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0216/1025 June 2010Sexpo Pty Ltd
Billboard image includes 3 women posing seductively in pink bikini's and a muscular male in red underwear also. One of the women has her thumb hooked into the front of her bikini bottoms pulling them down slightly and another with her thumbs hooked into both sides of the bikini pants.
0217/1025 June 2010Sexpo Pty Ltd
Image on bus includes 3 women posing seductively in pink bikini's and a muscular male in red underwear also. One of the women has her thumb hooked into the front of her bikini bottoms pulling them down slightly and another with her thumbs hooked into both sides of the bikini pants.
0218/109 June 2010Unilever Australasia
The TVC plays in a public bus. A young woman enters the bus, she is wet from the rain. Her white business shirt is wet and is stuck to her chest. Her dark coloured bra is visible through her wet shirt. A young man is standing in the aisle and smiles at her. His arm is raised holding on to one of the poles in the bus and we can see that there are big wet perspiration patches on his shirt under his armpits. The young woman first smiles at him but when she sees the sweaty armpits her smile drops. The voice over sais "girls look good wet, guys don't".
0223/109 June 2010Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
A Nissan Dualis Hatch is shown being driven through empty streets whilst MC Hammer's song "Can't touch this" plays in the background. Paintballs are fired at the car from various angles and the car dodges them throughout the advertisement. The car drives in to an indoor carpark, up to the top of the building then drives off the top. It rolls over in midair before landing in a garbage skip and then driving off. The final over is "Shift the way you drive"
0224/109 June 2010McDonald's Aust Ltd
A young girl sits under a bright spotlight, holding a microphone and singing with all her might. She becomes more and more involved in the song. We cut back to the real world. Her two parents sit at the other end of the table. The mother nudges the father and motions for him to look at the daughter. We cut to the daughter who is still singing, but is now within the real world of the McDonald’s restaurant. She is holding her Seared Chicken Snack Wrap like a microphone
0225/109 June 2010Kittens
This advertisement features a picture of a blonde woman in lingerie painted onto the side, front and back of a bus. The woman in the image is shown from the side, lying on her back, looking away and wearing only lingerie and high heels.
0226/109 June 2010FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
A man is sat watching sport on TV when his daughter stands in front of him, places her stereo on the floor, says "Dad, check this out" then turns on the stereo and launches into a dance routine. Dad pauses the TV and watches her performance, and when she is finished he claps then resumes watching the sport. The girl then starts playing the music again and the voiceover says "Life doesn't stop for TV. But with FoxTel IQ you can pause and rewind so you don't miss a thing."
0227/109 June 2010Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
A car freighter truck is driving along a remote country road, loaded up with Toyota Corollas. Out in the distance, the driver notices something on the road: a puppy. The driver gets out and walks towards the puppy. Then a person in camouflage leaps up and sounds a horn. This causes many different people, in various forms of camouflage to jump out and they all run towards the Corollas. The voice over says “some people would do almost anything to get their hands on the new look Corolla hatch”. The Corollas are then shown being driven off, but one car reverses back toward the truck, stops, opens the door and lets the small dog jump in the back seat and then drives off. Voice over “Corolla, still the world’s most popular small car.”
0228/109 June 2010Nick Mascitelli Imports Pty Ltd
A male and female model are leaning against a window embracing in an hug. She is wearing a grey woollen cardigan. The male model is fully clothed.
0230/109 June 2010Unilever Australasia
The banner shows a young man and a young woman and displays the text “girls look hot, guys don’t.” When the user clicks on the link “see proof” the website opens. The website contains an interactive film which shows a young man on the left side and a number of young women on the right side. The young women get drained with water. The user can spray the man’s armpits with an interactive Lynx Dry spray can.
0231/109 June 2010Sexpo Pty Ltd
Advertisment for exhibition from May 14-16 has voiceover throughout explaining the events and what can be seen and bought at the Sexpo convention. The ad includes images of the performers, and the celebrities that will be in attendance such as Warwick Capper. Ad concludes with still image of 3 girls in pink bikinis and male model in his underwear.
0232/109 June 2010Take 2 Interactive Software Pty Ltd
The advertisement consists of the image featured on the front of the game’s case; a drawing of man holding a shotgun, alongside a logo which reads “FROM THE MAKERS OF GRAND THEFT AUTO – RED DEAD REDEMPTION”. Underneath the image there is a black strip with “OUTLAWS TO THE END” written above the game’s release date. There are also logos and copyright text.
0234/109 June 2010Spearmint Rhino Gentlemans Club
Picture of a girl wearing a hat and a bikini top. The words Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club and free entry every night before 9pm
0235/109 June 2010Joyce Mayne
Advertisment for "the biggest computer clearout" begins and ends with sound of a siren similar to a cyclone warning siren. Large text flashing over the screen and voiceover describing the items on sale.
0236/109 June 2010ANZ Banking Group Ltd
A female customer goes in to "A Bank" to discuss her credit card reward system. Bank employee "Barbara" is dismissive of the customer's complaint that she has not accumulated enough points to be entitled to any rewards (CARROT - Can't Achieve Rewards Regardless Of Time). Barbara tells her she needs to spend more, then the male voiceover states that Barbara lives in Bank World and describes ANZ's reward system.
0237/109 June 2010Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
An elderly gentleman walks in and takes his shoes off, revealing grey socks, before climbing onto an inflatable bouncy castle. While talking about Vodafone’s new MBB Plans, he does a somersault, lands perfectly and continues bouncing. He then jumps higher and higher and at the peak of a jump looks over a neighbouring garden fence at a middle-aged man in a singlet and boxer shorts whilst continuing to talk: “You can play whenever you like, and now you can decide when it’s time to stop.” He then performs unbelievable tricks, flipping and flying through he air and says: “That’s the beauty of the new month to month Mobile Broadband plans from Vodafone. You can go up, (he leaps higher than ever) down, (he bounces on his back) stop (he rests on a turret) and start your plan, (he freezes in mid-air) giving you total control to do whatever suits you.” He lands perfectly and steps down off the castle. Onlooking kids in party outfits are amazed and in awe. As he walks off he steals an ice-cream out of a child’s hand, before ruffling his hair.
0238/109 June 2010Unilever Australasia
The TVC plays in a unisex vestibule of a nightclub’s bathrooms where men and women come out of their respective bathrooms and wash their hands. A woman turns on the tap and the water comes gushing out of the tap with much more force than she was expecting. The water ricochets off the inside of the basin and directly onto her top. A young man is standing at the next basin. He gives her a big, flirtatious smile. His hand is up against the wall and we can see that there are big wet sweat patches on his shirt under his armpits. The young woman first smiles at him but when she sees the sweaty armpits her smile drops.
0239/109 June 2010National Foods Limited
In an office environment, females are shown eating foods such as crackers, celery, lettuce and tuna and looking miserable. Three females are shown saying no to a plate of chocolate biscuits. Then a voice over says "Free yourself from Hunger" and a female is shown eating a Yoplait yoghurt. The voice over then continues to describe the yoghurt as "No fat. High in protein and fibre to help you feel fuller for longer".
0241/1022 June 2010Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
Billboard with a black background. Two girls in gold bikinis are facing each other with their stomaches touching. The girl on the left has her right hand against the girl on the right's top and appears to be in the process of lifting it up. The girl on the right has her left hand holding on to the sides of the girl on the left's bikini bottoms. The text says "Hustler Gentlemens Club ph 9383 6966 676 Sydney Rd. Brunswick"
0242/109 June 2010Transperth WA
The advertisement depicts various cars caught in a traffic jam on the freeway. The cars then merge and transform into a robot (likened to a transformer). The voiceover talks about decreasing the levels of CO2. The robot then transforms into a train, leaving less cars on the freeway.
0243/109 June 2010Take 2 Interactive Software Pty Ltd
Drawing of man holding a shotgun, alongside a logo which reads “FROM THE MAKERS OF GRAND THEFT AUTO – RED DEAD REDEMPTION”. Underneath the image there is a black strip with “OUTLAWS TO THE END” written above the game’s release date. There are also logos and copyright text.
0244/109 June 2010Hire Intelligence
Police mugshot of the actor Hugh Grant, with the words "Don't get caught with the wrong rental" written above it. Beneath are the words "Equipment rentals with service that will blow you away" above images of the products available to hire, such as monitors, projectors and so on.
0246/1022 June 2010Glacier Nightclub
Two separate adverts/ images joined together on one page. The first features a girl wearing a grey low cut dress, with her head tilted back and her arms raised up to cup her head in her hands. She has her eyes closed. The text on this advert is for DJ only Thursdays at Glacier Loung Bar Nightclub. The second advertisement is for School Uniform Party and features a blonde female sat astride a pile of books with her legs akimbo. She is wearing a white blouse, short grey skirt, white ankle socks and black high heels, and has two white ribbons in her hair.
0247/1022 June 2010Gizmo Computer Repairs
The advertisement is for Gizmo home computer help. It starts with an anxious caller who has a computer emergency, calling an emergency line and asking for Gizmo. Gizmo assists the caller with the computer emergency and the caller expresses relief and thanks.
0249/1022 June 2010QBE Insurance
The TV Advert in question promotes QBE's 4 Year New Car Replacement product. The 15 second ad begins with a woman taking groceries out of the car as her husband, overloaded with fishing gear, walks past her. Because he is carrying too much, he drops everything, sending his equipment sprawling over the driveway. His wife, frustrated, talks to camera asking if she can replace her husband as easily as can the car.
0250/1022 June 2010Bonds Industries Ltd
The commercial is a mosaic/ modular treatment in which 6 different girls all play a different instrument. The girls are all wearing a different Bonds Hipster brief shape and then at the end of the TVC the endframe states 'Bonds- the Original Hipster'.
0251/1022 June 2010Lion Nathan Aust Pty Ltd
In the TVC, part of the 'Beer Economy' campaign, a situation is explored, whereby a man is thanking his neighbours in advance of a party he is organising. As the TVC progresses, the 'party' is progressively exaggerated - first by way of the amount of bands playing, then by calling it a festival, then by setting up the merchandise tent at the neighbours' house and so on. The significance of the 'thank you' beer increases in line with these exaggerations.
0252/1022 June
Outdoor poster in Central Station in Brisbane and shows a woman in her swimsuit on a beach, holding a pair of thongs in her hand, promoting the fact that has up to 60% off selected accommodation in Queensland until 6 June 2010.
0253/1022 June 2010Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
The 30 second advertisement describes a young empowered businesswoman on her way to a job interview. She hurries down a city street and as she is passing by a large department store she has an idea, checks her watch, heads for the make-up counter where she cheekily samples some lip gloss, then visits the bathroom where she takes out a Carefree Acti-Fresh liner from her bag. The ad then shows a product benefits sequence. She then applies a spray of perfume further building her confidence before moving onto the final scene where the hero walks into a job interview feeling fresh and confident, with a big smile and knowing expression that she has nailed the job interview before saying a word. We then see an affirmation of this confidence as the centre panel member smiles and nods at her colleague. The 15 second advertisement is a cut down version of the 30 second advertisement.
0255/1022 June 2010Cadbury Pty Ltd
A young man brings a young woman back to his home and there is a giant Boost bar on the chair. It is not in any wrapping. It has a conversation with the man, asking him who the woman is and telling the man that "she is picturing me naked". The ad ends with the tagine "That's how you do it smooth pants."
0256/1022 June 2010NRMA Ltd
Brisbane Broncos are shown working in an NRMA Call Centre, performing different office tasks. The advertisement begins with the Broncos at a staff meeting, then shows one of the Broncos answering a phonecall, another pushing a tea trolley and another pushing a vending machine until chocolate falls out. The ad ends with the Broncos in the the lift and a voiceover states "Lowest Price Car Insurance or we'll beat it by 10%"
0257/1022 June 2010Ashley Madison - Avid Life
A man and a woman are shown walking towards a double bed whilst stripping down to their underwear. They are shown kissing and embracing on the bed and then the shot changes to them stood in front of a window. They are still in their underwear and the camera lingers over the woman's bra and stomach, before panning out to show the man stood behind her kissing her neck and mouth. The words "This couple is married....but not to each other" appear in bold yellow type on a black screen, before fading out to show the woman smiling seductively at the camera. A voice over asks "Isn't it time for AshleyMadison?" and then the following is shown on the screen: " Life is short. Have an affair."
0258/1022 June 2010Ashley Madison - Avid Life
Various male and female voices are heard describing their marriages and what they can do about their dissatisfaction: Woman: I can't remember the last time my husband told me he loves me or even touched me for that matter. Man: I want to stay in my marriage but need to find physical intimacy elsewhere. Woman: I had no idea my marriage would become so cold so quickly. Man: My wife used to be my ideal lover but now she's just my best friend. Woman: I need to feel appreciated. Woman: I need a new lover. Man: I need to find fulfillment. Woman: I need some excitement. Woman: I know where I can find happiness. Man: I know where I can meet women looking for the exact same thing as me. Woman: And I know where I can find one. Man: Woman: Woman: Find your lovers here. The words "AshleyMadison; find your lovers here" are then sung three times over, followed by a female voiceover stating "Every twenty seconds someone new joins looking to have an affair. Shouldn't you?" and then the song is sung one more time.
0259/1022 June 2010NRMA Ltd
Larger than life babies are shown crawling on driveways and roads, performing functions normally associated with a car: stopping at a zebra crossing to allow a pedestrian to cross, filling up at a garage (with milk instead of petrol), overtaking each other on a highway. The words "Who else would you trust to look after your baby?" appear on the screen followed by "Car servicing and repair centres. NRMA MotorServe."
0260/1022 June 2010ZU PTY LTD
A woman is lying on her back on an eneven tarmac surface, her mouth is open and her top has fallen open so she has her arm across her chest to preserve her modesty. She is wearing black hotpants and black high heeled ankle boots. The hand across her chest is holding on to a large black handbag, her other hand is pulling on the hair of another woman who is pulling at the handbag. This other woman is lying face down and you can only see the back of her head and both hands.
0261/1022 June 2010Yum Restaurants International
The advertisement for "SweetBites" opens with a close up head shot, which focuses on the mouths of two people, smiling, as they eat the mouthsize muffin and then to a longer shot of two young people dressed in black with heavy makeup. Voiceover: "For a sweet treat that will bring a smile to anyone's face, KFC SweetBites in delicious triple chocolate and banana caramel for a sweet 99cents each". End caption: "KFC SweetBites - can't beat that taste".
0262/1022 June 2010ACARA
The ad shows a number of children sitting in a bus and as they look out their windows they draw moving cartoon illustrations on the windows representing their future, imagined, occupations. The drawings are accompanied by the voices of the children saying what they would like to do when they grow up. The ad finishes with the children getting off the bus as it arrives at their school and a child’s voice-over describing the consultation process and how feedback on the draft Australian Curriculum can be provided, and hence how the Australian public can influence what Australian children are taught and learn in school.
0263/1022 June 2010Cerebos Foods
A boy and a girl are sat at a table waiting for dinner. A plate of vegetables is placed in front of them and they don't look too impressed. Gravox Cheese Sauce is poured over the vegetables and the children look happier. The young girl dips her finger into the edge of the plate to taste the sauce, and the boy is then shown happily eating a carrot covered in the sauce. Two other sauces in the Gravox range are shown, along with the words 'gluten free'. Finally a family are shown sitting around a table eating a meal that includes vegetables with Gravox Cheese sauce.
0264/1022 June 2010Dendy Twin Sex Cinema
Image of the rear of a female - you can see from her mid back to her upper thigh. She has her left hand hooked in to the waistband of her skirt and appears in the act of pulling up or pulling down the skirt: it is only covering half of her bottom and you can see her yellow g-string. There is an "R" symbol placed over her bottom, between the lower part of the visible g-string and the top of her skirt. The text reads "Dendy Adult Entertainment. Enter from BEHIND these buildings...." (the background is black and all of the text is white, except for the word 'behind' which is red)
0265/1022 June 2010Sexyland
Two girls wearing lingerie: one is pictured from the waist up, facing forwards, and is wearing a black corset. The other girl has her back to the photographer and is pictured from the mid-thigh to the shoulders. She is wearing black knickers and a lace-up corset. The text reads: "100's of Beautiful Corsets Knickers and Bras! SexyLand Adult Deparment Store"
0266/1022 June 2010Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
This television advertisement features a series of vignettes with a young boy and young girl on different sides of a split screen. The advertisement shows the children playing with different toys, sleeping, dressing up in different outfits, reading books and getting messy in different ways. The advertisement then shows a boy and girl Huggies Nappy, demonstrating that Huggies Nappies have tailored absorbency for boys and girls. The advertisement finishes with the split screen disappearing to reveal both children coming together to hug their mum.
0267/1022 June 2010Pharmacare Laboratories
Three young men are loading surboards in to a camper van next to the beach when one of them spots an attractive woman heading their way wearing a bikini. He makes the other two men aware of her, and they all make appreciative noises whilst the camera slowly pans up the woman's body. The next scene shows a man sitting in a red convertible, playing a guitar and singing a song about spotting attractive women and sharing the sight with your mates. A man climbs out of the boot of the convertible and sprays himself with Brut deoderant, and the woman is shown sashaying past the men with the camper van whilst they all admire her. The final scene is of a can of Brut sitting on the beach with the woman shown from behind walking away and the words "Brut Code #85 Spot and Share" written on the screen.
0268/1022 June 2010Colgate Palmolive Pty Ltd
A woman is shown pushing her bike down a path, the basket of which contains fruits, a bottle of milk and some Palmolive NutraFruit Shower Gel. She is imagining herself showering with the Shower Gel as a voiceover describes it. She comes to a fountain, takes off her dress and then gets in and begins using the Shower Gel. Final voiceover states "so pleasurable, it's addictive".
0270/1022 June 2010UnitingCare Wesley
A view of a corregated iron wall covered in grafitti. The voice over talks about homeless people being invisible and the viewer gradually becomes aware that there is an apparantly naked man lying down facing the wall, and he has been marked with grafitti also. The man moves and stretches and then a final voiceover states "Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there."
0272/1022 June 2010National Australia Bank Ltd
This particular ad depicts a father and daughter playing at the beach building sand castles and in the water. The voiceover promotes the current NAB home loan package.
0274/1022 June 2010Universal Pictures
Item: In-cinema point of sale. Standee/display to promote the movie release: GET HIM TO THE GREEK