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Results for December 2008

442/0810 December 2008Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman - TV - Cooking Sale with woman in apron in kitchen
474/0810 December 2008Coca-Cola Amatil
Coca-Cola Amatil - Mt Franklin - 2 water bottles, lids facing out to represent breasts - "every mouthful helps"
475/0810 December 2008Queensland Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing
Queensland Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing - ad shown in reverse result of night out drinking
477/0810 December 2008AAPT Ltd
AAPT - Woman on horse in Nth American native costume - mocks war whoop
478/0810 December 2008Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Rav 4 - man looks into vacuum and his eye is sucked out of socket
480/0810 December 2008Daisy Pool Covers
Daisy Pool Covers - duck rolls on pool cover & stands on cover
481/0810 December 2008Motor Accident Commission SA
Motor Accident Commission SA - Creepers Outdoor Ad
482/0810 December 2008Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Rivers - Pamplet #14-2008 "S**t has hit the fan"
483/0817 December 2008Mazda Australia Pty Limited
Mazda - BT-50 Ute - ute honks horn - unlawful use of horn
484/0810 December 2008Medibank Private Ltd
Medibank Private - kids build a ramp in backyard
485/0810 December 2008Just Group Ltd (Peter Alexander)
Just Group - Peter Alexander - Catalogue features naked male models
489/0810 December 2008Sexpo Pty Ltd
Sexpo - 2008 - woman describes why you should go to Sexpo - images of strippers, sex toys and other sexual images
490/0810 December 2008Bacardi
Bacardi - liquid from Bacardi bottle takes on human shape
491/0810 December 2008Nutricia Australasia Pty Ltd
Nutricia - Karicare Gold for toddlers - woman & child in park. Woman talks of benefits of formula
493/0810 December 2008Wrigley Co Pty Ltd The
Wrigleys - Extra Liquid Blast Chewing Gum - banana gets blasted with strawberry liquid and lies in a pool of 'blood'
494/0810 December 2008Stuart Alexander & Co Pty Ltd
Stuart Alexander - Mentos - Group of native american indians - rain dance in mentos
495/0810 December 2008Australian Egg Corporation Ltd
Australian Egg Corp Ltd - print - "Takes 4 mins (without wanky lemon)"
496/0810 December 2008ANCAP Australia
ANCAP - man and son in car all good until have a horrible accident
497/0810 December 2008Commercial Radio Australia
Commercial Radio Aust - That radio guy (Mark Mitchell)- jockey talking to announcer who laughs at references to small etc
498/0810 December 2008Hog's Breath Cafe (Australia) Pty Ltd
Hog's Breath Cafe - Bus with "Get stuffed" on side
500/0810 December 2008Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Sprite - thirst for truth - Yum Cha - Internet
501/0810 December 2008BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd
BUPA - HBA insurance - man dressed in green - stereotype of irish man
505/0810 December 2008Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Kluger - Internet ad with silhouette of children fighting in back seat of car - shows a slap
506/0810 December 2008Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Hilux - Unbreakable Ute - stereotype of oceanic islanders portrayed as naive
507/0810 December 20081800 Reverse
1800 Reverse - man tells woman "Your son is calling", look out window to see puffs of smoke
508/0810 December 2008Sunsuper
Sunsuper - states that children are a measure of success at age 35
509/0810 December 2008Hair Free Centre
Hair Free Centre - woman walks into room & drops robe to show her hair free body
510/0810 December 2008HBF
HBF - a foreign woman in dentist waiting room points to teeth and says "mine is plastic"
511/0810 December 2008Big Flower Super Nursery
Big Flower Super Nursery - Naked dark-skinned woman
512/0810 December 2008BCF
BCF - Boating Camping Fishing - Radio ad with macho voice and stereotypical gay voice
513/0810 December 2008Yum Restaurants International
Yum Restaurants - Pizza Hut - three youths in car mucking around and distracting driver
514/0810 December 2008Totally Natural Products
Totally Natural Products - Erectomax -
515/0810 December 2008ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
ACP Publishing - Zoo Weekly - Girl places tennis ball in pants - Boy LICKS ball
516/0810 December 2008Woolworths Freestanding Liquor
Woolworths - BWS - Bundy & coke
518/0810 December 2008Primus Telecommunications (Aust) Pty Ltd
Primus - iprimus - young man at computer, knock at door scantily dressed girls (x2), third knock is indian cricketer
519/0810 December 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Talk sex with Olivia
520/0810 December 2008Dept of Health and Ageing
Dept of Health & Ageing - "don't turn a night out into a nightmare" - young people drinking - girl's undies around ankle - boy hit by car
521/0810 December 2008Big W
Big W - Catalogue with collage of t-shirts encouraging drinking
523/0810 December 2008Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd
Sony Computer Entertainment - Playstation 3 - Little Big Planet - "in my world I fart when I am happy"
524/0817 December 2008Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd
Sony Computer Entertainment - Playstation 3 - dog is blown up
525/0817 December 2008Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd
Sony Computer Entertainment - Playstation 3 - butterfly crushed
526/0817 December 2008Lexus Australia
Lexus Australia - IS F - internet - speedometer exceeds 260km/h
527/0817 December 2008Loverlays Intimate Adult Furniture
Loverlays Intimate Adult Furniture - clothed actors simulate sexual positions
528/0817 December 2008ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
ACP Publishing P/L - Zoo Weekly - scantily clad Honey
530/0817 December 2008Jalna Dairy Foods
Jalna Dairy Foods - print - she may have lost it last night but she still awoke with a sense of purity
540/0821 December 2008Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Rivers - TV - Close up of womans crotch walking in & out of water, suggestive music