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Results for February 2010

02/1010 February 2010Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca Cola 02/10. Billboard for Glaceau Vitamin Water. "Turn yourself on"
03/1010 February 2010P&N Beverages
P&N Beverages 03/10 - TV ad for Wicked Drink with cartoon woman pole dancing with snakes around her
05/1010 February 2010RHS Australia Pty Ltd
RHS Australia 05/10 Poster of a woman standing naked with her arms over her breasts and leaves covering her body.
06/1010 February 2010Go Transit
Go transit 06/10 Advertisement on a bus with a woman in a bikini showing off her tatoos and smoking
07/1010 February 2010Slide
Slide Condoms 07/10 Bus shelter poster of a young man and woman with logo in foreground of poster depicting 2 people having sex.
08/1010 February 2010Oakley
Oakley 08/10 Internet image of surfer standing with a gun raised to his head.
09/1010 February 2010Club X
Club X 09/10 Billboard with image of 2 pairs of legs suggesting they are having sex. "If it is on your mind then we have it in store"
10/1010 February 2010Gill & Co Pty Ltd
Gill & Co - John Gill the Timber Man (10/10) TV. Scantily clad women prominent in foreground when timber products displayed
11/1010 February 2010Animals Australia
Animals Australia 11/10 TV ad with woman shopping and going through plastic doors and shows footage of distressed pigs in cages
12/1024 February 2010Franchise Entertainment Group
Franchise Entertainment Group 12/10 TV ad for Video Ezy with man sitting and opening his legs to cross them with camera view of his underwear.
14/1010 February 2010Bunda Boutique
Bunda Boutique 14/10 Billboard pictures a naked woman lying down with jewellery on he arm partially covering her breasts.
15/1010 February 2010Fernwood Fitness Centres Aust Pty Ltd
Fernwood Fitness 15/10 Billboard with text "Join now for FOX sakes"
16/1010 February 2010Fernwood Fitness Centres Aust Pty Ltd
Fernwood Fitness 16/10. Print advertisement with text "Join for FOX sake"
17/1010 February 2010Roads & Traffic Authority
Roads & Traffic Authority 17/10. Print ad for 'My plates' with youth holding weights 'young bod'
18/1010 February 2010AAMI
AAMI 18/10 TV ad with showing car crashes and people singing to the tune of "what about me"
22/1010 February 2010Crazy Domains
Crazy Domains - (22/10) TV. Male fantasy with Pamela Anderson
23/1010 February 2010Genesis Fitness
Genesis Fitness (23/10) Internet. "Fat Ass Fighers"
24/1010 February 2010Crazy Domains
Crazy Domains - 24/10 PAY TV. Male fantasy with Pamela Anderson
25/1024 February 2010Sunny Queen Pty Ltd
Sunny Queen (25/10) - Internet. Eggs with grumpy face (Whinging Poms) instead of happy, smiling face on the Aussie egg.
26/1010 February 2010Teracomm Asia Pacific
Teracomm - Ask Hugo 26/10 TV. Text questions and Hugo will answer eg what's a good insult I can use for weird girl at school
27/1010 February 2010Teracomm Asia Pacific (Ask Hugo)
Teracomm - Ask Hugo(27/10) PAY TV. Text questions and Hugo will answer eg what's a good insult I can use for weird girl at school
28/1010 February 2010Valeant Pharmaceuticals Australasia
Valeant Pharmaceuticals (28/10) - Outdoor - Indoor Cricket's Crap
29/1010 February 2010Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank - (29/10) TV. Americans pitching an idea to bank executives
30/1010 February 2010Allpest WA
Allpest WA (30/10) - TV. Husband is pest problem
32/1010 February 2010Hungry Jacks
Hungry Jacks 32/10. TV ad promoting kids meal with free Simpsons couch toy offered.
34/1010 February 2010FAUK
Fauk (34/10) Print. Fauk n Fat catalogue
35/1010 February 2010Peregrine Corp (Smokemart & Gift Box)
Peregrine (35/10) Print. Harden the f*ck up
36/1010 February 2010EPOCH
Epoch (36/10) Print. GYST 'get your shit together" personal development course
38/1010 February 2010Xplicit Gentlemens Cub
Xplicit Gentlemens Club (38/10) Billboard. "Hot girls" Scantily clad woman with her back turned, looking over her shoulder seductively
41/1010 February 2010Fairfax Digital
Fairfax Digital - RSVP (41/10) TV. Beautiful woman is told to "shut up it's 3 o'clock in the morning you bloody idiot when quoting Shakespeare
42/1010 February 2010The Age
The age/my career (42/10)TV. A man and dog growling at each other in aggressive way while CV submitted online - Headhunter
43/1010 February 2010PZ Cussons Australia
PZ Cussons - Duo Ultra (43/10)TV. Child's drawing on tablecloth implies adultery
44/1010 February 2010Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Streets - Cornetto (44/10) TV. Teenage boy portrayed as 'cool' when eating a cornetto and 'uncool' when eating a no name icecream.
45/1010 February 2010Nightingale Funerals
Nightingale Funerals (45/10) Radio. Female-run funeral company emphasising that you need a woman to get things done
46/1010 February 2010Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd
Super Cheap Auto (46/10)TV. Bullying, pushing children out of way during Christmas advertisements
47/1010 February 2010Tartarus Pty Ltd
Tartaurus - Billboard (47/10)Go to Hell
48/1010 February 2010Tartarus Pty Ltd
Tartaurus - (48/10) Billboard "Children are evil give them something to eat"
49/1024 February 2010Tartarus Pty Ltd
Tartaurus - Hell Restaurants (49/10) TV. Two people using Ouiji board with voiceover "Call 13 Hell"
50/1010 February 2010Parfums Christian Dior
Parfums Christian Dior (50/10) Electronic billboard at Sydney airport with naked woman working into room - "J'adore" perfume
54/1010 February 2010Retail Food Group
Retail Food Group - Donut King (Ice Age 3 Combo)(54/10) TV. Features scenes and characters on which toys are based.
56/1010 February 2010Australian Egg Corporation Ltd
Australian Egg Corp - Print (56/10) "Not just fool proof but male proof as well"
57/1010 February 2010Bisley Workwear
Bisley Workwear - Billboard (57/10) "Sex and the Gritty"
60/1024 February 2010Sexpo Pty Ltd
SEXPO - Brisbane (60/10) Billboard. Bare-chested man and scantily clad woman on all fours promoting Brisbane Sexpo March 2010
61/1024 February 2010Canberra Institute of Technology
Canberra Institute of Technology - Transport(61/10)- games programmer course with graphic zombie image
62/1024 February 2010Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
Simplot- Birds Eye chips(62/10) Animated bird puts an empty plastic chip bag on head of another bird admiring itself in a shiny toaster
63/1024 February 2010Cancer Institute of NSW
Cancer Inst of NSW - (63/10). Woman is told by doctor that she has lung cancer and then she has to tell her children
64/1024 February 2010Autobarn
Autobarn (64/10) TV. XMAS rather than CHRISTMAS used in Christmas promotion
66/1024 February 2010Wicked Campers
Wicked Campers - Internet(66/10. Marijuana smoking kangaroo and discounts offered to homosexuals/nude women
67/1024 February 2010Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
Coca-Cola - TV (67/10). Altercations between two groups of young mean seated near water fountain in park
69/1024 February 2010Cool nrg International Pty Ltd
Cool nrg 69/10. TV promoting government rebate for home insulation. Distributor comes to home of an elderly lady.
70/1024 February 2010Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd
Austar 70/10. TV ad shows a cat being thrown onto a man who throws the cat into a pool
71/1024 February 2010EB Games
EB Games 71/10. TV. Animated ad showing scenes from a game with a man chasing a female zombie with a gun
72/1024 February 2010Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi Motors 72/10. TVC shows people warerskiing and people on the boat not wearing life jackets.
73/1024 February 2010EMAP Australia Pty Ltd
EMAP. (Zoo magazine) 73/10 TVC with women in bikinis posing in front of men
74/1024 February 2010GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd
Glaxo Smith-Kline 74/10. Nicabate Pre-Quit Print ad of kangaroo smoking a cigarette.