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Results for February 2007

10/0713 February 2007Queensland Dept of Communities
Queensland Dept of Communities - Violence Prevention Unit - "See the problem. Be the solution". Offers counselling on Mensline
11/0713 February 2007Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Kellogg - Special K - Remember You - women shown doing many things for other people and putting what she wants to do last
12/0713 February 2007Telstra - Sensis Pty Ltd
Telstra-Sensis - Thai-Tanic Mistake - image of Asian woman screaming
13/0713 February 2007Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency
APIA - Chat Show - young people have all night parties, break things and drive really fast
16/0713 February 2007SBS Corporation
SBS - (Internet) - "Fortunately not everyone has less on over summer" - older couple in brief swimwear on sun lounges, overweight man mowing lawn, skinny guy dives in pool and loses shorts
17/0713 February 2007Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank - woman fails to hold door open for a man carrying large boxes - door closes making him drop them
18/0713 February 2007Dept of Health and Ageing
Dept of Health & Ageing - (Cinema) - skin cancer - surgeon removing a skin cancer from a patient's back in operating theatre - cancerous portion shown in a jar at the end
19/0713 February 2007Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Territory Turbo - (Cinema) - black 4WD "Eats sports cars for breakfast" - Turbo lays in waiting to attack other cars and eat them - trail of debris left behind
2/0713 February 2007Dean's Tackle & Outdoors
Dean's Tackle & Outdoors - Bait Pump - man puts pump to his ear while another pulls back the plunger
20/0713 February 2007Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Want longer lasting sex? 20/07
21/0713 February 2007Roads & Traffic Authority
Roads & Traffic Authority - police officer approaches P driver without wearing high-visibility safety vest
22/0713 February 2007Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - Australia Day 2007
23/0713 February 2007Novartis Consumer Health A/asia Pty Ltd
Novartis Consumer health - Nicotinell (TV) - young woman shown smoking in various situations then told yopu'd never know how great you'd be not smoking, until you quit - shown riding motorcycle and smiling with excitement
24/0713 February 2007Novartis Consumer Health A/asia Pty Ltd
Novartis Consumer Health - Nicotinell (print) - young woman with cigarette in mouth and text "lose the smoke" - 2nd image of girl on motorcycle with text "keep the fire"
26/0713 February 2007Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank - Great Australian Backyards compared with England cricketers rundown filthy yard with cricket stumps painted on a wall - "no wonder they're bad at cricket"
27/0713 February 2007Extreme Boys Toyz
Extreme Boyz Toyz - motorbike ridden at speed across double lines and on corners
28/0713 February 2007MasterCard Worldwide
Mastercard - Mum off to day spa - Dad watching cricket while drinking beer from stubby - baby's milk bottle also in stubby holder
29/0713 February 2007Reece Pty Ltd
Reece - glamorous woman comes out of shower and slips into red evening dress but when she opens the door to her date she's not as slim and speaks with an ocker accent "feel even more beautiful in a Reece bathroom"
3/0713 February 2007Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Mazda - BT50 Ute - ute using fence posts as obstacle course - onlooking farmer calls driver "Bloody turkey" to which he responds "Bloody terrific!"
30/0713 February 2007Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - Scooter Jump - cartoon figure of woman riding motor scooter fast and driving over roofs of cars to get to sale as depicted in ET
31/0713 February 2007Motorola Australia
Motorola - MOTOKRZR - two reclining females in demin shorts, one with bikini top and flimsy scarf barely covering nipples
32/0713 February 2007Sunshine Toyota
Sunshine Toyota - "bugger" used in take off of cricket commentators
33/0713 February 2007Totally Workwear
Totally Workwear - zipper sound and comments "no thanks, a bit small", ""not bad", and "oh yes, that's just what I need". Man's voice says "Yes, size does matter"
34/0713 February 2007China Tea Club
China Tea Club - sound of sword cutting off someone's head and a man making last request for food from restaurant
35/0713 February 2007Diageo Australia Ltd
Diageo - Johnnie Walker - Red Label - man walks street being acknowledged by passers by who are invisible but with clothes on bodies. Man goes into Johnnie Walker Red Club and is identified as "Johnnie" himself
36/0713 February 2007Clorox Aust Pty Ltd
Clorox - Glad Snaplock Bags - woman pours blue liquid into yellow liquid to make green
37/0713 February 2007Nestle Ice Cream
Nestle - Peters Drumstick - crowd of men & women at pool, men look at particular woman and their partners hit them in the back of the head
38/0713 February 2007Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - pie chart - pie chart represents vegetables 90% and 10% lamb. Vegetable part labelled "Greens" - plate contains one lamb chop and vegetables replaced by small sliver of vegetables and lots of lamb chops
39/0713 February 2007Suncorp
Suncorp - 4WD driven on beach, in surf and turning sharply on soft sand
4/0713 February 2007Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - 3 ads - sung to Jingle Bells, Santa speaking, shopping vouchers
40/0713 February 2007Adelaide City Council
Adelaide City council - Rundle Mall - "Russians have same car, same bortsch soup, same furry hat - now we have Rundle Mall"
41/0713 February 2007Holy Sheet
Holy Sheet - innuendo of "shit"
42/0713 February 2007Global One Mobile Entertainment
Global One - Mobile Active - Candy Crib - woman sitting on chair with legs spread apart then four naked women romping in a spa bath
43/0713 February 2007Big W
Big W - back to school - "Do you want your child treated like this? Or do you want your child to be treated cool?"
44/0713 February 2007Genesis Fitness
Genesis Fitness - Fat Arse Fighters Club - get rid of the "fat arse"
46/0713 February 2007Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd
Hyundai - Santa Fe - Next Generation - toddler climbs out of cot, grabs car keys & picks up baby girl hitchhiking - drives on roads and sand dunes then surfs waves
5/0713 February 2007Just Fitness
Just Fitness - woman standing on forklift pallet in warehouse
507/0613 February 2007Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - "Like to go faster?" (Internet) - pedestrian crossing cars speeding
6/0713 February 2007Symbion Consumer
Symbion Consumer - Betadine - young girl holding cat by its neck under her arm "This might hurt. The antiseptic won't"
7/0713 February 2007SBS Corporation
SBS - (Transport) - "Fortunately not everyone has less on over summer" - elderly lady in bikini, older couple in brief swimwear on sun lounges, overweight man mowing lawn, skinny young male of diving board
8/0713 February 2007Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank - pregnant woman in train hits man over head with inflatable hammer bcs he won't give up his seat
9/0713 February 2007KMart Australia Ltd
KMart - young girl wearing too much makeup advertising Dora PJs in catalogue