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Results for October 2011

0342/1112 October 2011Illinois Hotel
Sixteen women wearing different styles of lingerie/clothing stood in a line. To the left of them is the text, "Dancers Cabaret Five Dock GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS" and underneath is the url, ""
0371/1112 October 2011Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
In summary, the outdoor print advertisement is an advertisement for Durex Fetherlite Intense (“Advertisement”). It aims to promote the identifying feature of the product, which is that it is made from a material that is 20% thinner than Durex Regular Condoms. The advertisement features a distinctive and bold stylised version of the words “feel more” at the centre of a circular device. There are 15 depictions of a woman in lingerie arranged within the circular device around the central words “feel more”. The colouration of the text “feel more” is such that it is the main feature and appears to ‘pop’ out of the circular device. The Advertisement also features a Durex logo in the top right of the Advertisement, a picture of the Durex Fetherlite Intense packaging in the bottom right of the Advertisement, together with the words “20% THINNER”.
0372/1112 October 2011Jalna Dairy Foods
Various babies/toddlers are shown putting things in their mouth which they shouldn't - dirt, cat food and so on. We then see a baby in a high chair eating Jalna yoghurt out of a bowl and the voiceover says that Jalna yoghurt contains nothing artificial.
0373/1112 October 2011Medibank Private Ltd
Two women are in the kitchen discussing health insurance - one is confused (and who is looking through various health insurance documents, trying to work it out), and the other one is very clear on how much she’ll get back (and who is casually waiting for some food to cook in the microwave). As they discuss the issue, the woman who is waiting for her food to cook mistakes the sound of the microwave as the doorbell. The voiceover then goes on to quip that one does not need to be a genius to work out what one can claim from their insurer, and describes how with Medibank, a customer can choose a level of health cover where they’ll know how much they get back on services like physio and dental.
0374/1112 October 2011Siren Shoes
A woman is standing on an outdoor staircase, her right leg one step higher than her left leg (which shows profile of the wedge shoe she is wearing). She is standing at an angle but facing front on, hands at her waist. She is wearing a full piece black & white striped swimsuit that starts from the neck, as well as a fitted black jacket. Her accessories are red sunglasses, red belt, red fingerless gloves & red wedge sandals. The Siren logo is in the bottom left corner.
0378/1112 October 2011Sportsbet
The advertisement shows various scenes of people repeatedly tapping or poking something to simulate the use of a mobile phone for 'mobile betting'. In one scene a man taps the pump of a bottle of sun screen so that the cream spurts on the stomach of a bikini clad woman, in another scene spectators poke the helmet of a cricketer and in the final scene a man taps the window of a plane until it breaks and he is sucked out.
0380/1112 October 2011Drum Media Sydney
The ad is for both a limited edition vinyl release and tour for the band "The Snowdroppers" It depicts a naked women with her lower half covered by a gramaphone.
0381/1112 October 2011Aphrodites Toybox
A female voiceover says if you are comfortable talking about "D____s, V____s and L___s" (dildo's, vibrators and lubes beeped out) then you should work as a party planner for Aphrodite's Toybox so you can explain to women all
0382/1112 October 2011Virbac Australia
The advertisement in question is for Multimin injection for Cattle and depicts a singing cartoon bull, various cartoon cows and calves and features the closing line “who’s your daddy?”
0383/1112 October 2011Mawarnkarra Health Service
A man fishing and a voiceover discusses the benefits of wearing a condom if you are going to 'get your tackle out'. At the end of the advertisment a woman approaches the man and rests her arm and head on his shoulder whilst the voiceover states that "if it's not on it's not in".
0384/1112 October 2011Genea
The advertisement is filmed in black and white and is accompanied by a musical score only. It shows short sequences of a woman and her partner at various stages of her labour and ends with the woman cradling her newborn child.
0386/1112 October 2011Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
The FPV TVC depicts 4-time Bathurst Winner and all Australian touring car champion, Mr Allan Moffat driving the new V8 Supercharged 335kW GT-P {red car} on the Ford Proving Ground test track. Another FPV model, the 315kW GS {blue car} drives alongside. The GS is driven by Mr Paul Batten, an engineer from Prodrive Automotive Australia (51% owner of FPV}. The voiceover on the FPV TVC highlights the new feature of the vehicles, being the supercharged engines, in addition to their relevant power outputs. The exhaust note from the new bi-model exhaust feature on these vehicles is audible throughout the TVC.
0387/1112 October 2011Prostate Cancer Foundation
Text only advertisement which reads, "The Big Aussie 2011 BBQ. Keep your sausage sizzling. Register now at Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia."
0388/1112 October 2011Seats R Us
A female is offered a lift from a male truck driver but turns it down when she discovers his seats are not from Seats R Us.
0389/1126 October 2011Game Australia
Phil and Ed's Gaming guide, produced by Game Australia, which contains the phrase "That's a shitload of boom for your buck" within the text.
0390/1112 October 2011Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
The television TV advertisement is a humorous advertisement for the cleaning product, Easy Off BAM Grime and Soap Scum. The TVC focuses on how a user of the product may be “wowed” by the results and actually enjoy cleaning with the Product. The TVC depicts a man cleaning various surfaces with the product, inside and outside his home, including the shower and a statue of a dolphin.
0391/1112 October 2011Just Jeans Group
The TVC depicts a man and a woman in a room showcasing Just Jeans product ie: jeans. The models have only jeans on and no tops.
0392/1112 October 2011Just Jeans Group
A man and a women in an embrace wearing only jeans.
0393/1126 October 2011All Properties Group (Daniel Mendes)
Image of a cartoon bull defacating drawn within a red circle and with a red line through the middle as if to cross it out. The text 'real estate without the bullshit' is included.
0394/1126 October 2011Myriad Marketing
Cartoon based commercial featuring a stick figure performing various actions with a Push Pop. The Push Pop is almost the same size as the stick figure and is carried on the figure's back like a backpack. The figure uses the Push Pop to fend off animated dogs, a creature and a cross life guard.
0395/1126 October 2011Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd
Image of woman at the beach, wearing a blue bikini and walking away from the camera. She is visible from her neck to her thighs. Underneath is a product shot of an Aussie Bodies ProteinFX LO CARB Bar. Accompanying text reads: No ifs, just lovely butts. The Body Beautiful Bar.
0396/1126 October 2011Grosvenor Hotel
Black and white image of a woman in a pair of fishnet stockings and string briefs straddling the leg of a man stood in front of her. The woman's fringe is covering most of her face and the man is visible from the waist down and is wearing jeans and no top. The text at the top of the advertisement reads, "Wednesday's $5 Rump & Hump Day" and there is a red circle with the text, "Not just a piece of meat" on the image of the man and woman. The offer is for a 250g Rump with chips and salad for $5 with drink purchase at the Grosvenor Hotel in Brisbane.
0397/1126 October 2011Motor Accident Commission SA
30 second anti-drink drive road safety TVC depicting the aftermath of a car crash. The drink driver responsible talks to camera, describing those involved as ‘only a little bit of grief’, ‘only a little bit hurt’, only a ‘little bit dead’ and finally himself as ‘only a little bit over’ the legal BAC. End super states ‘Just Over? Just Don’t Drive’.
0398/1126 October 2011Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
The advertisement features a pair of comedians attempting to recreate an incident (breaking a post) with the football player responsible for the original incident, Leigh 'Lethal' Matthews. Being unable to do so under the same conditions as the original incident, the three men resolve to pull the post down with a rope (after considerable effort). The final shot shows the men jumping in the air and then we see the Toyota slogan, “Oh what a feeling!”
0399/1126 October 2011Unilever Australasia
The Video starts with the statement “Lynx presents – Rules to the game – Episode #1: Rugby”. A narrator then reads out a number of rugby rules while these rules are played out by a group of young women dressed in sports briefs and short shirts in the national rugby colours of Australia and New Zealand. At the end of the video we see the winning Australian team celebrating and the words “Lynx Know your game” appear. Voiceover: “Go you good thing”
0400/1126 October 2011Campari
Four men are stood at the bar of a pub when one of them spots Jimmy Barnes and says to his mates that he is going to give Jimmy 'the bird'. His mates look worried as we see the man call out to Jimmy and start raising his arm and then they relax when they see he is holding up a bottle of Wild Turkey. Jimmy acknowledges the man and comes over to join the four men at the bar and the final shot is of all the men talking and holding a bottle of Wild Turkey each.
0401/1126 October 2011Triple M
A voice over lists 'everything Melbourne' and we see a montage of images which are intended to encapsulate Melbourne: footy finals, parks, Collins Street, comedy and so on, finishing with Eddie, Luke and Mick from Triple M. One scene shows a man shaking a sausage over a BBQ.
0403/1126 October 2011Sportsbet
The advertisement opens with a man poking a bikini-clad woman's thigh with his finger as though he is tapping the screen of a phone. We then see a man tapping his finger in a cold freezer and his finger falls off, then we see a man tapping a voodoo doll and the man the doll represents is seen in the background falling in a fish tank.
0404/1126 October 2011Sportsbet
The advertisement opens with a man poking a bikini-clad woman's thigh with his finger as though he is tapping the screen of a phone. We then see a man tapping his finger in a cold freezer and his finger falls off, then we see a man tapping a voodoo doll and the man the doll represents is seen in the background falling in a fish tank.
0405/1126 October 2011Yum Restaurants International
A man wearing a pink jumper approaches his mates carrying an orange with toothpicks holding cheese and grapes. His mates are sat on the sofa watching sport on TV and look unimpressed with the orange. The man then introduces his girlfriend and one of the mates comments on the pink jumper and asks if they make them for men. We then see the men enjoying The Pack from KFC and there is no sign of the girlfriend.
0406/1126 October 2011Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman staff advertise a 4 day sales event for stores located in Fyshwick, Woden and Goulburn and in one scene a female member of staff pops up out of a chest freezer she has been apparently hiding in.
0407/1126 October 2011Grosvenor Hotel
A woman holding a burger close to her face and licking her wrist. Her eyes are closed and there is sauce dripping from the burger. The text above the image reads, "F*#k Me Burger Thursday's" and below it reads, "The Best Buns in Brisbane." The remaining text describes the burger and gives the price of $5 when you purchase a drink.