0614 February 2006Wendy's Supa Sundaes Pty Ltd
Wendys - mother kicks kid's chairs to provoke squabble so she can steal their ice cream shakes
50/0614 February 2006Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - CRV - condition of country roads discussed at meeting - it's decided not to repair them as most of them own Honda CRV and suitable for all conditions
51/0614 February 2006Serafin Spray Centre
Serafin Spray Centre - Claas Tractors - man complains of sore bottom from sitting on tractor - voiceover "Get some arse in your Class"
52/0614 February 2006Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres Pty Ltd
Jenny Craig - Kirstie Alley in sexy black dress lying on a couch making sensual noises but when camera pans upwards she is seen to be enjoying fettucine.
6/0614 February 2006Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Nutri Grain - "Why is KNG good for Mums?" her son who she buys it for opens jar, chases dog, lifts heavy objects including suitcases and couches for her to vacuum under,
7/0614 February 2006Take 2 Interactive Software Pty Ltd
Take 2 - "Warriors" computer game - violent fight scenes between rival gangs, man falls off roof
8/0614 February 2006Dodo Australia Pty Ltd
Dodo Internet - naked players & spectators watching cricket - streaker runs across field wearing shorts & Dodo T-shirt