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Results for March 2007

47/0713 March 2007AGL Energy Ltd
AGL - set your fridge between 3-5 degrees to save energy
48/0713 March 2007Gazal Apparel Pty Ltd
Gazal - Loveable - Horny? Jennifer Hawkins in red lace bra & pants set biting horn of toy rhino
49/0713 March 2007Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster Buxom Babes - woman's bikini-clad crotch with liquid dripping
50/0713 March 2007FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
FOXTEL - two men dressed as women in lounge room talking about Foxtel; then shown at hairdresser discussing Graham Kennedy film made in Australia
51/0713 March 2007Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (SA) Limited
Thoroughbred Racing SA Club - Adelaide Cup 2007 (TV) - scantily-clad woman brandishing huge whip reducing jockey to quivering mess
52/0713 March 2007Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (SA) Limited
Thoroughbred Racing SA Club - Adelaide Cup 2007 (O/D) - woman holding horseshoes to look like handcuffs
53/0713 March 2007Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Heart Check Clinic - "imagine this train is a heart attack" - train horn
54/0713 March 2007L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
L'Oreal - Garnier - Fructis - female stands in front of moving aircraft propeller
55/0713 March 2007Skin Ski & Surf
Skin Ski & Surf - children in sexy poses, sexy voices and sexual connotations
57/0713 March 2007The Kebab Co
The Kebab Co - cartoon image of woman eating kebab
59/0713 March 2007Sexpo Pty Ltd
Sexpo - woman's torso wearing hipster jeans - thumbs tucked into waistband
60/0713 March 2007Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
Pfizer - Diflucan Duo - woman treating herself for vaginal thrush on camera -combined ad for tablet and cream
61/0713 March 2007Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd
Frucor - V - seuxally aroused couple in car causes older couple next door also become sexual - police officer reports "old couple having sex". Old woman assaults young man causing car accident and fireworks
62/0713 March 2007Brown Forman Australia
Brown Forman - Southern Comfort - adolescents partying
63/0713 March 2007Colgate Palmolive Pty Ltd
Colgate-Palmolive - Ajax - woman cleaning shower glass, washes off with water then man sprays glass clean with shower hose
66/0713 March 2007Barloworld Volkswagen
Barloworld Volkswagen - Jetta FSI Turbo - "0 - 100 in just 7.2 seconds"
67/0713 March 2007Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - "sausage sizzle" with sound of woman moaning in background
68/0713 March 2007Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - KFC - man picks team for backyard cricket "I'll have him, and him, and him - and you can have the girls. As we pan back we see he's selected blow-up dolls of Aussie cricket heroes
69/0713 March 2007Paramount Pictures Australia
Paramount Pictures - Norbit - very fat woman in pink dress sitting astride Eddie Murphy
70/0713 March 2007Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
Volkswagen - Touareg - father turns to talk to teenage son while driving a car, taking his eyes off the road
71/0713 March 2007Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Honda - CRV - man on footpath tears off suit to reveal casual attire, crosses road and enters CRV - female joins him and they drive off
72/0713 March 2007Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford - Ranger - monster throws rocks at vehicle - Neptune rises from sea to attack
73/0713 March 2007Nestle Australia Ltd
Nestle - Chilled Dairy - Diet Yoghurt - courier tells woman she's eating unwanted calories and they will go straight to her thighs
74/0713 March 2007Fairfax Digital
Fairfax Digital - - sounds of couple having sex, neighbour banging on wall to keep noise down as he needs to get up for work in morning - sex couple are his parents
75/0713 March 2007Luscious Locs Hair Extensions
Luscious Locs Hair Extensions - woman with long dark hair naked from the waist up but wearing a pink boa around her neck to cover her breasts
76/0713 March 20073 Click Ltd
3 Click - Samclick - "sex tips, get wet & wild or naughty & fun"; "better orgasms"; "kamasutra"; "drive her wild tips"; "help him last longer"
77/0713 March 2007Medibank Private Ltd
Medibank Private - young girl ironing curly hair straight "We can't stop kids being kids"
78/0713 March 2007Dale Alcock Homes
Dale Alcock - mother filming child as brother jumps onto beanbag, catapulting the toddler into a wall, Mum says "what have you done to my wall, you are so lucky"
79/0713 March 2007Tricon Restaurants International
Tricon - KFC - mother serves chicken and family mesmerised - father hoses down concrete driveway
82/0713 March 2007Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's - mobile phone screen shows young man describing specials to a young woman - she replies "and after...?" followed by description of desserts available
93/0713 March 2007Thoroughbred Racing South Australia (SA) Limited
Thoroughbred Racing SA - Adelaide Cup 2007 (Print) - woman holding whip