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Results for October 2006

330/0610 October 2006Blinck Mobile
Blinck Mobile - silent ringtones for kids - "Fool your parents and your teachers"
348a/0610 October 2006Simon de Winter
Simon de Winter - Kayser - Very Sexy Bra (TV) M version
365/0610 October 20061800 Reverse
1800 Reverse - teen girl shows friend tattoo on her back which she says her mum helped her design and is supposed to mean "Friends & Family" - when she sees it in a mirror, the actual words are "1800 Reverse"
366/0610 October 2006Casino Canberra
Casino Canberra - "Pile-ups occur regularly" - images of poker chips stacking up
368/0610 October 2006Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's - Two For Tuesday - two girls in bikinis embraced by a man "You can have more fun with Two for Tuesday" - ends with a second male joining them
372/0610 October 2006Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres Pty Ltd
Jenny Craig - woman tells us friends say she's not fat but wants to lose some weight so she joined JC - lost 7kg in 8 weeks
373/0610 October 2006McMillan Criminal Lawyer
McMillan Criminal Lawyer - police barge into dingy low-income home and violently drag husband off - hysteria prevails
374/0610 October 2006SCA Hygiene Australasia
SCA Hygiene - Libra - girl in great difficulty trying to squeeze into tight black jeans, a tiny black top and stiff black boots asks man to get pad from drawer - he asks which size - she replies "You want me to be comfortable don't you?"
375/0610 October 2006George Weston Foods Limited
George Weston - Noble Rise - man on beach with female rag doll (Maggie), throwing it around and into the water
376/0610 October 2006Saab Automobile Australia Pty Ltd
Saab - 9-3 Linear Sport Sedan - vapour trail - car travelling at speed along an empty highway with jet-stream effect
377/0610 October 2006H J Heinz Co Australia Ltd
H J Heinz - The Big Eat - variety of "big" icons of Australia - includes man's sexual organs and "plumber's crack"
379/0610 October 2006Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Riskville - police irresponsibly driving vehicles running over cyclist. Man hailing cab jumps on boot when it doesn't stop. Courier riding motorcycle thru glass window to deliver package. Man jumps from window onto roof of bus
380/0610 October 2006Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Diet Coke - female window-dresser arranges mannequins into sexual positions "I ain't as sweet as I look".
384/0610 October 2006TRUenergy
TRUenergy - man driving with megaphone stops near kids buying ice cream and asks if they'd like a free brochure
385/0610 October 2006Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Camry Sportivo - car overtakes caravan
386/0610 October 2006Dendy Twin Sex Cinema
Dendy Twin Sex Cinemas - "Melbourne's most discreet private sex entertainment complex" - woman in short sequinned dress crouching with hand up her dress as if masturbating and mouth sucking finger of other hand
387/0610 October 2006RACQ
RACQ - Insurance - nervous woman alone in car at night and car won't start so she calls home but only gets the answering machine - a man's face appears at the car window asking if she needs help
388/0610 October 2006Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Baby Bedtime Bath Wash - will put baby to sleep - slats on cot sides seem too wide - baby's head could fit through
389/0610 October 2006Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Kit Kat - Honeycomb - blond woman wearing a bee costume - yellow and black striped bikini, antennae, wings and a stinger tail - "Want some honey?"
390/0610 October 2006Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Kit Kat - cookie dough - blond woman wearing chef's hat and white low-cut halter dress holding a baking tray "Want some dough?"
391/0610 October 2006Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - Sports On Demand - semi-naked footballer having feet massaged and being pampered by woman using creams and gloves "Sports stars get what they want on demand. You can too"
392/0610 October 2006Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Kimberly-Clark - Huggies - Pull-Ups - toddlers wearing L plates on back of Pull Ups - boy goes to toilet, mum helps him then awards a P plate
393/0610 October 2006Bendon Ltd
Bendon - Elle Macpherson Intimates - woman in black lacy underwear leaning against chest of drawers - old-fashioned doll in background
394/0610 October 2006Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - woman says girls always choose guy who can last whole night long over a guy who can't
395/0610 October 2006Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - man saying "if you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or you're planning to have fling, you want to give it your all, or your best shot
397/0610 October 2006Opera Queensland
Opera Qld - Lucia di Lammermoor - woman in white dress spattered with blood holding bloody knife over her head
398/0610 October 2006Maxxium Australia Pty Ltd
Maxxium - Galliano - Stunt Guy - what would you do to be a Galliano Stunt Guy and get on TV - would you share an ice bath with your mates? Would you lick your car clean?" man forcing himself to kiss elderly wrinkled lady and cringing
400/0610 October 2006Di Bella Coffee
Di Bella Coffee - naked woman's torso with her hands gripping sides of brief underwear and stretching waistband. She is wearing navel jewellry and has a tattoo "Di Bella coffee" and logo on pubic bone
401/0610 October 2006BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd
BUPA - kids placing crockery on electronic treadmill and watching plates smash against the wall - parent opens door - "at least you won't have to pay for expensive dental repairs to their teeth"
402/0610 October 2006Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - Impossible Dream - man rides bikes and drives cars getting progressively faster as time goes by
403/0610 October 2006Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's - Roast Beef Pizza - two girls eating pizza then one puts arm around the other as in a sexual advance - a male enters the room and looks bemused at activity. "It's a bloke thing"
404/0610 October 2006Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Impulse Groove - girls walking and one sprays herself with Groove bodyspray - men they pass smell the fragrance and start following the girls
405/0610 October 2006RAC of WA (Incorporated)
RAC WA - men should wear mini skirt so other men (thinking they're female) will stop to change their flat tyre
410/0610 October 2006Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd
Stuart Alexander - Mentos Ice Chewing Gum - man's nipples get longer as he eats Mentos and he walks around town using them to do various things