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Results for December 2011

0412/117 December 2011Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
The Advertisement shows a Jeep Wrangler driving on a beach and features a Kite surfer. The Advertisement cuts from the driving to the Kite surfer surfing a large wave. The following disclaimer is shown on screen: Filmed under controlled conditions using a professional driver.
0429/117 December 2011FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
A woman sat on a chair surrounded by three men with what appears to be blood dripping from their mouths. The text reads, "True Blood...Showcase...FoxTel 131 787"
0443/117 December 2011Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
Various scenes are shown promoting the Schick Hydro razor. The scenes include footage of men boxing in a ring, a man and a woman in bed wearing their underwear, teams playing soccer, and a man infront of the bathroom mirror as the voiceover describes the features of the razor. Each scene has water being thrown or exploding on the faces and heads of the people.
0452/117 December 2011Diageo Australia Ltd
The ad features a Johnnie Walker Double Black pack shot alongside a copy line that reads “AGED IN CHARRED OAK BARRELS WITH A RICH SMOKY FINISH.” A smoky haze moves over the image.
0454/117 December 2011Unilever Australasia
Animated advertisement for the Bubble Gum Berry Lava Paddle Pop and the Hero or Villain Choc Orange Paddle Pop. The advertisement is set in a jungle and the voice over describes the products.
0455/117 December 2011Australian Fast Foods
A man and woman in a Laundromat preparing their clothes for washing. The male appears to find $5 in the woman’s laundry basket while the voiceover states “You don’t need a lot to get a real quick fix at Red Rooster”. The “Real Quick Fix” BLT components are then shown separately and then together, with the $4.95 price. The voiceover says “Get our BLT wrap with Don bacon, famous Chips and a Coke, all for under five bucks”. The couple are then shown back in the Laundromat eating the chips and the female playfully shoves the male as they eat the products. The logo is shown at closing with the jingle “Don’t think twice”.
0456/117 December 2011Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
The advertisement depicts a range of Ford vehicles, including a Fiesta passing a petrol station, a boy squirting water onto a Mondeo windscreen, a Fiesta driver changing his radio station by voice command, a woman unlocking her Focus hands free, a Ranger 4x4 XLT crossing a creek, a Mondeo warning the driver of possible fatigue, and concludes with a recommended offer of $39,990 driveaway on a Territory TX rear wheel drive.
0457/117 December 2011FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Image of the character Dexter. He is holding a knife in his clasped hands and behind him is a blood splatter in the shape of wings. The text reads, "Dexter. Brand new season Thursday nights only on Showcase. Exclusive to FoxTel."
0458/117 December 2011Virgin Mobile (Australia) Pty Ltd
A man dressed in red lycra leggings and a red hooded top is sat astride a red bicycle. On either side of him are two young women dressed in denim hot pants and cropped t-shirts and rollerskates. The text box to the left of them reads, "Fair maidens can now enjoy more coverage. Coverage for up to 97% of Australians. R da H. A fair go for all."
0459/117 December 2011Pink Hotel
Banner includes the image of a woman kneeling on the sand with a black bikini bottom on and her hands covering her naked breasts.The text reads "Hot Hot Girls" and "If you want to see more come inside."
0461/117 December 2011Frank Health Insurance
A voice over talks about 'first times' and we see animated stick figures acting out the various times described. In one scene we see the figures get in to bed together, in another we see a figure being sick after drinking for the first time.
0462/117 December 2011Coleman Tyre Company
Radio advertisement where two female customers describe their experiences of using Coleman's Tyres: "...they had me up on the hoist and fixed up in no time" and "...they had mine off as soon as I drove in..."
0463/117 December 2011Calvin Klein Perfume
Models dressed in casual clothing dancing under colourful lights to loud music. In some scenes we see an underwear clad woman straddling a man. Final shot is of two bottles of CK Shock perfume.
0464/117 December 2011Calvin Klein Perfume
Models dressed in casual clothing dancing under colourful lights to loud music. In some scenes we see an underwear clad woman straddling a man. Final shot is of two bottles of CK Shock perfume.
0465/117 December 2011Calvin Klein Perfume
Models dressed in casual clothing dancing under colourful lights to loud music. In some scenes we see an underwear clad woman straddling a man. Final shot is of two bottles of CK Shock perfume.
0467/117 December 2011Shaver Shop Pty Ltd
A man standing side on with a body grooming product in his hand and placed on his hip. Next to this image are cartoon style drawings featuring usage instructions: 1. “Is your tiger lost in the jungle?" Features image of long grass 2. “It's time to trim.” Features an image of a body Grooming Product 3. “Grab your trimmer...Take your time.” Features an image of a man from the lower belly up 4. “Congratulations, your tiger now stands proud on the open plain!” Features a drawing of a man and a tiger reclining on a bed.
0468/117 December 2011Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
The subject of the complaint is Nissan’s 45 second in-program segment which features footage of 2010 Junior MasterChef contestant Siena Johnston and her family promoting the Nissan X-TRAIL vehicle. This advertisement features Miss Johnston preparing a lamb roast in a camp oven with her family. While the lamb is roasting the camp fire, Miss Johnston’s father takes her and her brothers on a drive in the Nissan X-TRAIL vehicle to a nearby mountain before returning to Miss Johnston’s mother at the campsite for dinner.
0469/117 December 2011National Stroke Foundation
A lady begins to have a stroke and the voice-over says: "A stroke spreads like a fire in the brain and the longer it goes undetected the more damage it can do. To spot a stroke, think F.A.S.T."
0471/117 December 2011Beehive Vinyl
A woman wearing denim shorts, a cropped white shirt and a white hard hat models various items for sale at Beehive Vinyl as a male voice over describes the products.
0472/117 December 2011Fantasea Cruises
Ad for night cruise to see coral spawning at the Great Barrier Reef. The main text at the top of the advertisement says, "Sex on the Reef!" and the remaining text provides information about Fantasea cruises to see the Coral Spawning. There is an MA+ Restricted box which reads, "Strong adult themes, graphic 'coral' sex scenes, possible nudity, lots of fun!!!"
0475/117 December 2011Universal Music Aust Ltd
This advertisement features the artist Rihanna and utilises the album cover artwork from Rihanna's album "Talk That Talk".
0476/117 December 2011Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd
Various people are sat around a table discussing how they can make AFL coverage better on Austar when one of the men suggests making every game live. The others all smack their foreheads and we see various members of the public doing the same when they hear the news about the live coverage.
0481/117 December 2011David Jones Ltd
David Jones December 2011 'Instant Rewards' Catalogue featuring a cover photograph of the model Samantha Harris.