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Results for October 2010

0386/1027 October 2010Status Anxiety
A man dressed like a homeless person, lying on some cardboard with a status anxiety wallet in his hand.
0393/1013 October 2010Sweetmans
Cartoon style advertisement showing two children transported from a cinema audience into the movie screen. The children are now in a forest setting and there are bags of sweets hanging from the branches of the trees. They follow the path to a house which features a man's open mouth as it's door and a 'wacky looking man' appears and invites the children in to explore lots of fun. We then see the range of Wicked Fizz products on the screen.
0396/1013 October 2010Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Various scenes depicting men acting in ways which surprise their friends, with the soundtrack of the song "Hello, again" playing in the background. One man is shown attempting an overcomplicated handshake when greeting his friend, another is shown applying handcream and then dropping the bottle of beer his friend hands him because his hands are too slippy to hold it. Other men are shown buying cocktails, applying fake tan, and visiting a plastic surgeon. At the end of the ads, these men are all 'rescued' by their friends who show them that what they have been doing is wrong, and they are shown drinking VB with the final tagline on the screen reading " VB the Real beer"
0397/1013 October 2010Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Various scenes depicting men acting in ways which surprise their friends, with the soundtrack of the song "Hello, again" playing in the background. One man is shown attempting an overcomplicated handshake when greeting his friend, another is shown applying handcream and then dropping the bottle of beer his friend hands him because his hands are too slippy to hold it. Other men are shown buying cocktails, applying fake tan, and visiting a plastic surgeon. At the end of the ads, these men are all 'rescued' by their friends who show them that what they have been doing is wrong, and they are shown drinking VB with the final tagline on the screen reading " VB the Real beer"
0398/1027 October 2010SBS Corporation
The one third of a page advertisment appeared in the 20 September issue of The Australian magazine. The advertisment was aimed at Father's Day with the headline DAD. DVD. DONE. It contained 6 DVD covers for sport in the World Cup Highlights, short stories in Erotic Tales and a Danish mystery The Killing. Erotic Tales is classified as an R restriction. The cover of Erotic Tales is a slightly unfocused shot of a womans torso.
0399/1013 October 2010Holeproof
Set in Africa, a Caucasian man has joined the Kalahari tribe and comfortably thinks he is one of them. He fully immerses himself in their way of life, hunting, eating game from their hunt around the camp fire and talking in the Kalahari dialect. After settling down for the night he takes off his Explorer socks and then realises his Explorers have taken him on this amazing adventurer with an African tribe. He then calls home to his mate and says "It's happened again, I think I am in Africa" implying that his Explorer socks have taken him on adventures previously.
0400/1013 October 2010Lion Nathan Aust Pty Ltd
A group of 4 male friends are on a beach. They place a squid in a catapult and launch it over the sand and out to sea. Two men are in a boat and one looks up and sees the squid flying over his head and comments to the other man that he has just seen a flying squid. The XXXX Gold logo then appears on screen, with the text: "Good as Gold"
0401/1027 October 2010Channel Nine Go
Image of a woman from her shoulders up, and the heads of two men. We cannot see any clothing on the woman, and she has her neck stretched so that her head is tilted back. Her eyes are wide open and she is staring in to the distance. One of the men appears to be licking her neck, the other man has his mouth open but is not touching the woman, or the other man. In the top left of the poster it says: "The Vampire Diaries season 2 Love Ssucks" and at the bottom right it says: "Go! Mon 8.30 Aussie first".
0407/1013 October 2010Nestle Australia Ltd
The text "8 kids" appears on the screen in white, bold type and we seen 8 different children, shown separately. The text then changes to read "8 artists" and we see 8 different adults. We then see a montage of the kids working with the adults to create different artwork, with each kid/adult pairing using a different colour. The screen then splits into 9 sqaures and in the outer squares we see the different children, with the background matching the colour of their artwork. The central square features the words "8 colours of fun" This central square then gets bigger until it fills the screen, and the words "follow the fun at facebook/smarties-australia" are added to "8 colours of fun"
0410/1013 October 2010Newcastle United Jets FC
The advertisement, Sheets, depicts two young men in a suburban backyard taking white sheets off a clothesline as a dog barks at them. They climb over a fence and meet a third young man. A fourth also arrives on the scene with a floral patterned sheet, which causes the others to laugh and give him funny looks. The advertisement then cuts to crowd footage from a Newcastle Jets Hyundai A-League match showing fans waving large banners and flags, and a male voice over encourages support for the Jets at their forthcoming match.
0411/1013 October 2010Calvin Klein Underwear
Image on the left shows three men and one woman. Two of the men are wearing jeans and no tops, and the top buttons of their jeans are undone. The third man is wearing a dark shirt which is unbuttoned to the waist and we cannot see if he is wearing jeans. The woman is wearing a black bra and one of the straps is falling off her shoulder. She appears to be naked otherwise. The woman is lying on her back with her head resting on the thighs of one of the men, and he is looking down at her. Another man is crouched over her and appears to be about to kiss her neck. He has an arm around her waist, and the seated man has his hand resting on his back as though he is pushing him down on the woman. The third man is sat on the ground looking away from the others. The image is in black and white, and has red lines which appear to have been painted on the left and right hand sides of the image. In the bottom right hand corner it says, "Calvin Klein Jeans. X" The image on the right is of a woman sat on a bench with her legs splayed. She is wearing what appear to be wet skintight jeans and a black sleeveless top. This image is also in black and white and has red lines to the left and right. There is no text on this image.
0412/1013 October 2010MLC Ltd
A man is sat on the couch looking at his laptop. In the background you can see children playing in the garden. The man's wife is at the kitchen counter preparing food and she calls over to her husband to ask him what they would do if something happened to him and he couldn't work. The man looks like he might answer and then gets distracted by elephants on his computer and says to his wife that there is an elephant that can play the harmonica. A voice over then says it's funny how we don't talk about what's important and it's time to talk about income protection insurance. The final text on screen reads, "Proud sponsor of the Australian Open.136652 Insurance MLC It all adds up."
0413/1013 October 2010Titan Enterprises (Qld) Pty Ltd
Male voice over says "Kings of Steel, we're unreal!" and we see a logo for Titan Garages and Sheds. A red convertible then rolls in to shot, with one man driving and another in the back seat. We then see a couple arrive home from a camping trip. The wife is surprised to find the the husband has very happily sold the house and moved them into his new Titan Ozbarn. The wife seems annoyed and they have a discussion about this whilst the man is on the toilet in the barn - he is holding a newspaper which obscures most of his body. The final shot is of the two original men leaning against the red convertible and the text, "Titan Garages and Sheds. For the Titan display centre near you 13 27 36 Quality isn't's priceless."
0414/1013 October 2010Nestle Australia Ltd (website). Home page is colourful and features pictures of smarties. Main text box contains the words, "8 Colours of fun" and a link to the Facebook page for Smarties where you can pick the masterpiece you like best. Underneath are 3 smaller text boxes and the middle one contains information on a smarties colouring-in competition where you can win Smiggles vouchers. This text box is also colourful and is edged in images of smarties.
0415/1013 October 2010MasterCard Worldwide
A man is shown buying various items (toothbrush, food, wine) and he never stops moving, even when he is paying with his Mastercard. In one scene he rolls over the bonnet of a stationary car. We then see him at home running around and tidying up, just before his date knocks at the door. The ad ends with the super: having time on your side: priceless
0416/1013 October 2010Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
As a milkman is leaving a pint of milk on the doorstep of a house, the door opens and the milkman finds himself looking at the feet of the householder. They are wearing fluffy open toe mule slippers, and as the camera pans up the body (showing varicose veins and hairy forearms) we see that the householder is wearing a silky nightie and gown and is very heavily made up. They are playing with the collar of the gown and appears to have moustache stubble. The householder says, in a deep voice, "Good morning, Johnny. Wanna join me for breakfast? Grrrrrr." and in response, Johnny appears taken aback. A male voice over then describes Crunchy Nut cereal as irresistible, and Johnny sees a box of the cereal sitting on the breakfast table. Johnny then says, "Yes. I'd love to. Ma'am." and enters the house. The final male voice over states, "Well, they are irresistible!".
0417/1013 October 2010VIP Home Services
A husband comes home from work to find his front garden a mess and the living room a mess. His wife is getting the dinner ready whilst holding a young crying baby. The two daughters are sitting at the bench eating dinner, with one of the girls rushing to her father to greet him. The father greets the daughter then says to the mother ‘honey, I thought you were going to clean the house today’. Upon hearing this, the mother hands the crying baby to his father and goes to the computer (with the voice over announcing “need help? Log on to for all your cleaning and gardening needs”), logging on to V.I.P.’s webpage and submitting an enquiry form for help with the garden and the home cleaning. While she is doing this, the dad walks out the back to see the backyard is also in a mess. After completing the enquiry form the mother says “all done” with a big smile on her face. The voice over finishes this section by saying “don’t you deserve the V.I.P. treatment?” and then a screen shot of the V.I.P. logo, website and phone number. The advert then shows a V.I.P. franchisee washing a window with the voice over saying “for all your cleaning needs”, then a gardening franchisee mowing the lawn with the voice over saying “for all your gardening needs”. The advert then shows the V.I.P. gardener pulling his mower out of the back of his trailer and proceeding to mow the back yard. This part is finished by the father coming home again, but this time with a different result, the house looks magnificently clean and the wife is smiling. He gets greeted again by his daughter, and then proceeds to kiss his wife and say “this looks great doesn’t it?”. The voice over finishes this section by saying “doesn’t your home deserve the V.I.P. treatment” and then a screen shot of the V.I.P. logo, website and phone number.
0418/1013 October 2010George Weston Foods Limited
This advertisement borrows the style and rhythm of Dorothy Mackeller’s “My Country” poem but is written (and voiced) as an “Ode to Tip Top”. Each line of the poem is illustrated with a bread moment/analogy. For example the line “ I love washing up the dishes” shows a young girl mopping up her soup bowl with a slice of Tip Top bread. When the bread is described as having a soft texture, we see a man resting his head on a woman's chest.
0419/1013 October 2010Woolworths Supermarkets
A man is about to get in to a car, carrying a Woolworths shopping bag. The car is outside a Woolworths supermarket. Another man comes running towards him wearing clothing associated with hippies and waving a tambourine. He calls out to the man about to get in the car, who doesn't look too pleased and says to his wife to start the car. The man reaches the car and asks if he can "bum a ride". The husband says no, but his wife asks where they can drop him off. The man gets in to the car, smiles at the child sitting on the back seat and then suggests that they make a nice meal out of the organic food the man has just bought from Woolworths. The following tagline appears on the screen: "You don't have to be a hippy to be healthy. Macro Healthfoods Market. Available at Woolworths."
0420/1027 October 2010Australian Education Union
A teacher speaks about a number of students in her class, and their different needs in terms of education. The teacher makes the case that if the class size was smaller, then she would have more time to spend with each individual student, and that each student would then be better able to be educated according to his or her specific needs. For one of the students, the teacher comments, "Dominic is not engaged. He needs a broader choice of vocational subjects to develop skills that will lead to an apprenticeship." The following text then appears on screen : ""
0422/1027 October 2010Sportsbet
A man is seated in stadium watching a sporting event. He gets up from his seat as the male voice over says, "Meet Up *beep* Creek" and a text box in the style of a computer log in box appears on screen with the text: "Sportsbet login. Up_Sh*t_Creek". The voice over continues, saying that the man is off to put on a bet and we see the man trying to find a TAB. He is shown running down a corridor, throwing beer over his head and leaving a trail of hot chips behind him, and then in a lift which opens up on what is made to look like Hell. The voiceover then says that because it is hard to find a TAB, Up *beep* Creek now bets online. The final screen shot is of the text, " For people who like to bet on the net."
0423/1027 October 2010McDonald's Aust Ltd
A male voice over describes the Quarter Pounder burger and says you only need one hand to eat it as you may need your other hand to perform such tasks as holding open a door, fixing a car, gardening, pointing and so on. We see a man holding a burger in one hand and acting out all the scenarios described by the voice over. The advertisement finishes with the man holding aloft a Quarter Pounder accompanied by a voice over and text on the screen stating: "You'll look more of a man with a Quarter Pounder in your hand" and the final screen shot is of the McDonald's logo and the text: "i'm loving it. available after 10.30am."
0424/1027 October 2010Windsor Smith Pty Ltd
A man is sat on the floor with his legs apart and his knees bent. His arms are resting on his knees and he is holding a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. He is wearing a white shirt which is unbuttoned, a pair of white shorts style underwear, black ankle socks and black shoes. Behind him we can see a woman walking away from him. She is visible from her lower back downwards, and is wearing black frilled knickers. Below the man are 4 shoes of different styles, and at the top of the advertisement is the text: "Windsor Smtih"
0425/1027 October 2010Unit
A topless woman wearing pink bikini bottoms is sat astride a BMX bike. She is wearing a baseball cap with the Unit logo. Her long blond hair and the handlebar of the bike are covering her nipples although the outline of her breasts is visible.
0427/1027 October 2010Hungry Jacks
This advertisement features images of 6 Snoopy toys mounted on plastic which when fitted all together would make a map of Austraila. The text at the top of the advertisement reads, "Snoopy around Australia. There are 6 to collect" and there is a Snoopy 'peanuts' image. At the bottom of the advertisement it reads, "Get one toy with every kids club meal and create your own map of Australia' with the Hungry Jack's logo.
0428/1027 October 2010Hungry Jacks
Advertisement featuring the Hungry Jack's logo next to the words, "Iron Man 2 Action Man Toys". On the left of the advertisement is a large image of a red Iron Man plastic toy with his arm outstretched, and circling his hand are 5 smaller plastic Iron Man toys. The text at the bottom of the advertisement reads, "Get one toy with every kids club meal" followed by promotional information.
0429/1027 October 2010Nestle Australia Ltd
Children and adults are shown in a street setting. A giant doll walks out on to the street, operated by puppet strings. Crowds of adults and children gather around the giant doll who is handed an oversized bag of Allen's lollies. The doll dips a bubble blower in to the bag and then blows lolly-shaped bubbles over the crowd. Some of these bubbles burst in the air, but some of them are caught and change in to edible lollies. A child is shown eating one of the lollies. In the background we can hear the song "This old man" being sung. The final shot is of the Allen's logo and the text'"Allen's makes smiles."
0430/1027 October 2010McDonald's Aust Ltd
The commercial shows city office workers heading to work in the morning. Passing by Customs House, they see a gigantic playground... seeing no signs or ropes, one adventurous man decides to take off his shoes and go play. One by one, he is joined by dozens of suited-up professionals and workers who slide, swing and play - rediscovering the fun of McDonald's.
0431/1027 October 2010McDonald's Aust Ltd
A male voice over describes the classic Big Mac and we see a burger being made, ingredient by ingredient. The voice over then goes on to describe other classics such as the classic joke, move, good deed, trick, wingman and finally sauce, and we see a woman using one of her McDonald's fries to take some sauce off her male companion's Big Mac. We then see a shot of a Big Mac along with the text, "Big Mac. Here's to the classics" followed by the McDonald's logo.
0432/1027 October 2010NIB Health Funds Limited
The advertisement opens with the word KISS on the screen which is described as standing for "Keep It Simple Stupid". Paul Harragon then goes on to talk about nib health insurance, with the focus of the advertisement being the "simplicity" of nib's product design and claiming process. The final screen shot has the text: "nib - it's worth it. 131463.".
0433/1027 October 2010National Foods Limited
A male housemate is preparing a COON toastie when another male housemate grabs it off his plate and starts critiquing the toastie’s colour and appearance. He then bites into the toastie and continues to describe the toastie in a food critic tone ‘hmmm the flavour just dances across those taste buds’. He then jokingly slaps him on the face, and then runs off with the toastie. There is a third, female, housemate who watches this interaction whilst smiling.
0434/1027 October 2010Witchery
Three children sitting in the back seat of a vintage Kombi van. Two boys are looking away from the camera and a girl is looking at the camera. The children are all fully clothed.
0435/1027 October 2010Witchery
WitcheryKids online catalogue – photographs of 3 children on a beach wearing selected pieces from the WitcheryKids Spring /Summer 2010 range. Some photographs were taken in or in front of a vintage Kombi Van. The children are all fully clothed.
0436/1027 October 2010Icon Clothing Pty Ltd
Lee Ad featuring a female model standing next to a pool. She is standing with her legs apart and is wearing a pair of denim shorts and a cropped vest top. She is holding a hose in her right hand and is aiming the water from it towards the pool.