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Results for November 2009

398/0911 November 2009EBBX
EBBX - Financial product on buses. Image of 3 women's bottoms with tag line "improve your bottom line"
433/0911 November 2009Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
Smiths Snackfoods 433/09 - TV New flavour of chips called BBQ coat of arms
477/0911 November 2009Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
Red Bull - (477/09) Internet - makes unsubstantiated claims for Health & wellbeing benefits
489/0925 November 2009Rockstar Beverages Aust P/L
Rockstar Beverages - Internet 489/09. Website makes claims about the benefits and boost that the product provides.
491/0925 November 2009Hocking Communications
Hocking Communications -30Seconds Outdoor cleaner (491/09) TVC. Narrator promoting this outdoor cleaner lampooning the way Asians speak
494/0911 November 2009Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
Smiths Snack Foods 494/09 Internet. New flavour of chips BBQ coat of arms.
495/0911 November 2009Unicharm Australasia (VIC)
Unicharm - Babylove 495/09 TV Poo Poo Pouch nappy
496/0911 November 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI 496/09 TV. The letter I in the writing of AMI simulates an erection
497/0911 November 2009Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
Reckitt Benkiser 497/09 TV. Mortein outdoor spray being used by a woman with a face mask around her neck and not covering her face.
498/0925 November 2009George Weston Foods Limited
George Weston 498/09 TV. Dons Smallgoods salami with Chef that hits other man on the head with a salami.
500/0911 November 2009Sunshine Kebabs
Sunshine Kebabs 500/09. TV ad with jingle using the words "friggin"
501/0911 November 2009Cadbury Pty Ltd
Cadbury 501/09 TV. Ad shows a succession of dogs leaning out the window of a cars.
502/0911 November 2009Nova 106.9 Brisbane
Nova (106.9) 502/09 Billboard with large print "WTF"
504/0911 November 2009Freedom Furniture Ltd
Freedom Furniture 504/09 Pay TV. Mum says Dad's GAY!
506/0911 November 2009Energy Australia
Energy Australia 506/09 Billboard. Efficiency tips with daughter on back of motorbike without suitable riding gear
507/0911 November 2009Energy Australia
Energy Australia 507/09 print. Efficiency tips withgirl on motorbike without protective clothing
508/0911 November 2009Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd
Schweppes Spring Valley 508/09. Internet site - 'Our products' section claiming to increase mental and physical wellbeing
509/0911 November 2009Herbert Adams
Herbert Adams 509/09 Pay TV ad with woman climbing into fridge to win a trip to the UK
510/0911 November 2009F'n'b 4wd Supplies
F'n'B 4WD Supplies 510/09. Radio advertisement depicting physical abuse where "Cheryl assaults Davo"
512/0911 November 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - Radio(512/09)Radio - SMS TRY - Stud new nickname 'stud' inferring man no longer has erectile dysfunction
513/0911 November 2009Hoyts Distribution
Hoyts Distribution - (513/09) Radio promotion for SAW 6 movie
514/0911 November 2009Hoyts Distribution
Hoyts Distribution - 514/09 - Transport promotion in Brisbane/Sydney for SAW 6 movie
515/0911 November 2009Hoyts Distribution
Hoyts Distribution (515/09) TV promotion for SAW 6 movie
516/0925 November 2009Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Commission - 516/09 TV - ad includes graphic image of collision to promote motor cycle safety
518/0925 November 2009AAMI
AAMI (518/09)- TV taxi driver portrayed inappropriately when assisting driver with car problems
519/0925 November 2009Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf
Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf (519/09) how to get rid of 'lawn Kranskies' dog poo
520/0925 November 2009Dept of Justice, Victoria
Dept of Justice, Vic (520/09) TV - Bushfire awareness following Black Saturday
521/0925 November 2009GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
Glaxo Smith Kline - Panandol (521/09)family not wearing hats
522/0925 November 2009Adroit Panels
Adroit Panels (522/09) Radio girlfried attacks boyfriends car after finding he has been cheating 'oh please babe not the car'
523/0925 November 2009Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
Red Bull - PAY TV (523/09)cartoon characters at a beach nudist camp with black patch over male genitals
524/0911 November 2009Wyllie Tiles
Wyllie Tiles (524/09) TV bathroom products she likes at a price 'he' an afford
525/0925 November 2009Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jacks - Stunner meal (525/09)TV -older man wheels stunned men out of restaurant on trolly
527/0925 November 2009HBF
HBF - 527/09 TV - man thinks about his wife in hospital
529/0925 November 2009Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Kimberly Clark - U Kotex Platinum (529/09)Posters at Shopping Centres with naked woman with hair placed strategically over breasts
530/0925 November 2009Sanitarium Health Food Company
Sanitarium - Up & Go (530/09) TV. Young fit looking people jumping out of windows as if jumping into a pool or grass
531/0925 November 2009Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca Cola - Transport (531/09)Big to do list with silhouette image of naked female jumping off jett
532/0925 November 2009Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Pacific Brands - Wrangler (532/09)billboard young girl with back to camera wearing short short
533/0925 November 2009Nova 106.9 Brisbane
Nova 106.9 - WTF (533/09)Transport. Image of 3 presenters of the breakfast show with heading WTF (What the fuck)on back of Brisbane buses
535/0925 November 2009Wicked Campers
Wicked Campers (535/09) "The best thing about oral sex - 5 minutes of silence" on rear of campervan
536/0925 November 2009Sumo Salad
Sumo Salad - 536/09 TV - Eat Big Stay thin
537/0911 November 2009Bible Society of NSW
Bible Society of NSW - Allaboutlife TV (537/09)Jesus has the answers
539/0925 November 2009Fernwood Fitness Centres Aust Pty Ltd
Fernwood - Print (539/09) - 'my mum's not perfect but she's working on it"
541/0925 November 2009Wrigley Co Pty Ltd The
Wrigley - (541/09) TVC. Animated banana depicted as harmful to dental health of Australians
542/0925 November 2009Unilever Australasia
Unilever - (542/09)Lynx TV. "Wake the hell up" portraying young people partying, drinking, writing on friends whilst sleeping.
543/0925 November 2009Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - Bigpond Movies (543/09) Internet. Car doing dangerous manoeuvres in car park showing young 'would be' James Bond drivers they don't have to drive like James Bond to find a park at the video store.
544/0925 November 2009Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - 544/09 Sims game application for Telstra Next G phones 'Play in traffic'
545/0925 November 2009Telstra - Sensis Pty Ltd
Telstra Sensis - Yellow Pages(545/09)TV statue of naked child holding his private parts and urinating when fountain turned on
556/0925 November 2009Essential Beauty Franchising
Essential Beauty Franchising TV 556/09. Image of womens pubic area with voice over saying "don't let the tasmanian grow wild"