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Results for January 2007

503/0616 January 2007Samsung Electronics Aust Pty Ltd
Samsung - LCD Flat Screen TV - advice to males to "let her change the lounge room" but "don't let her change the channel away from the cricket"
504/0616 January 2007Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Zero - Twelve Days on the Coke side of life - parody of "Twelve Days of Christmas" - golden blondes, 12 stunners stunning, 10 low cut dresses, 3 French maids etc
505/0616 January 2007Jaycar Electronics
Jaycar Electronics - Amazing Fly Gun - "rid the house of flies and have some fun too - the kids will love it"
506/0616 January 2007Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster - Porn Manager - woman on all fours - make your own (cartoon) porn movies
508/0616 January 2007Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - KFC - Festive Boneless Banquet - family preparing for dinner but Dad forgot to pick daughter up, then they ask where's Nana?
510/0616 January 2007Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - Gatorade - Barmy Army - 2 ads - man on bus spills coffee & Army sings "If you're clumsy and you know it"; man chatting up girl in pub Army sings "She won't go home with you" to You'll Never Walk Alone"
511/0616 January 2007Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - Gatorade - Sports executive warns against using Gatorade as it enhances performance - we see a covert team surveying a footy match to catch "users"
514/0616 January 2007IAG Insurance
IAG Insurance - SGIC - woman drivers are better than men
515/0616 January 2007Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - Rock Star - tattooed rocker Tommie Lee in back seat of limo making typical demands of stardom - girls, lobster, a "mini-me" and an orangutang - none wearing seatbelts
516/0616 January 2007Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond - "Like to go faster?" (Outdoor) - no image just text
518/0616 January 2007Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitarium - Weetbix - 3 boys eating Weetbix tell Mum they're going outside to play cricket - "look out Poms" - Aussie test players have grown up on Weetbix
519/0616 January 2007Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Star performance - man with back to camera legs apart, wearing no shirt and pants zipper/belt can be seen to be undone. Woman is between his legs looking at genital region
520/0616 January 2007Mitchell's Quality Foods
Mitchell's Quality Foods - Lite 'n' Easy - computer image of bikini hjighlights woman's fear of "stuffing" herself iinto bikini for summer - image looks unattractive - sign up for L&N - slimmer image gets wolf whistle
522/0616 January 2007Decks By Design
Decks By Design - naked man (Steve Irwin lookalike) standing on a deck holding a large power drill in front of his genitals with the text "Is your deck too small?"
523/0616 January 2007Big Mobile Pty Ltd
Big Mobile - Wild Chat - woman in pants & bra holding phone & writhing on bed moaning as if simulating sex
524/0616 January 2007Australian Institute of Music
Australian Institute of Music ""Don't torture your soul with the wrong career" - disfigured naked woman slumped on floor
525/0616 January 2007Officeworks Superstores Pty Ltd
Officeworks - ads using "Joy To The World" as backgound music to ads
526/0616 January 2007Simple Finance
Simple Finance - "Easier than a prospector in a whorehouse"
527/0616 January 2007York Motors
York Motors - Agostino Mitsubishi - "if sales staff don't give you a good deal, Mr Spanky will be used" - table tennis bat with Frank Agostino's face on it is pulled from a drawer
529/0616 January 2007Bank of Western Australia Ltd (Bankwest)
Bank of WA - Bankwest Lite Mastercard (529/06) - man in yellow van driving with head out of window looking up, and shouting into a PAS about the new credit card. People start throwing their cards out of the windows of high buildings
531/0616 January 2007Simon & Schuster Australia Ltd
Simon & Schuster - The Red Dahlia - Lynda LaPlante's novel - "Two women, mutilated and murdered 50 years apart" with duplicated image of a woman's face, shoulders and hand, one painted in red and one in grey
532/0616 January 2007Blockbuster Aust Ltd
Blockbuster - frisbee thrown to cartoon girl, she fails to catch it and it slices her arm off
533/0616 January 2007Creative Partners
Creative Partners - King of Shaves - man in chair with throat cut