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Results for October 2008

355/088 October 2008Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd
Ricoh - queue of men dunking same teabag into their cup of hot water - cross to Ricoh copy machine "There's efficiency, and then there's Ricoh efficiency"
356/088 October 2008WA Dept of Premier & Cabinet
WA DPC - Office of Crime Prevention - Hoon - illegal racing on public road - cars stopped by large telephone in middle of road
357/088 October 2008Australian Fast Foods
Australian Fast Foods - Chicken Treat - chicken uses poker machine to ring up chicken symbols
358/088 October 2008Woolworths Supermarkets
Woolworths - watermelon - man straps melon into front car seat using seatbelt
360/088 October 2008Centrefold Lounge/Men's Gallery
Centrefold Lounge/Men's Gallery
361/088 October 2008Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds - T-shirts - teens in car stripping to underwear
362/088 October 2008Theatre Tours Australia Pty Ltd
Theatre Tours - Busting Out - older ladies promoting nude show
363/088 October 2008SSL Australia Pty Ltd
SSL - Durex - "for those who don't like wearing condoms" naked male/female kissing
364/088 October 2008Gazal Apparel Pty Ltd
Gazal - Lovable - woman wearing only bra - hand barely covering breast
365/088 October 2008Coopers Brewery Ltd
Coopers - "make Dad almost as excited as when he made you" and "it'll probably be the best thing he's had in ages"
366/088 October 2008ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
ACP - Cleo - win a man slave for the day competition
368/088 October 2008Thrifty Link Hardware
Thrifty Link Hardware - Red Symons hits child in face with ball, knocking glasses off, then swings him too high and tells scary bedtime stories
369/088 October 2008Bonds Industries Ltd
Bonds - Berlei - women expose chests to decide what bras will suit them
370/088 October 2008Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Kimberly-Clark - Kotex U - beaver deciding what underwear to choose
371/0830 October 2008Ateco Automotive Pty Limited
Ateco - Fiat - blue Fiat van crossing and straddling an unbroken line
372/088 October 2008Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Fosters - Carlton Mid Strength - woman wants man to leave mates drinking at pub but 'cowboy' whispers subliminally to her to let him stay
373/088 October 2008Zobel Loans
Zobel Loans - woman vacuuming "Finally I have my own house that I can lovingly prepare for my husband's arrival home from work. Now to get myself ready..."
374/088 October 2008Eskanders Betstar Pty Ltd
Eskanders Betstar - girls in bikinis holding billboard "$500 free bet - all you have to do is sign up now"
375/088 October 2008Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - Mother - (Cinema)- SWAT group go to Mother lab and beat up scientists who made bad-tasting original Mother drink
376/088 October 2008Madman Entertainment
Madman Entertainment - Not Quite Hollywood - NFP (not for poofters)
377/088 October 2008Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - vintage Coke bottles and story of its origins
378/088 October 2008Levi Strauss (Aust) Pty Ltd
Levi Strauss - young couple about to have sex, woman strips off jeans showing underwear
379/088 October 2008Network Ten Pty Limited
Network Ten - Rush - uniformed police with a female carrying a small hand gun and pointing towards a target
380/088 October 2008Icon Clothing Pty Ltd
Icon Clothing - Wrangler - (transport)-female wearing very brief cutaway denim shorts revealing buttocks
381/088 October 2008Icon Clothing Pty Ltd
Icon Clothing - Wrangler (outdoor)- female wearing very brief cutaway denim shorts revealing buttocks
382/088 October 2008Icon Clothing Pty Ltd
Icon Clothing - Lee Riders - (transport) teenage boy and girl about to kiss, girl is lying on top of boy wearing jeans and bra
383/088 October 2008HBF
HBF - Dental - people at dentist unable to speak clearly as mouth full of instruments
384/088 October 2008TrueLocal
TrueLocal - woman divulges too much personal information how she and partner play "hide the sausage" and "experiment with foodstuffs"
385/088 October 2008TrueLocal
TrueLocal - Plumber - woman raves on about bladder problems
386/088 October 2008TrueLocal
TrueLocal - name dropper - effeminate man at al fresco cafe raving about all the local celebrities he knows
387/088 October 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Johnny Boot - "Hey Johnny don't go slow - put it up your nose and away you go" to sound of catchy pop song
388/088 October 2008Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Johnson & Johnson - Codral - Soldier on with Codral - encouraging people to return to work
391/0830 October 2008Addbuild Master Builders Pty Ltd
Addbuild - cat - review of 153/02
392/088 October 2008Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Want longer lasting censored?
393/088 October 2008Cancer Council NSW
Cancer Council NSW - Girls' Night In - man bound and gagged in cupboard
394/088 October 2008Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - DVDs - two young children watching DVD with blankets pulled up to their eyes
396/088 October 2008First National Real Estate
First National Real Estate - male agent showing off his house to young couple
397/088 October 2008Puratap Pty Ltd
Puratap - your own body filters the chemicals in water if you don't have Puratap
398/088 October 2008Holeproof
Holeproof - man lying down wearing only underpants
399/088 October 2008Big Mobile Pty Ltd
Big Mobile - Mobilepussy - women fondling themselves, rubbing each other, grabbing breasts and vaginas
400/088 October 2008Goodman Fielder Limited
Goodman Fielder - Copperpot Dips - microwave seems to contain human baby's head
403/088 October 2008Tartarus Pty Ltd
Tartarus - Hell Pizza - uses Judeo-Christian words to advertise products to encourage people to hell
407/0830 October 2008Tell The Truth Coalition
Tell The Truth - embryo/foetus shown at various stages of development
412/0830 October 2008BSR Group
BSR Group - Betta Electrical - elderly lady with hoola hoop & underwear slides down legs
413/0830 October 2008Volvo Car Aust Pty Ltd
Volvo - S80 - car without number plate is driven on wrong side of road
415/0830 October 2008Gourmet Garden
Gourmet Garden - Husband/wife cooking Gordon Ramsey style - bad language F-word
419/0830 October 2008Unwired Australia
Unwired Australia - print ad showing a couple with text 'there's some stuff on the web you just don't want'
420/0830 October 2008Jamba! GmbH
Jamba - Bubblemob - Simulated Lesbian Sex - "Diana fiddling with herself" and other images with explicit detail blocked out