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Results for March 2008

49/0812 March 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Valentine's Day - women are going to get great sex, "so if your doodle's been jumping the gun make the call to AMI"
51/0812 March 2008McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - Front Seat - male passenger in front seat of car gets his meal first while backseat guys have to wait
53/0812 March 2008Queensland Health
Queensland Health - Which Disease? - seller of cigarettes asks "Do you want lung cancer or heart disease?" Guy getting cigarettes from a machine says "I knew I'd get gangrene."
54/0812 March 2008Zobel Loans
Zobel Loans - family saying grace "for their beautiful home and their mother's cooking for keeping them regular"
56/0812 March 2008Service Central (Aust) Pty Ltd
Service Central - man and woman pouring chocolate over each other and rolling around while someone cleans carpet
57/0812 March 2008TMG Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
TMG - Shellgame - win $4000 by answering questions to move up each level
59/0812 March 2008Townsville Automotive Detailing
Townsville Automotive Detailing - Eurpoean voice refers to "wogs" and "stooges"
60/0812 March 2008Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Rivers - Back To School - monkey giving 'the finger' at the end of ad
62/0812 March 2008Cancer Institute of NSW
Cancer Institute of NSW - Bronchoscopy - doctor describing lung cancer and that there's no cure
65/0812 March 2008Sunbeam Corporation Ltd
Sunbeam - Steam iron - cat jumps onto ironing board and iron lets out a jet of steam to make the cat jump off
66/0812 March 2008Motor Accident Commission SA
Motor Accident Commission SA - "Most victims know their killer" - mother driving hits a car and her son, not wearing a seatbelt, flies forward and crushes her to death against the dashboard
67/0812 March 2008EMAP Australia Pty Ltd
Emap - Zoo Weekly - girl on swing in office and shots of new issue - girl who won "boob job" and Emily Scott "wearing next to nothing"
68/0812 March 2008Quarry House International
Quarry House - binoculars - show images "from this" (girl in bikinis carrying surfboard) "to this" - close up of girl's chest and face
70/0812 March 2008Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd
TCN Channel Nine - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - woman holding gun
71/0812 March 2008Woolworths Supermarkets
Woolworths - Celery Man - boy making a man from fruits and vegetables, when finished states "He doesn't have long to live. Goodbye cruel world" and bites into it.
72/0812 March 2008Sex Kitten Boutique
Sex Kitten Boutique - Valentine's Day promo - young blonde girl on sofa wearing a black dress with pink trimmings
74/0812 March 2008Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Sprite - "Drink Sprite, Look Sexy. You must be sexy first, straight up, thirst for truth" girl in bikini
75/0812 March 2008Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Sprite - "Your parents still do it" - and image of middle-aged couple
76/0812 March 2008BlueScope Steel
BlueScope Steel Ghost - appparently dead man's spirit rises and admires his roof but another man gives CPR - when victim rouses both look disgusted at the fact that they seemed to be kissing
77/0812 March 2008Seven Network Ltd (i7)
Seven Network - Dirty Sexy Money billboard with Donald Sutherland
79/0812 March 2008Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benckiser - Napisan Oxy Action- mother notices stain on schoolboy's shirt - uses Napisan
80/0812 March 2008Castrol Lubricants
Castrol - Magnatec - oil bottle falls out of Adam Gilchrist's ute and bounces over fences of several backyards leering at two young women in bikinis
81/0812 March 2008HBF
HBF - Potty - small boy being toilet trained - accidentaly wees on floor while waiting in a public queue "Not ready for kids?"
82/0812 March 2008Virgin Money (Aust) Pty Ltd
Virgin Money - TV - Everlasting Love -elderly man hoses wife in garden and they become passionate, stripping off clothes and embracing behind a bush
83/0812 March 2008Little Aussie Bum Pub Co
Little Aussie Bum Pub - female's g-stringed butt shown
85/0812 March 2008Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jacks - apprentice sent off to buy construction crew's lunch
86/0812 March 2008Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - girl on bed trying to pull tight jeans over her bottom "My favourite jeans. What makes you happy?"
87/0812 March 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - "Restore your sex life" with couple embracing within a heart
90/0812 March 2008HBF
HBF - Restaurant - small children in a posh restaurant playing up at the table - other guests look bemused "Not ready for kids?"