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Results for May 2006

144/069 May 2006Scinat Australia Pty Ltd
Scinat - Remifemin - husband searching for wife in the middle of the night, finds her curled up in a fridgfe with a pillow, teddy bear and bag of frozen peas
145/069 May 2006Pulp
Pulp - Black Never Dies - young woman in black holding switched-on hairdryer, slips and falls into water-filled bath. As hairdryer sparks she sits up in the bath apparently unharmed
147/069 May 2006Pharmacare Laboratories
Pharmacare - Faberge Brut - "Still brutally male" with shots of product
148/069 May 2006The Grosvenor
The Grosvenor - "Got the urge? Do it now" with red lips and logo
149/069 May 2006Pixel Multimedia
Pixel Multimedia - Phunk Mobile - Babe of the Day - text "HOT" for images of women in bikinis and underwear which you can download as wallpaper for mobiles
150/069 May 2006Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - Denim Nation - Sleeping Beauty - fairytale setting - man takes bite from apple and woman with magical powers rescues him and takes him to a castle where she kisses him and he disappears - she looks surprised
151/069 May 2006IAG Insurance
IAG - NRMA - The Waltons - goodnight scenario with Broncos lights turning off - details of how NRMA can arrange temporary accommodation - someone breaks wind at the end and the lights go on again as others complain
152/069 May 2006Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - Evolution (TV) Library - Sam Neill promoting benefits of eating meat to school children
153/069 May 2006Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Focus - Jackie O carries a fish in her car without spilling a drop of water, until she getst home and is distracted to see Andrew G driving past - she accidentally tilts the fish bowl and the fish goes down a drain
154/069 May 2006EMAP Australia Pty Ltd
Emap - Zoo Weekly - man walking along cliff absorbed in Zoo Weekly - cross to naked bikini-clad woman sunbaking beneath the cliff - she hears the yell and sound of someone falling off the cliff
155/069 May 2006Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications - Mandy and Candy - blond and brunette wearing black bikinis dancing provocatively and stating "We never stop stripping"
156/069 May 2006Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Zero - "We now have real taste and zero sugar. Now demand hot women with zero miniature pets".
158/069 May 2006Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
Energizer - SchickQuatro Power Razor - razor simulating sex, heavy breathing, then rolls on side and gives post-exertion sigh "men know how important power is".
159/069 May 2006Wattyl Australia Group
Wattyl - naked child crawls from behind paint can towards pink-painted walli and proceeds to stand up using wall to balance against - paint dries in 10 minutes
160/069 May 2006Energy Australia
Energy Australia - workmen showing advances in technicality of services - cat sitting on kitchen bench near food
161/069 May 2006Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Nissan - Tiida - Kim Cattrall drives car over "hump"
162/069 May 2006International Comedy Festival
International Comedy Festival - Melbourne 2006 - woman laughing throws her head back and when her head comes forward again we see the eye of the man behind her impaled on her hair stick - he then laughs about it with blood running thru his fingers
163/069 May 2006Dept of Premier & Cabinet Tasmania
Dept of Premier & Cabinet Tas - Seniors Card - "Shoot the kids before they inherit everything"
164/069 May 2006KIA Automotive Australia
KIA - V6 Carnival - man sounds air-horm into the ear of a sleeping woman - woman wakes in shock and chases the man "Wake up to great deals from Kia".
165/069 May 2006Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - "No Accidents" - "in this ad about road safety you won't see any accidents" followed by collage of previous ads depicting road deaths - but claiming none of these were "accidents"
166/069 May 2006Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Extra Protection Wipes - "babies' bottoms" are beautiful in any colour (white baby sits on black man's head) except red"
169/069 May 2006Combe International
Combe International - Just For Men hair colour - man and woman in fencing suits duelling with swords when the male scores a "hit" the woman says "you nailed me"
170/069 May 2006SCA Hygiene Australasia
SCA Hygiene - Libra Tampons (TV) - Girls Get It - young man buying tampons rejects Mini size checks his crotch and reluctantly settles for Super size, then asks supermarket girl "Does this come in any larger size?"
171/069 May 2006IAG Insurance
IAG - SGIO - man doing own electrical repairs under instructions over the phone from insurance company
172/069 May 2006Stihl Pty Ltd
Stihl - chainsaw - a wife tells dealer she caught her husband frolicking on his desk with his secretary - when salesman advises they're a specialist dealership providing machinery such as chainsaws, the wife replies "Exactly!"
173a/069 May 2006Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - 173a/06 (Jonesy) - complains about being kept up all night by couple next door having loud sex all night
173b/069 May 2006Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Doodle - 173b/06 - male voice crying out "Not yet…Not yet…" "Once your doodle starts jumping the gun, things are only gonna get worse, bcs your doodle is gonna do what it's gonna do".
173c/069 May 2006Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - 173c/06 - premature ejaculation - female voice asks "What triggers PE? Performance anxiety? Over-excitement? Too much to drink? Tiredness?...fear of failure ensures it will happen again and again"
173d/069 May 2006Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Special Cuddles 173d/06 - "This commercial lasts about 30 seconds, unfortunately so do some of us blokes…putting an end to your special cuddles - it might be worth sticking something up your nose"
174/069 May 2006Omega Appliances
Omega Appliances - SMEG BBQ - live rooster depicted with text "Turn your chicken into a masterpiece"
175/069 May 2006Multiplex Living
Multiplex Living - B&W photo of woman dressed in silky attire sitting on sandy beach with waves in background - also colour shots of complex and location of Cotton Beach apartments
176/069 May 2006Coca-Cola Amatil
Coca-Cola Amatil - SPC Ardmona - fruit in flavoured jelly - schoolgirl kicks fresh apple under locker, schoolboy plays cricket with fresh orange - her hits the ball to a wall against which the girl is standing, then begins to eat tub of jelly
177/069 May 2006Wise Employment
Wise Employment - "I can handle anything. I'm a SOLE PARENT"
184/069 May 2006Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club
Melbourne Storm RLC - set in Catholic church, nun steals offertory plate, runs down aisle, pushes priest out of the way and dives over the altar