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0132/1014 April 2010Unilever Australasia
The advertisement tells the story of a man who is going out with a young woman. At the beginning of the advertisement the young man sprays his body with Lynx Twist body spray (the fragrance that changes). Later the young man and woman are shown in a cafe style environment where the woman appears bored and disinterested. When the woman looks away a robot cuts his hair, shaves his face and dresses him. The woman then smiles at the man in an approving manner. When they are walking to her house and later in the house, the robot dresses and styles the young man again with song in the background suggesting romance was blossoming.
0133/1014 April 2010Albury Hobby Centre
This television advertisment depicts an old man in a rocking chair reading a story to children sitting on floor who then start yawning and calling out that they are bored. The old man says "back in my day when we were bored", my mother would tell us to go and" spank the monkey"! The scene then cuts to the man enacting spanking a toy monkey. Tagline - there's no need to be bored go to the Albury Hobby Centre.
0134/1014 April 2010Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
The advertisement, a spoof of the classic chase from the Coyote/Roadrunner cartoon, portrays the 'roadrunner' coming along the road. The 'roadrunner' is revealed as a Jeep Patriot, Wrangler and Cherokee (the Jeeps) one by one in an illustrated fantasy desert setting. The Jeeps come to a standstill to avoid obstacles which allows viewers to see the price and special offers available for each Jeep.
0135/1028 April 2010P&N Beverages
A man's tattoo of a woman comes to life after a drop of 'Wicked' falls from his lips onto the tattoo. The woman then encounters a variety of situatiions in a fantasy-cartoon style animation whilst riding a dragon. In the closing scene she kisses a skull whilst 'pole dancing' a snake. End image is of Wicked bottle with with text 'bring out your wild side'.
0136/1028 April 2010Ateco Automotive Pty Limited
This TV advertisement by Ateco Automotive Pty Ltd for the new MiTo Alfa Romeo (overseas model was shown) opens with text “You were born screaming. What Happened”? below image of distressed baby crying. The next sound is of a revving car and fast-paced guitar music with image of red car travelling through rocky, mountainous terrain which sprayed dirt as it skidded around a corner and then drove into a tunnel. Voiceover - Introducing the new MiTo from Alpha Romeo “Know you’re Alive” and end scene of Alfa Romeo logo.
0138/1014 April 2010Fernwood Fitness Centres Aust Pty Ltd
The ad features young children jumping and moving about pulling faces whilst a child’s voiceover says "my mum's not perfect but she is working on it" and “my mum's a fox". This wording is also used on their t-shirts. The voiceover ends with 'Join Fernwood now and save $99 - call 1300 Fernwood now’.
0139/1014 April 2010Myer Pty Ltd
The catalogue illustrates a man in a hood with the word “Assassins” across the cover of the game. The game is featured as part of a PS3 console bundle offer. On page 5 of the catalogue the game is featured together with other games that are on offer as part of the bundle. The M15+ Classification rating of the games is clearly and visibly marked on each game. Catalogue: Myelectric "20 pages of electrical ideas to update your home" catalogue, on sale Tuesday 16 February 2010 until 8 March 2010.
0140/1014 April 2010Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd (Ferrero Rocher)
Gods from Olympus celebrating Easter with Ferrero chocolates.
0141/1028 April 2010American Apparel Inc
This internet advertisement appears on the advertiser's own website. The particular image are a slideshow described as 'Liz, American Apparel Melbourne Retail Employee'. The slide show of images include images of the young woman wearing a number of advertised products in zebra stripe pattern, a red top and a yellow top. The woman is photographed in a bedroom scene. In one image her entire breast is exposed. In other images she is lying on a bed, sitting on a bed and standing with her back to the camera.
0142/1028 April 2010Charcoal Chicken
A woman is dressed in a corset, swim suit bottoms with a skirt attached, black stockings and chicken feet. The camera scrolls down the woman's body. Various words appear on the screen to coincide with the part of the woman being shown. Text states 'succulent wings', 'tender breasts', 'juicy thighs', 'nice legs' . As the camera reaches the woman's feet it reveals that the woman is wearing large costume chicken feet. The text concludes with the name and logo for the company 'Charcoal Chicken'.
0143/1014 April 2010Boost Juice Bars Australia
Fruit puppets, Ron Banana and Mary Mango, host a mock fruit themed entertainment program called Inside Juice promoting Boost Juice’s 10th birthday and 10 fruit holidays competition. Tangarina Jollie, in a bikini with exaggerated breasts, saunters through a heap of pineapples as “sweet” in male voices is heard and tagline by Ron Banana to Mary Mango “how about you and me get a little bit fruity” to which she replies "in your dreams Ron".
0144/1028 April 2010Good Vibrations
A fully clothed woman is sitting on a hill with "Good Vibrations" written across the screen. A female voiceover lists various locations then shows a woman's hand picking up some car keys and a handbag, and the voiceover says "What are you waiting for, get into Good Vibrations". "Are you coming?" End image: Good Vibrations adult erotica. Adult toys, dvds, games, lingerie, magazines and novelties
0145/1028 April 2010Telstra Corporation Ltd
The advertisement opens with a man saying "I know this sounds crazy but have you ever seen talking animals" when he took a goat and frog to the vet. The vet thinks the man needs a psychiatric clinic, not a vet, and so hands him a business card with contact details for a psychiatrist.
0146/1028 April 2010Club Shoop
The text ‘Club Shoop’ appears on left hand side of billboard with long haired woman in pink and mauve underwear and silver heels leaning towards camera displaying her cleavage. Caption below image of woman details address and contact details and warning: ‘Sexually explicit entertainment may offend”
0147/1028 April 2010Take 2 Interactive Software Pty Ltd
This TV advertisement with cartoon style graphics is an excerpt from a computer game which depicts a young girl with yellow eyes being pursued by a variety of alien-like creatures and a large character in old style diving suit carrying a weapon. They fight amongst themselves whilst attempting to capture the girl. Vintage “Daddy won’t you please come Home” by Annette Hanshaw plays over the advertisement. The MA15+ classification and warning ‘strong horror themes, violence and coarse language’ is clearly visible during the opening scene and on box. Voice over - Bio shock Two out now.
0148/1014 April 2010VicRoads
A series of viral clips aimed at influencing the behaviour of young Victorian drivers, which depict a number of situations that are intended to be seen as undesirable. These situations occur when people use their mobile phone while driving. The situations depicted are all accompanied by the text 'Everytime you use your mobile phone in your car'. There are then the following images: • an emo is born - girl holding up finger, followed by 'Emo may or may not be born.' • gingas get fresh – red headed couple in bed - 'Using your mobile phone while driving may or may not result in gingas getting fresh' • a redhead gets its wings – feathered wings appear on a man’s back - followed by 'red head may or may not get wings.' • a man talking about an accident where he has been impaled by a 'No standing' sign and depicts him going about his life with the pole through his middle. Voiceover in all advertisements “Don’t be a dickhead, don’t use your phone".
0149/1014 April 2010CQ Frames and Trusses
This TV advertisement shows 3 men sitting to admire the CQ Frames and Trusses. A young woman, dressed in jeans and a green t-shirt, pulls up in a truck to deliver more supplies. Scotty elbows his mate, and in response to his query, says “looks Like CQ has the full package eh mate” with voiceover referring to doors, mouldings, shelving, floors ... and so much more.
0150/1028 April 2010Triple M
The Advertisement depicts Mr Eddie McGuire and his Program team members in debrief session after the 'Triple M's Hot Breakfast' show, a parody of a press conference. At the end of the meeting, he shakes hands and pats the bottoms of the male staff on their way out and attempts the same action with female but she moves out of range.
0151/1028 April 2010ACON Inc.
The print advertisement is a black and white photographic image of three men who appear to be naked. The image is overlaid by large block text in white and blue, which reads ‘BEFOREPLAY’, supported by accompanying text. The material features a SLIP IT ON campaign logo as well as the ACON organisational logo.
0152/1028 April 2010Mozo
This internet advertisment depicts an arm pointing a handgun at a piggy bank, isolated on white, with a copy reading "FREEZE! Lock your money away with a term deposit".
0153/1028 April 2010Big W
This print ad depicts children modelling clothing with slogans on tees such as “Lock up your daughters”, “Cute, Funky and Cool” and “Mum Rules the World”.
0154/1028 April 2010Pizza Supremo
Image of Man and woman dressed in Pizza Supremo uniform holding pizza delivery box and pizza with one wedge missing. The woman is also holding a female cardboard cutout with breasts emphasised, pubic area covered with mosaic triangle that is meant to represent a slice of pizza, holding a chilli in both hands.
0156/1028 April 2010Bloem
This Print advertisement depicts a blonde woman in low cut denim outfit introducing Canna Terra Holland garden products ‘the solution for growth and bloom’. A variety of slogans radiate in wheel around her such as ‘what you see is what you get’, ‘sugar daddy’, ‘tasty’, ‘easy’, ‘see them grow’, ‘everything for my man’ and manyslogans relating to the product or gardening. The advertisement invites readers to 'Login for a free special Terra Pack which includes 28 page info booklet, pen, lanyard and stickers valued at $19.95'.
0157/1028 April 2010The Mercury (Newspaper)
The TV advertisement opens with a man reading "The Mercury" newspaper in a library. When a female climbs on a step ladder she notices the man look up from the paper and smile. She lets down her hair, leans over in her low cut dress to write her mobile number on his newspaper, which he then uses to swipe her. End image 'Nothing comes between me and my Mercury" "Mercury: the voice of Tasmania"
0160/1028 April 2010Mars Confectionery
Opens with a group of young men playing American football. An elderly woman and man, transformed from two young male players when they are hungry, are tackled and then offered a Snickers to feel better. In the case of the 'Betty White' image, the person was transformed back to a young man after consuming the product. End image ‘You are not you when you are hungry. SNICKERS really satisfies’.
0161/1028 April 2010Nature's Organics
The TV advertisement shows animated aquatic animals such as a starfish, stingray, duck, squid, crab and octopus being used as cleaning products. End image ‘Stop torturing our aquatic life. Clean with earth choice.
0162/1028 April 2010Advanced Medical Institute
This radio advertisement commences with background song “I wanna do it like an animal”. Female “My bloke makes love like a rabbit.” Male “I’m always at it.” Female “Yeah and 10 seconds later you hop off.” Male “sorry”. Female “I want you to do it like a Tasmanian Devil”. Male “A Tasmanian Devil?”. Female “They can go for hours”. Male “No way”. Female “Haven’t you heard the expression ‘Horny little devil’?”. Voice over “Be a demon lover, AMI’s nasal delivery technology has turned thousands of Australian men into horny devils.” Song over “Let’s do it like we’re animals”. Voice over - Call AMI now on 1800 20 20 40.
0163/1028 April 2010Pharmacare Laboratories
A poster of woman with long blonde hair with her back to the camera wearing a bikini bottom with Code # 85 tattoo in small of the back. Text below the tattoo: BRUT Code #85: Always alert your mates to the present of fine form. For cool downloads, free stuff and more go to The second billboard depicts the same woman from the front. She is wearing a t-shirt over what appears to be a bikini and she has Code #85 written on her shirt. The same product shots and invitation to download more information in included. Three Brut Code cans are displayed in right hand bottom corner - #55 (green), #85 (blue), #32 (orange) with ‘Live the Code’ underneath.
0164/1028 April 2010Pharmacare Laboratories
There are four videos which are accessible after download via a person's mobile device. All four videos commence focusing on a woman's chest. The woman is wearing a t-shirt with the word Code and a code number on the shirt. the camera gradually pans back to show the face and torso of the woman and each woman takes off her t-shirt to reveal a bikini top. The camera focuses on the woman's top half and each woman poses then winks. Once the women have removeed their top text appears explaining what the particular Code number means (see below). This is followed by text saying 'collect more revealing Codes next week.', images of the product and the words Brut - live by the Code. Code #11 - You can drive her car but she can't drive yours. Code #15 - Never look at another man while eating a banana Code #72 - A guy must always alert his mates to the existence of a girl fight Code #85 - Always alert your mates to the presence of fine form There is also an invitation to collect more codes and a face book reference.
0165/1028 April 2010Unilever Australasia
The advertisement opens with image of the new Lynx Twist Threesome products, a silhouette image of a man and two females, and as each product is presented by the robotic arm, a different scene plays out in the background. First the wash is presented when we see two females soap up the man in the shower and then the man is sprayed all over his body and when things hot up the girls go to work spraying flirtatiously under the man’s arms. End image: the robotic arm presents the new Lynx Twist ‘dry’ antiperspirant with caption: shower, spray and play with new Lynx Twist”
0167/1028 April 2010Real Life Insurance
Glen & Shayne in talk back show relating to family life cover for real peace of mind if one or both parents died unexpectedly
0169/1028 April 2010Mercedes-Benz Aust/Pacific P/L
This TV advertisement for a Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicle titled “Run” depicts a vehicle being driven around various locations in the city, close to buildings but not on a road, and adjacent to waterways. It opens with a man dressed in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers stretching before his workout. When leaving the curb he turns on music with the following text appearing during the advertisement - 'Daytime runing lights", "Turbo charged engine". Whilst driving near or on a wharf the vehicle does a u-turn and the man drinks from a bottle. Ends with man exiting car and stretching before returning to the workplace. Voiceover says “C-class for the thrill of it”. End image is of Mercedes-Benz logo and website.
0170/1028 April 2010Playtime Pleasures
This advertisement on the back of a bus is an image of a lingerie model wearing a pink teddy with her hand in her brunette hair to the woman is the company logo 'Playtime Pleasures adult shop' and contact information.
0172/1028 April 2010Honey Birdette
The poster depicts a woman sitting on a black saddle on a black horse with her back to the camera. Her back and arms are exposed. She is wearing a razor back bra, leggings/g-string, black riding boots and riding hat, red gloves and head scarf, The ‘coat of arms’ on saddle and repeated in top right hand corner of the poster features a red badge with HB inscribed in gold above the text ‘Honey Birdette Sensuality Boutique’.
117/1014 April 2010Mars Confectionery
In this television advertisement M&M characters are sitting around a campfire toasting marshmallows and playing a game of ‘strip’ spin the bottle. Red spins the bottle which points at the naked or Bare M&M (no candy shell) who didn’t want his dignity taken away, but being Red’s fall guy, has his marshmallow taken away. Bare M&M is then seen in the moonlight wearing a ‘Rated M&M” censor sign when a packet of M&M’s Bare All promotion pack drops in behind him promoting chance to win $20,000 (three to be won) plus 1000 other instance prizes with voiceover ‘find a packet of stark naked M&M’s for your chance to win a share in $160 grand”.
126/1014 April 2010Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd (Ferrero Rocher)
A young girl is watching TV when a man knocks on a glass door and calls “Hey, Chloe, come outside” to receive her Kinda Surprise. After eating her chocolate they look at shapes in the clouds and agree one looks like the rabbit toy in the Kinda Surprise and Chloes states “no dad, that looks like you” when they saw a monkey shape. Tagline “putting play in everyday”