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Results for October 2009

385/0914 October 2009Enhance Plastic Surgery
Enhance Plastic Surgery - (385/09)Print photos of uncovered breasts in free unrestricted magazine
387/0928 October 2009Bet24/7
Bet 24/7 (387/09) TV - sexual innuendo ad for betting agency
390/0928 October 2009Browne's Foods
Brownes foods - (390/09) TVC. Flavoured milk with 2 workers drinking then belching in time to the music.
397/0914 October 2009Cotton On
Cotton On (397/09) Shop front poster with young girl clad in underwear
406/0928 October 2009Lighting International
Lighting International - TV images of woman stripping in front of a man then the lights go out.
417/0928 October 2009Weight Watchers
Weight watchers - (417/09) everything dragged off desk when man pulls chair out to answer phone - WW sundaes
425/0914 October 2009Nautilus Marine Insurance Agency
Nautilus Marine Insurance Agency - (425/09)image of boat crammed full with illegal immigrants 'there's boat people and ... there's boat people'
438/0928 October 2009Snack Brands Australia
Snackbrands - Kettle - (438/09) - TV Angas Sampson pool side with women relating the hare and the tortoise tale to selling potato chips.
439/0914 October 2009Techtronic Industries Australia
Techtronic Industries - (439/09) TV "Tools you want to use" father kicks ball out of sight so he can play with his Ryobi electric drill rather than son
440/0914 October 2009Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target - (440/09) TV T-shirt slogans about vegetarians
441/0914 October 2009Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - Corolla (441/09) TV cheap service bills with "dwarf sitting in car to represent small $ bill
442/0914 October 2009Fairfax Media
Fairfax Media - (442/09)Radio solutions for housing market with call to "mental crisis centre"
443/0914 October 2009Domino's Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
Dominos - Cheesy sticks (443/09) Mail illustration of cheesy Stick on an elevated angle, the tip dripping with melted cheese
444/0928 October 2009Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jacks - (444/09) TV - Let your hunger decide the size XL - XXXL burgers
445/0914 October 2009Boost Juice Bars Australia
Boost Juice (445/09) allergic reaction to nuts "are you an allergy nut"
446/0928 October 2009Rollformers QLD
Rollformers QLD - (446/09) Billboard text "need more length" with scantily clad woman in suggestive pose
447/0914 October 2009MasterCard Worldwide
MasterCard Worldwide - (447/09) TV trash your hotel room and use Mastercasrd to pay for the damage
448/0914 October 2009McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's - (448/09) Maths on line TV 'some old hags just can't hide their age' written on whiteboard
449/0914 October 2009Angus & Coote Jewellers
Angus & Coote - (449/09)naked woman photographed from waist up on poster with long hair covering breasts
450/0928 October 2009GASP Denim
GASP denim - (450/09) Billboard - Displayed only in Victoria. Back/front/side on image of topless females dressed in jeans.
450/09A28 October 2009GASP Denim
GASP - Campaign Letters for Billboard
451/0928 October 2009Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
Kimberley Clark 451/09 - Kleenex TV. Children talking about how using wipes will help their mum. child uses the word "bum"
452/0914 October 2009Sportsbet
Sportsbet TV 452/09. Shows iimages of people seemingly intoxicated referring to "that was me when..."
453/0914 October 2009Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Meat & Livestock (Lamb) TV 453/09. The ad implies drug use in relation to the consumption of a food product
454/0914 October 2009Jamba! GmbH
Jamba GmbH (Lust TV)454/09. Russian Girl taking a (bleep) shower.
455/0914 October 2009Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford Motor Co. (Mondeo)455/09. TV ad that shows lady driving with German Shepherd in passenger seat possibly unrestrained.
456/0914 October 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - (456/09)Radio (end to your suffering)nasal delivery technique
458/0914 October 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - (458/09) Radio - not created equal
459/0914 October 2009Advanced Medical Institute
AMI - (459/09) -become longer stronger lovers -radio nova)
460/0928 October 2009Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd
Schweppes - Solo 460/09 - TVC. Man drinks solo then kicks the can into a bin but misses and leaves the can on the ground as litter
461/0914 October 2009Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Pacific Brands - (461/09) Outdoor - woman wearing playtex underwear in a sexually suggestive pose on bus shelters
463/0914 October 2009Sara Lee Australia
Sarah Lee - Moccona - 463/09 Billboard naked women's back and buttocks adjoining mountain range
464/0914 October 2009BConfidential
BConfidential - 464/09 - black and pink sign with woman on left hand side and words 'tell your wife that your be home late"
466/0914 October 2009HBF
HBF - Health Insurance TV. (466/09)Images of upset mother deciding what to make for dinner. Boy lying in hospital bed.
469/0914 October 2009Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - (469/09) Bigpond. Internet - "What's happening" with boy holding sticks of plutonium or something in his mouth (candle sticks)
470/0914 October 2009Roads & Traffic Authority
Roads & Traffic Authority - Pinkie (Cinema) (470/09) - Speeding: No one thinks big of you" - with woman holding up her little finger to indicate a small penis
471/0914 October 2009Calibre
Calibre - 471/09 - (post) catalogue with man holding birthday cake n shape of breasts
472/0914 October 2009Cancer Institute of NSW
Cancer Institute of NSW (472/09)- Everybody knows campaign - compilation of gruesome effects of smoking
473/0914 October 2009Bisazza Australia Pty Ltd
Bisazza - 473/09 Print - geisha tied with rope lying on floor
474/0914 October 2009Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra - (474/09)TV - cyber bully -'Brad' with green face mask tries to stop his partner 'Emma' posting photo to internet
475/0914 October 2009Simon de Winter
Simon de Winter - (475/09) Kayser lingerie Newspaper image of two faceless, topless models in lacey underwear holding a giant apple and giant pear with text "apple or pear"
476/0914 October 2009Simon de Winter
Simon de Winter (476/09) Tram/bus stops, Phone booths - Kayser lingerie image of two faceless, topless models in lacey underwear holding a giant apple and giant pear with text "apple or pear"
478/0914 October 2009Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford Hatchback TVC 478/09. Driver seeks assistance from man washing windscreens to push vehicle that is out of petrol
480/0928 October 2009Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Fosters - Pure Blonde (480/09) TV injured bird nursed back to health, flies into painted wall with beer sign then kicked to ground by painter
481/0928 October 2009Road Safety Task Force
Road Safety Task Force 481/09. TV campaign highlighting driving offences. Eg:using mobile phone.
482/0928 October 2009Coopers Brewery Ltd
Coopers - (482/09) TV Sediment Awareness Week
484/0928 October 2009Yum Restaurants International
Yum KFC (484/09)- Internet - Menu/Kids meal which provides info on the KFC's kids' meal
486/0928 October 2009Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Lynx Fever - (486/09) TV - a bunch of babes entice man to the toilets to engage in group sex after he sprays Lynx deodorant on himself
487/0928 October 2009Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Toyota - (487/09) - TV - middle agedman wearing red jumper around his shoulders/doesn't trim chest hair - Soft, made to Last
488/0928 October 2009Rheem Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water - 488/09 - TV Boy's mother finds her son's pornographic magazine collection
490/0928 October 2009Liquor Alliance (VIC)
Liquor Alliance - (Thirsty Camel). Radio ad with a child like character with a funny voice advertising alcohol specials.
492/0928 October 2009Bras n' Things
Bras n Things - Spring Catalogue (492/09)- Mail. Models wearing Merry Widow style and playboy range - hanky panky