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Results for February 2011

0002/119 February 2011Queensland Transport
Five television ads in total are named in the complaint. All are branded with the same ending of Slow down stupid: 1. Nightmare – Beach scene, young male driver kills his girlfriend in a speed related crash. 2. Faces - shows the faces of actors portraying dead mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends and lovers who have all been killed as a result of speeding crashes. 3. In a Flash - highlights what fathers with young families potentially have to lose if they are killed suddenly and unexpectedly in a speeding crash. Also shows affect on wife left behind. 4. It Hurts - shows a young male who has run into the back of another car. It highlights consequences other than death, such as fines, the loss of points and potentially licence, and even your job. 5. 3 Little Words - husband and wife, with the wife saying she doesn't want her husband to die from something as stupid as speeding.
0004/119 February 2011Hewlett-Packard Australia Pty Ltd
A baby in a baby walker is shown weaving his way in and out of traffic. At the end of the advertisement the baby's parents print out pictures of his adventure using a HP ePrint.
0006/119 February 2011Southern Phone Company
The advertisement opens with a Southern Phone employee having lunch in a café. On the next table is seated a businessman who engages the Southern Phone employee in a conversation about Southern Phone’s services. The businessman asks whether, when he calls Southern Phone, a “Aussie” will answer the call, not a machine. A woman seated on a nearby table in the café joins in the conversation and asks the Southern Employee to confirm whether it is “not someone in India? Or in the Philippines?” who will answer the call. The Southern Employee confirms that “Yep, really” that is the case, following which there is a voice over stating “It might be hard to believe but when you call Southern Phone you talk to a regional Australian, just like you”.
0007/1123 February 2011Independent Distillers Aust (Pty Ltd)
Images of three young males holding bottles of Three Kings alcohol.
0008/119 February 2011Independent Distillers Aust (Pty Ltd)
Three young men - one on a skateboard - advertising alcoholic beverages.
0009/119 February 2011Unit
Woman in black bikini and baseball cap sat astride a motorbike which is partly submerged in a swimming pool. The UNIT logo is on the bottom left of the advertisement.
0011/119 February 2011Optus Communications
Two Computer Generated Image (CGI) crocodiles are filmed playing a round of tennis on the Australian Open centre court. The crocodiles use their tails as racquets, but instead of hitting a tennis ball, they hit a CGI squirrel. The TVC shows an Optus replay of a point in dispute (a line call) with a voice-over promoting watching the Australian Open streamed live ‘on your compatible Optus 3G mobile’.
0012/119 February 2011Paparazzi Clothing
Image of a naked woman showing her from the waist to mid thighs. Her hands are crossed over her genital area and her fingers are splayed so we can see the nail polish she is wearing. The text reads, "Even if you can't find something to wear... Bio Sculpture have got your nails covered."
0013/119 February 2011Motor Accident Commission SA
15 second radio commercial in which a young girl wonders why the listener doesn't bother to wear a seatbelt, culminating with the question ""Because you can't be f***ed?"", with the rude word 'bleeped'.
0014/119 February 2011AAMI
The ad is play on the musical "Hair" but renamed to "Fair". It follows a man in a street where as a safe driver he is avoiding accidents. He is joined in the street by various people, including a group of bikini clad girls working at a car wash.
0015/119 February 2011Dulux Group
A man painting his concrete outdoor area in the backyard with his pet dog suspended from a balloon above the area. The advertisement is for Berger Jet Dry AquaTread, a paving paint.
0016/119 February 2011Greener Energy
A male voice over describes the benefits of Greener Energy's "un-*beeping*- believable" offer. The word bleeped out begins with an F but it is not clear which word it is.
0017/119 February 20113D Inspiration Paint Store
A man and woman standing near a ladder and painting a white brick wall red, the man makes a comment about the choice of colour, the woman gets him to hold the paint roller and moves off screen. Woman walks back in with a frying pan and hits man over the back of his head with the frying pan, he falls down. Woman then pushes over the ladder and mockingly calls out for help. Ad then shows Bathurst 3D paint centre.
0018/119 February 2011Victa Mowers
A man is cutting his grass. A woman emerges from the house next door and they exchange glances, smiles and waves. A male voice over describes the features of the mower and how it can reduce your mowing time “by up to 40%” The voice over then goes on to say that the mower is so efficient “you’ll have time to cut your neighbour’s grass” and we see the man about to enter the woman’s house, where she is waiting for him.
0019/119 February 2011Coles
Chef Curtis Stone in a butcher’s apron talking about “no added hormones” beef sold in Coles Supermarkets. We see close ups of beef in the supermarket, and posters on the walls of the supermarket promoting the same message.
0021/119 February 2011Coca-Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd
There are three out of home advertisements in the campaign. Each one features one of the marionette characters from the diet Coke TVC, with the following text: “Sales shopping is my kind of cardio”, “3 little words every girl wants to hear…It’s. On. Sale.” and “Shoes on sale? Get ‘em! Shoes not on sale? Get ‘em anyway!” In each advertisement the marionette is leaning against a can of diet Coke.
0022/119 February 2011Cancer Council Victoria
The advertisement featuring a girl opens with a girl taking off a shirt at the beach, preparing to sunbake. A male voice over states, "Tanning is skin cells in trauma" and then continues to explain how a melonoma can form and spread. Images of a melanoma growing inside a body are shown during the explanation. The advertisment ends with the voice over stating, "There's nothing healthy about a tan".
0025/119 February 2011Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
A man and a woman are unloading their bikes from their Mitsubishi Outlander inthe countryside and are joined by a male friend riding his bike. The car owner explains the features of his new car to the friend who has joined them, using first technical speak and then simpler language. The final shot is of the man and woman leaning against the car with the man saying, "Love that car."
0026/119 February 2011FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
A group of four female friends are discussing the new FOXTEL on Xbox 360 service. One of the woman's flatmate walks in wearing a pair of board shorts and carrying a surf board. The women admire him as well as the Xbox and one of them asks, "Where can I get one of those?" whilst the others laugh.
0027/119 February 2011iSelect Pty Ltd
A fictitious office with actors portraying staff and an actor as an implied manager. The lead character poses questions to various staff specifically “are we a health fund”. The final interplay is with a female character where she interrupts to correct him with regard to her actual name.
0028/1123 February 2011Brown Forman Australia
Image of raised arms waving in the air, with text to the right reading, "Raise your Jack. It's summer. Responsibility is always in season. Jack Daniels. A summer tradition." In the centre of the advertisement is a picture of a bottle of Jack Daniels.
0029/119 February 2011Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
A male voice over reads out a letter which begins with, "Dear Tom. By the time this letter reaches you I will of crash tackled you to the ground.." and we see the author of this letter making his way through a busy bar towards his friend, Tom. Tom is wearing a purple t-shirt and unbuttoned shirt and is being served by a barman who is adding a purple coloured cordial to his beer. The voice over continues to read the letter and says that all Tom's friends were concerned when he bought the labradoodle, but now he has gone too far by colour coordinating his outfit with is beer, and we see the friend jump up on to the bar, slide down it and knock Tom's beer off the side. The final shot is of a close up of a glass of beer and a bottle of VB.
0030/119 February 2011Volvo Car Aust Pty Ltd
A voice over talks about the new Volvo S60 and states, "Thanks to industry guidlelines, we're unable to show you the all-new Volvo S60 being naught." We then see various shots of parts of the car whilst the voice over describes the features of the car.
0031/119 February 2011Cancer Institute of NSW
A group of women are at a restaurant. Two of the women leave the table to go outside for a cigarette and ask a third woman if she is going to join them. This woman says no, but she looks as though she would have preferred to say yes. A male voice over then says, "Willpower's like a muscle - the more you use your willpower the stronger it gets" and we see a silhoutte of a muscled arm lifting a dumb bell, followed by a shot of the woman joining her smoking friends and looking comfortable at the fact she is not smoking.
0032/119 February 2011Mistletone Enterprises
An A2 size colour poster to promote the Melbourne concert by acclaimed Canadian electronic/art-rock band Holy Fuck at The Hi-Fi on Thursday, 3 February 2011. The band's name is in coloured bold capitals and takes up almost half of the poster.
0033/119 February 2011Sydney Festival
Advertisement for Beck's Festival Bar which lists upcoming bands and dates on the left hand side. On January 27 it says, "FBi Night: Holy F*ck & My Disco"
0035/119 February 2011Vodafone Network Pty Ltd
The Advertisement opens with a shot of an elderly lady polishing a cricket ball on her leg in the style of a cricketer. The voice over artist reads a statement from “John”, a Vodafone customer, who boasts “My Nan could bowl out Watson” (these words also appear on screen in quotation marks). The elderly lady (who the audience assumes is John’s “Nan”) then bowls to Shane Watson, a member of the Australian Cricket Team, as the voiceover questions “can she John, really?” After landing on the pitch, the ball bounces it’s way to Mr Watson who then picks it up with his bat and hits it out of the park, causing the few other cricketers who are watching to clap and laugh modestly. The Advertisement ends with the voiceover artist saying in a jocular fashion “maybe you meant your other Nan, mate”.
0036/1123 February 2011Coca-Cola Amatil
Commercial is set at a typical suburban primary school and opens on a bird in the schoolyard pecking away at a discarded apple. A boy takes a banana from his backpack on his shoulder and sneaks it into the backpack of the boy in front of him. A girl opens her locker and as she takes out her books she purposely knocks a pear out of her locker and casually kicks it under the locker. In the schoolyard where one boy bowls a mandarin to another boy with a cricket bat and he splatters it everywhere. Cuts to a girl sitting on a bench nearby eating an SPC Fruit Snack in Jelly. Part of the mandarin splats on the seat next to her. She looks over to the boys then to her SPC Fruit Jelly. Close up of pack as she takes a mouthful and a voice-over, "Fruit that won't get thrown away."
0039/1123 February 2011Wicked Campers
White sticker with red splatter marks and red lettering reading, "Kangaroo's [sic]. Run the fuckers down."
0040/1123 February 2011Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
A couple, dressed in pyjamas, are in bed, speaking about how they spend their intimate time together. The man alludes to the individual benefits of using K-Y® Yours + Mine™ for him and for her. The woman then comments on the special reaction that occurs when the two products are combined. An analogy of the pleasure experienced when the products combine is expressed via black and white footage of a couple conducting a ballroom dancing jump. The couple is then shown in the bed, covered in bed sheets. Both the man and woman are smiling about the positive experience they had whilst using K-Y® Yours + Mine™ during the implied intimacy. A pack shot of the K-Y® Yours + Mine™ product is then shown and a voice over recaps its unique benefit.
0041/1123 February 2011Australian Pork Corporation
Australian Pork’s Get Some Pork on Your Fork – script one radio reminder establishes a lunch setting with four women aged around 35-40. The group of women discuss Jude’s relationship with Rob. Jude comments that the relationship is now going well as she ""porked him”. The advertisement then continues by delivering a health message, followed by a driver to for recipes, and finally ending with Australian Pork’s well known tagline “Get Some Pork on Your Fork”.
0042/1123 February 2011Essential Beauty Franchising
The advertisement portrays an animated storybook using still vision of a character we have named Mary Huff. The content is written using spoonerism to describe Mary’s dilemma. The narrator describes how Mary had a personal problem and sought the services of Essential Beauty to remedy this problem, and they ‘faxed her wanny’.
0043/1123 February 2011PZ Cussons Australia
A naked man, with his back to the viewer, standing in a field of tea tree plants. It is raining and he has his arms outstretched and his head tilted back, and is visible from the middle of his bum upwards. The text reads, "Packed with natural stuff." There is an image of an Original Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower gel bottle on the bottom right of the billboard.
0044/1123 February 2011Advanced Medical Institute
A woman wearing a hard hat and fluorescent jacket and holding a sign which says, “2 min?” The words “Do you last” are written above the sign. To the right of the woman is a bed in the road with a man in his underwear sat on the side of it. The text underneath the man reads "Call or SMS 'longer' 1800 311 311".
0045/1123 February 2011Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Yellow background with image of box and bowl of Coco Pops. In one image, the Coco Pops have raised up out of the bowl to form large slides, and the accompanying text reads, "Splash into chocolatey fun" and in the other image the Coco Pops have formed a diving board and the text reads, "Spring into chocolatey fun."
0046/1123 February 2011McDonald's Aust Ltd
This television commercial shows children imagining what they would do if they had money to help their local community. The first child imagines a grotty area being revitalised, graffiti gone and a new playground installled. The second child imagines renovating the local swimming pool so that her mum can teach swimming lessons, and the last child imagines building some seating at the local cricket pitch so his grandparents can watch him play. The voiceover explains to parents how their child could be a local hero like these kids, by entering the Happy Meal : Mighty Me, Mighty Us grants competition.
0049/1123 February 2011Future Entertainment
The headline image on the home page for the touring Future Music Festival is an ongoing "character" illustration of an erotic, topless female garden gnome (with spinning stars on her nipples), in the guise of a poker machine. She has 3 revolving reels for her eyes (registering FMF,the acronym of Future Music Festival and a lever instead of an arm.
0050/1123 February 2011Nique
The shop signage and A-frame at the front of the store are the same. The image is a photograph of a young adult in the process of taking off her t-shirt. Above the image is the text 'sale store'
0051/1123 February 2011Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
A couple, dressed in pyjamas, are in bed, speaking about how they spend their intimate time together. The man alludes to the individual benefits of using K-Y® Yours + Mine™ for him and for her. The woman then comments on the special reaction that occurs when the two products are combined. An analogy of the pleasure experienced when the products combine is expressed via black and white footage of a couple conducting a ballroom dancing jump. The couple is then shown in the bed, covered in bed sheets. Both the man and woman are smiling about the positive experience they had whilst using K-Y® Yours + Mine™ during the implied intimacy. A pack shot of the K-Y® Yours + Mine™ product is then shown and a voice over recaps its unique benefit.
0052/1123 February 2011Chicken Treat
The “Double Take” advertisement opens with Chicken Treat’s standard visual sequence depicting the animated family home and streetscape. It is accompanied by the key slogan and brand vision “Home of WA’s Favourite Chicken”. Chicken Treat’s iconic “Chicken Character” is depicted - which is consistent with all of the brand’s television and other marketing communications for over a decade. The voice over states “Introducing a deal so good you won’t believe your eyes. Double Take!” The animated chicken is subsequently featured looking stunned at the deal and shaking his head. The voice over adds, “Take two meals for $10 (chicken and chips are depicted), West Coast Fried (two pieces of chicken and chips are depicted) or delicious rotisserie (1/4 chicken [the wing] and chips are depicted). It’s the two meals for $10 that makes it a Chicken Treat”. The final visual depicts the animated chickens and a family (from the waist down) and the end frame that states, “It’s the two meals for $10 that make it a Chicken Treat”.
0055/1123 February 2011Mattel Pty Ltd
Based on a supposed real car advertisement that appears to have been vandalized to become a Hot Wheels advertisement. The Vehicle has been given outrageous upgrades courtesy of the graffiti, such as flames coming out the side of the sides of the vehicle, a racing stripe and an over-sized engine coming out of the bonnet. The graffiti artist has also concealed some words to convey the speed/attitude of the toy brand: "Never Slow Down".