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Results for May 2007

115/078 May 2007G E Beard Pty Ltd
Playtime Fashion Leaders - girl invites backpacker to her home - insists they "do it" with his shirt still on, the says "it was so good that we did it again"
116/078 May 2007Stealthnet
Stealthnet - Girls Gone Wild DVD - young women in sexual positions, semi-naked
117/078 May 2007SEA FM
SEA FM - man speaks with speech impediment
118/078 May 2007Soul Australia
Soul Australia - Indian call centre operators - problems with
119/078 May 2007iSelect Pty Ltd
iSelect - fugly mugly to choose insurance any other way
120/078 May 2007OGLU Industries (Club Shoop)
OGLU - Club Shoop - blonde woman in provocative pose - wearing lacy black bra and leaning forward with hands cupping breasts
121/078 May 2007Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds - Hoodies - girl & boy meet - he pulls her hood up and look at each other in seductive manner, kissing passionately
122/078 May 2007Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
Nando's - rooster copulating with hen
123/078 May 2007S C Johnson & Son Pty Ltd
SC Johnson - Glade Touch & Fresh - young boy on toilet puts note under door to tell Mum deodoriser has run out
125/078 May 2007KMart Australia Ltd
KMart - Cheeky - male and female backsides in underwear dancing in front of camera
126/078 May 2007News Ltd
News Ltd - - Mr T from A-Team with a bomb beside him looking at a map of USA
127/078 May 2007McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - China - children digging hole in sand at beach to get thru to a McDonald's in China
128/078 May 2007Yum Restaurants International
Yum - KFC - Bacon Double Cheeseburger - men at drive-thru are condescending to girl taking order
129/078 May 2007Harcourts International Ltd
Harcourts Real Estate - man throws child in air then follows her up
130/078 May 2007Holden Ltd
Holden - Rodeo - draught horse hauling beer being replaced by Rodeo - he says the boss has found him a job at the factory - sometning to do with glue
133/078 May 2007Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory Holdings Ltd
Warrnambool Cheese & Butter - Sungold Milk - two women harrassing young male supermarket employee
134/078 May 2007Pancake Parlour
Pancake Parlour - IT - "you don't have to say nothin' man - you just go the counter and you say to the bird I want IT"
135/078 May 2007Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Nurofen - Dad-proof cap
136/078 May 2007Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster - Ring Tone King - "You're out Paki!" in cricket game to download
137/078 May 2007Sony Australia Pty Ltd
Sony - Handycam - "memory never fades" - two young people kissing - gradually woman ages so that she ends up an elderly woman kissing a young boy.
139/078 May 2007Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Lynx - female librarian stamps "overdue" on man's chest
140/078 May 2007Radio Rentals Ltd
Radio Rentals - single mother takes advantage of credit free check to get a loan for computers for her kids
141/078 May 2007Global One Mobile Entertainment
Global One - Mobile Active - SMS Paris
143/078 May 2007Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Domino's - "you've tried've tried try.."
144/078 May 2007Paramount Pictures Australia
Paramount Pictures - Shooter - Mark Wahlberg holding large automatic rifle by his side "Yesterday it was about honor. Today is about justice."
145/078 May 2007Open Door Pub Co
Open Door Pub Co - Casey's Nightclub - Anzac Day Toss the Boss - young blonde woman in khaki bikini and slouch hat holding M16 rifle
146/078 May 2007Surf Industries Combined Pty Ltd
Surf Industries - Sic Surf & Skate - Easter - "God, thank Christ for Easter..Crucifying Christ for won't last 40 days and 40 nights..Pete swears on a stack of'll want to pray you don't miss out"
147/078 May 2007Chanel (Aust) Pty Ltd
Chanel - Rouge Allure lipstick - young woman naked on bed alongside fully-clothed male, asks him "Do you like my lips?"
148/078 May 2007Levi Strauss (Aust) Pty Ltd
Levi Strauss - squeeze in anywhere in these jeans - man inside half-closed boot of car
149/078 May 2007Discount City Carpets
Discount City Carpets - "get laid" free
150/078 May 2007Gazal Apparel Pty Ltd
Gazal - Fred Bracks - Saddle Up - rear view of woman bent over and wearing black stockings, knickers, suspenders and stilletto heels
151/078 May 2007Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster Fun Manga Games Key No JA7MG702