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Results for April 2007

101/0710 April 2007Calvin Klein Underwear
Calvin Klein - couple wearing jeans but nothing above waist, with bodies touching
102/0710 April 2007McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Tick Meals - Human Burger - people climbing on top of each other to build human burger
103/0710 April 2007Gordis Night Club
Gordis Night Club - The Gentlemen's Club - woman wearing black bra/panties and boots with rear to camera
104/0710 April 2007Alex Perry
Alex Perry - Cosmo Bride - woman in white dress smoking cigarette
106/0710 April 2007Austereo Pty Ltd
Austereo - Triple M - The Cage - "I J.B. pledge to steal more from the internet"
107/0710 April 2007Medical Benefits Fund of Australia Ltd
MBF - Honeycomb Rot - advocates excessive sweet eating bcs MBF refunds dental costs for kids
109/0710 April 2007Jim Beam Brands Australia Pty Ltd
Jim Beam - The Girlfriend -foreign-accented woman lists things she lets her boyfriend do - watch striptease - bcs she's so cool
110/0710 April 2007Jim Beam Brands Australia Pty Ltd
Jim Beam - The Tragedy - lesbian claims she doesn't like guys - prefers girls
111/0710 April 2007Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Fiesta (print)- man/woman in white lab coats stand in front of clay model of car - male had brown clay handprint on his butt
112/0710 April - man hijacks woman's car and leaves her outside a house for sale "it was fate that led her to the house - as opposed to looking it up on our internet site"
113/0710 April 2007Domayne
Domayne - Voodoo Knife Block Set - knives are held in a pink wooden block shaped like a body, with knife slats in the head, heart, stomach, thigh and leg
114/0710 April 2007Dragon City Lanes
Dragon City Lanes - "Tight-arse Tuesday" - for an affordable outing
83/0710 April 2007Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Mazda - Mazda 3 - red car driven thru carpark at speed - has devil's tail on it
84/0710 April 2007Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi - Triton - "You'd never see it pulling a float at Mardi Gras, but it could - with 28% more power, it's just not built to ponce around"
85/0710 April 2007Central Queensland Pumps
Central Qld Pumps - women round pool wearing tight t-shirts with "CQuip" - man's voice says "You will not remember the product but you will remember.." and a close-up of the women's breasts
86/0710 April 2007Central Queensland Pumps
Central Qld Pumps - woman using water blaster with 3 men watching, making sexual moans and groans
87/0710 April 2007Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Veet In Shower - "it will make your skin so sexy and smooth it will be impossible to resist"
88/0710 April 2007Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - Pizza Hut - Cheesy Bites - Jessica Simpson pops cheesy bite into young boys mouth and singing "One of these days these bites are gonna pop right into you"
89/0710 April 2007Main Street Night Club
Main St Night Club - gold stars covering nipples of blonde woman's naked breasts "Direct from the Gold Coast - topless barmaids tonight
90/0710 April 2007Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd
Frucor - V Berry - can of drink wearing school tie with head down in toilet bowl - hat alongside indicates private school "It's not easy being new"
91/0710 April 2007Scientific Fighting Congress of Australia
Scientific Fighting Congress - fight scenes, street brawls - you can be taught to defend yourself against such attacks
92/0710 April 2007National Australia Bank Ltd
National Australia Bank/AFL - Auskick - recruiting only young boys to play Auskick - not girls
94/0710 April 2007Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Cheerios - children hiding inside a box
95/0710 April 2007Castrol Lubricants
Castrol - GTX - cricketer Adam Gilcrist's car overtaken by Barmy Army cricket fans - shown as overweight and pale skinned and sunburnt and described as "mollecular intelligence"
97/0710 April 2007Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Foxtel - father showing toddler in high chair how to throw a ball - using heads of broccoli
98/0710 April 2007Invocare
Invocare - White Lady Funerals - "A woman's understanding"