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Results for March 2010

100/1010 March 2010Klosters Ford
Klosters Ford 100/10. Cinema ad with an elderly gentleman using the word F... (which is bleeped out)
101/1010 March 2010Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Commonwealth Bank 101/10. TV ad where staff demonstrate savings plans to children in a classroom
103/1010 March 2010Pole Princess
Pole Princess (103/10)Outdoor. Billboard depicts silhouette of a woman pole dancing "He'll never go on a buck's night again"
104/1010 March 2010Demon Drinks
Demon Energy Drinks 104/10. Website includes unsubstantiated claims about the drink providing a massive energy hit.
105/1010 March 2010Fernwood Fitness Centres Aust Pty Ltd
Fernwood 105/10 Internet. "Join for FOX sake" Banner on website
107/1024 March 2010Lion Nathan Aust Pty Ltd
This TVC commences with a man shown to be thinking out loud. The man is at a pool party wearing his jeans. He is presented with two equally unappealing swimwear options, one being see through white shorts and the other being striped, muti-coloured speedo style swimmers. He says 'the frank'n'beans or the fruit basket, hmmmmm, which one which one, try both. Bring it on nothing to see here.' The man must make a choice between the two if he wishes to swim. The decision will have an impact on his ‘man brand’. The conclusion to this situation is the man chooses to wear both swimwear items, thereby maintaining his dignity. He is then seen diving sideways into the pool. The conclusion to the ad is that by making this choice he was able to ‘Stay Premium’.
109/1024 March 2010SCA Hygiene Australasia
We open this commercial in a re-furbished Deco apartment. The interior is mainly white and we see a spattering of eclectic furniture, art and knick-knacks scattered around the place. A bloke in his mid to late twenties is sitting on the couch. His attention is then drawn to the packet of Libra Invisible pads that are sitting on the coffee table and he reaches out and grabs them. We then watch as he pulls one out of the packaging, unwraps it completely and inspects it. We then cut to the bloke staring at his reflection in a full length mirror, and see he has stuck the pads to his arms like wrist guards. His hands are crossed in front of his face and he starts flailing around as he blocks imaginary bullets that are flying towards him with his magic Libra Invisible wrist guards. Guy: Pchoooooww. Psch Psch Psch Psch Psch. Wonder Guy Man. Na na na na na na na na He then gets out a guitar and starts singing ….Wonder Boy Man is... He spins around and points his clenched, padded wrist at a small dog sitting on the floor, and blocks more bullets that are coming from it. The dog playfully barks in response. He continues to block imaginary bullet and make sound effects while jumping around the house. We then hear the sound of the front door opening and a girl’s voice. Before he has a chance to cover up what he’s been up to his girlfriend walks into the lounge room. Right behind her are her parents. The girl’s father stares at his daughter’s boyfriend, slightly dumbfounded. We then cut to the pack on the coffee table and a graphic appears.
112/1024 March 2010Woolworths Supermarkets
This television advertisement opens on a scene in a home with Mum and two young children playing in the family room. Words on screen identify the Mum as “Annette MacFarland, Fresh Food Mum”. While working in the kitchen, Annette says “I cannot be the only Mum whose kids do not like vegetables. Carrots? I don’t think so, but if I grate them and toss them with tomato and add a little grated cheese, they LOVE my orange pasta”. The final image shows a plate of “orange pasta” with “$2.77 per serve” written next to it.
123/1024 March 2010Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
This television advertisement is animated. It depicts a boy feeding Red Bull to his pigs. The boy is then seen with his mother in the kitchen. He asks his mother if he can go to a strip club. The Mother replies 'when pigs fly' and looks out the window to see that the product has given the pigs wings and they are flying. The mother drops her plate in horror. The final scene depicts the boy at a strip club. Strip style music is playing. The boy is at the stage looking up at the stripper. The strippers legs are visible, wearing stockings, she removes a boa and throws it to the boy.
52/1010 March 2010Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
Energizer - Banana Boat (52/10) TV. Stay in sun longer with this sunscreen
53/1010 March 2010Real Insurance
Real Insurance (53/10) TV. Two girls stop to pick up attractive hitchhiker but drive off because he has dirty shoes
55/1010 March 2010Retail Food Group
Retail Food Group - Donut King 'Ice Age 3 combo' (55/10) Internet. Features scenes and characters on which toys are based.
58/1010 March 2010Unilever Australasia
Unilever Lynx (mynx)58/10. TV ad where man arrives with small maracas then leaves and uses deodorant to return with bigger maracas
75/1010 March 2010Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Streets Paddle Pops (75/10) TV. 'Lick a prize' promotion
76/1010 March 2010Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Streets Paddle pops (76/10) Internet. 'Lick a Prize Soak a Rama' promotion
77/1010 March 2010Department of Health and Ageing
Department of Health & Ageing 77/10 Transport. Large image of wound that has steel staples holding it together.
78/1010 March 2010Eagle Boys Pizza
Eagle Boys Pizza 78/10. TV ad shows family sweeping healthy food off table to make room for pizza
80/1010 March 2010Cadbury Pty Ltd
Cadbury Creme Egg TV 80/10. Shows chocolate eggs killing themselves in the blender - 'release the goo'
83/1010 March 2010Booty Camp
Booty Camp 83/10 Print ad for outdoor fitness classes for women only.
84/1010 March 2010RACV Insurance
RACV 84/10. TV ad promoting insurance as part of the "call Jason" campaign and has Jason in a call centre.
86/1010 March 2010Pharmacare Laboratories
Pharmacare - Fat Blaster (86/10) TV. Womens torso to mid thigh in bikini bottons photoshopped to be even thinner
87/1010 March 2010Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsico - Pepsi Max (87/10) TV. "Asteroid end of world" fake newsflash
90/1010 March 2010Unilever Australasia
Unilever - Lynx (Musicstar) deodorant 90/10 Internet. Competition to win girl or webcam
91/1024 March 2010B.A.T Trims
This Internet advertisement is on the advertiser's own website. There is a banner across the website which features rolling images of tools and other equipment available. There are two images of women among the images of the tools. The first image depicts a woman on her knees using a tile cutter. The woman is wearing short shorts, a singlet top and enclosed shoes. The second image depicts a woman wearing a bikini standing holding a grout gun. She is against a tiled background.
92/1010 March 2010Britex
Britex TV (92/10) Vacuum cleaner salesman simulates sexual intercourse
94/1010 March 2010Australian Pork Corporation
Australian Pork Pay TV (94/10). Women porked her boyfriend and was going to pork him again tonight
95/1010 March 2010Telstra Corporation Ltd
Telstra -IQ Remote Control (95/10)TV. Easy to use particularly for older people in the community.
96/1010 March 2010Telstra Corporation Ltd
Sensis - (96/10) Cinema. Maps list road traffic safety camera locations
98/1010 March 2010Lion Nathan Aust Pty Ltd
Lion Nathan - Tooheys 98/10. TV ad with one man assisting another with repairs and then helps him to urinate