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Results for January 2008

1/0816 January 2008Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - "We're all in this together" - young people in bubbles which join together as they head for a beach
10/0816 January 2008Dangerfield Pty Ltd
Dangerfield - Christmas sale "is bigger than Jesus" and has a picture of Christ
3/0816 January 2008Ansell Healthcare
Ansell - condom packet opened, condom put on finger then finger on stamp pad to show it's so thin a fingerprint comes out perfectly on paper
33/0821 January 2008Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock - Australia Week 2008
4/0816 January 2008Gage Roads Brewing Co
Gage Roads Brewing - still images are shown of woman in car, then a bottle of Gage beer; then a man is shown in a car, and a bottle of Gage beer is shown
426/0716 January 2008Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Fosters - Corona - 2 people on cycle near beach not wearing helmets - woman is sitting on back on top of carton of Corona beer
428/0716 January 2008Goodyear Tyres
Goodyear Tyres - Dunlop - V8 Supercar footage followed by car weaving across road as in racing laps "what we learn on the track we take to the street"
429/0716 January 2008Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Lipton Iced Tea - young people jumping of a bank into a river/lake
430/0716 January 2008Krystal Adult World
Krystal Adult World - Stiletto - drawing of woman holding shoe - when inverted image becomes woman touching vagina
431/0721 January 2008Robert Bosch (Aust.) Pty Ltd
Robert Bosch - Bosch Power Drill - 15% more power so "tradies can drive 15% faster"
432/0716 January 2008Lever Rexona
Lever Rexona - Dove Pro-Age Beauty Body Lotion - naked older woman sitting side-on with hands covering breasts and text "whoever said it's too late for radiant skin?"
434/0716 January 2008Scalzo Food Industries
Scalzo Foods - Freshlife walnuts - naked woman exiting a broken eggshell
435/0716 January 2008Scalzo Food Industries
Scalzo Foods - Freshlife sultanas - naked woman exiting a broken eggshell
437/0716 January 2008Frucor Beverages (Australia) Pty Ltd
Frucor - V - student's eyes extending from sockets and peering over the shoulder of girl in front, reading her answers on exam paper
438/0716 January 2008Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd
Procter & Gamble - Metamucil - mother puts powder in food rather than kids eating fresh vegetables for fibre
439/0716 January 2008Chanel (Aust) Pty Ltd
Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle - Keira Knightly naked - holding man's bowler hat over her breasts, and a man's white shirt draped over her loins
440/0716 January 2008Jungle Brolly
Jungle Brolly - Handshield - oven cleaner and hydrochloric acid poured on hands, a brick and aluminium foil
441/0716 January 2008Trend Micro Australia
Trend Micro - PC-cillin Internet Security - old man depicted as typical website paedophile
442/0716 January 2008Global One Mobile Entertainment
Global One - My Happy Ending - SMS COME to 1970 6666 - amateur women "come" on your mobile
444/0716 January 2008Rugby WA
Rugby WA - Sydneysider tells WA "Your Emirates Western Force has less support than my 12 year old daughter's training bra"
445/0716 January 2008Kingsleys Chicken Pty Ltd
Kingsleys Chicken - Print - woman with halter top holding burger just above breasts
446/0721 January 2008InsuranceLine Pty Ltd
Insuranceline - young family man with 2 small children pondering how they'd pay home off if he lost his income through accident or illness - "suicide benefits paid after 13 months membership"
447/0716 January 2008SBS Corporation
SBS - East West 101 - lifesize images of men with guns
448/0716 January 2008BSR Group
BSR Group - Betta Electrical - baby Jesus throwing gifts back at the wise men
449/0716 January 2008Bridgestone Tyres Australia Ltd
Bridgestone - Turanza Tyres - father pacifies crying child by taking it on a drive
450/0716 January 2008Repco Ltd
Repco - old woman raised to Christmas dinner table on a trolley jack by a younger man
451/0716 January 2008Global One Mobile Entertainment
Global One - Mobile Active - Home Babe Auditions SMS PEEP to 1994 9999 - scantily clad women lying on top of each other on a bed, and a closeup of a small bikini with the wearer's fingers moving around in a sexual way
452/0716 January 2008Queensland Transport
Queensland Transport - Because enough is enough Easter/Christmas 2007 - person lying unconscious in front of burning crashed car, woman on ground covered in blood with a sheet being draped over her
453/0716 January 2008Herringbone Classic Clothing
Herringbone - "Why you should never buy a shirt tailored by a Bulgarian - as they typically have fingers like large salamis", and labels street urchins as "Bulgarian Haute Couture"
454/0716 January 2008Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Jamster - Duncan the drunken reindeer singing Silent Night, wearing belt with bells hanging from it
5/0816 January 2008F J Livens
F J Livens - plumber advertises with sexual innuendo
532/0821 January 2008Cartridge Works
Cartridge Works - newsletter style publication "Village"
533/0821 January 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - radio - Bedroom Hell, not weird, not unique
534/0821 January 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - radio - not going the distance - do yourself a favour - not weird, not unique
535/0821 January 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - radio - go soft, not last long, your not alone, improve staminer (bedroom hell)
536/0821 January 2008SSL Australia Pty Ltd
SSL Aust - Durex - Billboard - Dress for Pleasure
545/0821 January 2008BCF
BCF - Radio - Malcolm and his clown fish called Desmond
546/0821 January 2008BCF
BCF - TVC - Josh thinks Batman would beat Spiderman .. he spends nights beating dragons on his computer
6/0816 January 2008Allphones
Allphones - animated blonde woman "Angel" in red jumpsuit with large breasts detailing speical offers
7/0816 January 2008Chris & Marie's Plant Farms
Chris & Marie's Plant Farms - Chris dressed as fairy says "get it in your bootie" as a woman grabs his behind
8/0816 January 2008Chris & Marie's Plant Farms
Chris & Marie's Plant Farms - Chris sitting naked in nursery saying he's not gay but would like to be gay
9/0816 January 2008Get Car Loans
Get Car Loans - use word 'bloody'