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0059/1113 April 2011Echo Store
Image of a man wearing a t-shirt which features a woman walking up a flight of stairs. The woman's legs are bare and she is wearing g-string style underwear so most of her bottom is visible (the advertiser has now placed a censored sticker over her bottom). The text on the t-shirt reads, "I am only what you perceive me to be. Angel of the City" and the text on the Billboard reads, "Nena and Pasadena".
0072/1113 April 2011BCF
A man is in a dark room admiring something on his computer screen. As he is making appreciative noises, his wife enters the room, switches on the light and tells him that he "wouldn't know what to do with it". We then see what the man has been admiring: a fishing reel. A voice over then promotes BCF online shopping and the BCF logo appears on screen.
0084/1113 April 2011McDonald's Aust Ltd
The TVC begins asking "How much lunch would you expect to get for $4.75?". We then see a cheeseburger, medium fries, medium coke and a chocolate sundae appear with a large $4.75.
0085/1113 April 2011Sexyland
0089/1113 April 2011Department of Health and Ageing
A billboard advertisement depicting a realistic graphic portrayal of clandestine laboratories used in the production of ecstasy with the headline 'Made using drain cleaner, battery acid or even hair bleach. Then popped in your mouth', intended to increase understanding of the harmful chemicals used in ecstasy production.
0091/1113 April 2011Australian Fast Foods
The “Real Quick Fix – Snack Burger” advertisement depicts a male aged approximately 25 years searching his apartment for loose change. The voiceover says “You don’t need a lot to get a real quick fix at Red Rooster”. The “Real Quick Fix” Snack Burger components are then shown separately and then together, with the $4.95 price. The voiceover says “Get our real chicken Snack Burger, famous Chips and real Coke, all for under five bucks”. The adult male is then shown taking a bite of the Snack Burger product. The logo is shown at closing with the voiceover statement “For a real quick fix, it’s gotta be red”.
0092/1113 April 2011Game Australia
Old style black and white images of a young woman talking on the telephone to an older woman. The young woman has a speech bubble which reads, "The latest releases for $28" and the older woman has a speech bubble reading, "WTF!?"
0093/1113 April 2011Tourism Northern Territory
The advertisement traces the journey of a man and a woman to and around the Red Centre. There is no dialogue, just a sound track. In one driving scene the woman passenger has her feet on the dashboard.
0094/1113 April 2011Fox Sports (Premier Media Group)
Advertisement for Fantasy NRL featuring a male voice over talking about what you could buy for $4.4 million, such as a super car or fighter jet, before suggesting you could buy "the best friggin' footie team ever".
0096/1113 April 2011Sportsbet
A man at the races, referred to as Obstacle_Jim, is shown prevented from placing a bet due to various obstacles in his path. These obstacles include a couple having a picnic, an esky, a jockey, 'crap' (horse manure) and some ladies referred to as cougars by the voiceover. The cougars tackle the man to the ground and one of them is shown licking hummus from the knee of 'Jim' (from when he fell in the picnic) whilst the voice over suggests betting on the intenet via
0097/1113 April 2011Proctor&Gamble - Dolce & Gabbana
A man in white speedos and a woman in a white bikini are shown relaxing next to the sea. They are then shown swimming and climbing up some steps on to dry land where they embrace. As they kiss, the man starts to undo the bikini top of the woman and then a man's voice calls "cut" and we see a clapper board with Dolce and Gabbana written on it. The voice over then says, "Dolce and Gabbana. Light Blue."
0098/111 April 2011Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Cover of Rivers Catalogue titled '10 Deadly Deals'. The image is of a woman's legs sticking out from under a sofa. She is wearing fishnet stockings and high heels and her right hand appears to be poking out from the right of the sofa. The accompanying text says there is a Sale for the next 12 days and there are details of some of the clothing offers.
0099/111 April 2011Rivers (Aust) Pty Ltd
Cover of Rivers Catalogue titled '10 Deadly Deals'. The image is of a woman's legs sticking out from under a sofa. She is wearing fishnet stockings and high heels and her right hand appears to be poking out from the right of the sofa. The accompanying text says there is a Sale for the next 12 days and there are details of some of the clothing offers.
0100/1113 April 2011Lion Nathan Aust Pty Ltd
Various people are shown preparing for a concert – we see them getting dressed, setting up equipment, buying Budweiser and so on. In one scene a lighted match is thrown on some barbeque coals which have just been doused in lighter fluid. The final text on screen reads, “Great times are waiting. Grab some Buds.”
0101/1113 April 2011Parmalat Australia Ltd
A man in his 20s is in a factory. He grabs a helmet and a set of keys, peeks around to check that nobody is watching then heads towards a forklift. ICE BREAK bottles move along the production line beside him. He uses the forklift to pick up a pallet of ICE BREAK, removes a piece of false flooring and drops two bottles of ICE BREAK through the hole to a ute waiting below, then drives off with the remainder of the pallet of ICE BREAK and is pursued by the ute.
0102/1113 April 2011Nova 937
The Ad features Nova FM's Drive Announcers, Fitzy and Wippa, doing aeriobics in the office after hours with a giant "Novaboy" (fictional character which embodies the "Nova" brand). "Novaboy" is acting as an aerobics instructor for the announcers. As Fitzy, Wippa and Novaboy begin dancing/doing aerobics to music, the screen flashes briefly to a cleaning lady, who is also dancing along to the music, and to a man in a suit, who also starts dancing along to the music. The screen then focuses on Fitzy & Wippa, who discuss how they performed in aerobics, with Fitzy saying "how were my pins?" and Wippa saying something along the lines of "Fantastic mate". The man in the suit and Nocvaboy get into the lift together laughing. The ad finishes with a reference to Nova Drive Show, 4-7pm Weekdays on Nova 937.
0103/1113 April 2011McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonald's Happy Meal website:
0104/1113 April 2011McDonald's Aust Ltd
A voiceover say "dinner's ready' and a hand places a McDonald's family dinner box on the table. The voiceover then say that the dinner displayed will "save over $13 with MacDonald’s ....for just $19.95".
0106/1113 April 2011Neo Property
Advertisement for a propery for sale through Neo Property. The address is 15 Queen Anne Court, Sovereign Island and features a women in black underwear tied to a chair in the property. She rings emergency services and then proceeds to describe the property using familiar estate agent descriptions. She is finally rescued by a SWAT team who arrive by helicopter, and then two members of Neo Property are shown along with the web address of
0107/111 April 2011How Good Is That
Text only Billboard which reads, "The casualty list of every ABORTION 1 dead 1 wounded".
0108/111 April 2011How Good Is That
Billboard featuring text which reads, "Abortion. Your taxes at work in the community."
0109/1113 April 2011Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf
Nigel Ruck is shown first cutting then removing a small tree from a section of lawn as he talks about the benefits of lawn rather than trees in the yard. Voiceover states ‘Want to lower your home’s carbon footprint, get rid of these - lawn spikes . Your average Sir Walter lawn absobs more carbon and generates more oxygen that the world’s largest tree.’
0110/1113 April 2011Pure Envy
Image of woman wearing a bikini with her arms raised above her head and her hair covering most of her face. The accompanying text reads, "$25 Spray Tans. Pure Envy Hair - Tanning - Beauty. PH: 3285 2632 1255 Anzac Ave, Kallangur." Second image is of a woman wearing black underwear and a white shirt. She is is holding on to her bra straps and appears to be shouting.
0111/1113 April 2011Wish Designs Pty Ltd
Image of female model wearing a flowered dress and brown leather jacket. In the background is a New York skyline scene, and to the left of the model it reads, "". The name of the model, Lekeliene Stange, is printed on the right.
0112/1113 April 2011Nestle Australia Ltd
Infomercial style advertisement for Maxibon. A male voice over talks about how eating Maxibon can transform a man from a 'pathetic loser to biting God" in just six weeks. We see various shots of men apparently undergoing this transformation, as well as bikini clad girls admiring the results.
0113/1113 April 2011Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
A white winged horse is joined by a blonde woman wearing a white dress and carrying a tray with two beers on it. A male voice over says, "New Pure Blonde White. Purer than what you're thinking" and we see this text on the screen.
0114/1113 April 2011Guess - Busbrand Pty Ltd
Image of model in blue striped bodysuit leaning forward and resting on a bathroom unit holding a lipstick and wearing high heels.
0115/1113 April 2011AHM Health Insurance
A female voice over asks questions about ahm health insurance. Each question is responded to by a different ahm staff member who responds “a-hm”. A staff member then describes that ahm doesn’t want to be the biggest health fund, just the best. A further staff member responds to this statement with “a-hm”. The advertisement concludes with 3 ahm staff members chiming “a-hm, a-hm, a-hm-a-hm-a-hm” which is based on the music track playing in the background. All staff members appearing in the TVC are female and depicted as working in ahm’s call centre.
0116/1113 April 2011Accord Business Brokers
Image of woman sat on a piece of exercise equipment wearing workout gear consisting of a top and g string. The image is on a website advertising businesses for sale:
0117/1113 April 2011Strangeloves
Strangeloves Wine Bar exterior wall showing aerosol spray art depicting Peter Sellers as Dr Strangelove holding a lit cigarette. The words "Wine Bar" are written down the sides of the advertisement.
0118/1113 April 2011Liquor Alliance (VIC)
Young men are shown running through the streets at night placing stickers featuring the word "HUMP" on various signs, thus changing their intended meaning: Give Hump instead of Give Way, Express Hump instread of Express Post and so on. At the end of the advertisement the men are shown running in to a Thirsty Camel Bottleshop whilst laughing, and the voice over says, "Think Camel".
0119/1113 April 2011Liquor Alliance (VIC)
A photo of a Give Way sign with the word HUMP stuck over the word Way so the sign reads Give Hump. At the bottom right of the poster is a green Thirsty Camel sticker featuring an image of a camel and the words, " Think Camel. Thirsty Camel."
0120/1113 April 2011Cartridge World
Photograph on a car of a printer which is in the process of printing out an image. One photograph shows that the image being printed is of an apparently naked woman who has her folded arms covering her breasts. The image has stopped printing just below her belly button. The second photograph is of an apparently naked man with tattoos across his shoulder and arm. Again, the image has stopped printing just below his belly button. The accompanying text for both reads, "Out of ink?"
0121/1127 April 2011Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Image of women wearing black Berlei underwear with the words "Boost" "Enhancer" or "Coverage" written below their bras as descriptors. The text at the bottom reads "Fabulous Fit. Available at David Jones, Myer and selected speciality stores."
0122/1127 April 2011Narconon Australia
A Dl size Letter Box Drop which has a close up image of a young adult female lying on the ground looking drugged. There is a small bottle and syringe on the ground in front of her. There is text on the back of the pamphlet.
0124/1127 April 2011McCain Australia and New Zealand
The advertisement features Samantha Stouser, a well known Australian Tennis player, who after finishing a tennis match returns home, grabs a McCain Healthy Choice meal from the freezer and places it in the microwave to cook. Whilst it cooks, Samantha reads the ingredients on the back on the pack. Once it’s ready she sits down at the table and begins to eat when at the same time she receives a call from her Dad, she answers and re-assures him that yes she is looking after herself.
0125/1127 April 2011Liquor Alliance (VIC)
A photo of a parking sign with the words Casual Parking and an arrow pointing to the left. The word Park has been covered with a HUMP sticker so the sign reads Casual Humping.
0126/1127 April 2011Dr Lewinns (Valeant Pharmaceuticals
The advertisement is a poster and consists of a woman holding a white placard with the slogan "Simple and Uncomplicated, Like Most Men" and below is a picture of the Dr LeWinn's Synergise range including bottles of cleansers, lotions and creams.
0127/1127 April 2011Yum Restaurants International
This advertisement is for the KFC Sweet Potato Family Banquet. The advertisement shows a middle aged man in a KFC store speaking to his wife on the telephone. He is discussing dinner options with her and tells her that he is currently in the supermarket where pasta is unavailable. He then tells her that he will be getting chicken and sweet potato for dinner.
0128/1127 April 2011Hungry Jacks
A man is eating a Hungry Jacks burger and watching another man shake out a red picnic blanket. The man with the burger charges at this other man like a bull, knocking him over. The male voice over says, "Feed the beast in you with real Angus beef" and we see a close up of a burger on screen. At the end there is a suggestion that the man is reacting to the red coat of a lady feeding ducks in a nearby pond.
0130/1127 April 2011Nova 937
The advertisement is a 30 second (approx) radio spot for, promoting products for Easter in a cheeky and irreverent way, including a bunny rabbit which does not have any calories.
0131/1127 April 2011Scotch and Soda
Collage of images of models wearing Scotch and Soda clothing. In one image the female model is holding a cigarette. The text on the advertisement reads, "Scotch and Soda Amsterdam Couture. Autumn/Winter 2011.
0132/1127 April 2011Sites n Stores
A male voice over asks if your web designer works from his bedroom, if is he your cousin or if he lives in Delhi. The voice over then goes on to promote Sites N Stores and the prices they charge to create a website.
0133/1127 April 2011Supre Pty Ltd
Brunette girl wearing a pair of jeggings and beige high heeled shoes and no top. She is standing with her thumbs hooked in to the pockets of the jeggings and her long hair is covering her breasts. To the right of her there are three close up images of the features of the product. The text at the bottom reads, "It's all about Jeggings."
0135/1127 April 2011Rugby World Cup LTD
The advertisement depicts one boy holding a counterfeit rugby ball, which is kicked by another boy. The ball lands and deflates, causing the boy who was holding the ball to look quizzically at the deflated ball and for the boy who kicked the ball to deflate in the same manner as the ball, accompanied by a hissing noise. The advertisement then shows counterfeit rugby jerseys hanging on a line, with the colour running from the fabric. The woman hanging up the jerseys deflates as per the initial ball and boy. Finally three men are shown attempting to pass through a stadium turnstile. The men deflate when their invalid tickets are rejected by the scanner. The message ‘Don’t be let down’ appears on screen, followed by a stadium crowd shot overlaid with the Rugby World Cup 2011 logo and the words ‘Find out where to buy official tickets, hospitality and merchandise at’.
0137/1127 April 2011Woolworths Liquor Group
A blonde woman wearing a sailor-style outfit has the brow of a ship apparently bursting out of her stomach. The wording on the ship reads, "Dry Dock Premium Lager. Extra Smooth. Extra Dry" There is a picture of a bottle of Dry Dock in the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement with the text, "It's dry but it's wet."
0138/1127 April 2011Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
The TVC opens on a couple kissing and laughing. The man leaves the condom wrapper on the bedside table and the condom wrapper starts flying out of the window. The condom wrapper hits the window of a room where a young woman and a young man are studying. The young man puts his hand on the woman’s knee and then they look at each other. As the condom wrapper continues its trip, it flies in front of a woman while she’s placing flowers on her balcony. She looks back inside the house and exchanges a cheeky look with her husband who’s sitting on the couch. The condom wrapper flies in front of a woman’s window. She looks inside the apartment and closes the curtains. The condom wrapper lands in front of a police car windscreen and the 2 police men look at each other. The Durex condom range appears on the screen followed by a couple hugging each other in the bedroom. As the couple continues to hug each other the bedroom becomes darker and darker and the silhouette of the couple is shadowed. A pack shot of Durex Fetherlite Intense condoms is showed with a voice over recapping the product benefit.
0141/1127 April 2011Furniture Circus
The commercial in question is a 30 second TVC advertising 5 furniture items. The commercial advertises our 18th Birthday sale. It includes images of the owner and staff and standing in front of, or beside the furniture items holding price signs in front of their genitals. They appear to be naked. The commercial is based on the concept of the staff being in their “birthday suits” for the Birthday sale.
0143/1127 April 2011BMW Group Australia Ltd
The commercials starts with a car reversing into a garage. Two children are visible in front of the car, out of the way as the car reverses. The floor of the garage is scattered with objects. We then see the driver of the car consulting the BMW Top View TV monitor which allows him to reverse the car knowing exactly what is around the vehicle, allowing the driver to concentrate on maneuvering the vehicle with full knowledge of his surroundings. The Voice over says “Keeping an eye on things……. The BMW 5 series with surround view. Innovation in its most beautiful form” We see him park the car without hitting any of the objects on the garage floor. We then end the TVC with an exterior view of the parked car in the garage, and the children outside.