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Results for December 2012

0444/1212 December
A flyer advertising asking "Do you want to get laid?" with a young woman pulling down the shoulder of her top in a seductive pose.
0457/1212 December 2012WA Prison Officer's Union
It was advertising the concerns by the union representing WA prison guards of violence in prisons. It shows the injury that a prison officer received by being stabbed in the neck by a toothbrush that had been sharpened to a point.
0458/1212 December 2012Combe International
The ad begins with three young women, one is standing in front of the other two, and the two at the back are looking slightly disproving. A voiceover, presumably that of the girl in the front, says 'I learned the hard way' then something to the effect that 'regular washing doesn't get rid of all odours'. Then the product is advertised - vagisil feminine wash - and then the end of the ad involves the woman walking away with the two other women and everyone is smiling.
0459/1212 December 2012Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd

Features a young man driving around with people exiting the vehicle as examples of various stages of his life.

0460/1212 December 2012Animals Australia

The advertisement features ‘Babe’ style special effects and shows animals trapped in a factory farm singing along to the song "somewhere" with the tag line ‘Make it possible’.

0461/1212 December 2012Wicked Campers

Slogan featured in the online advertisement from the company:
“I take my women like I take my bars - liquor in the front, poker in the rear #wickedcampers. #Los Angeles. Instagram us doods!”

0462/1212 December 2012Target Australia Pty Ltd
Advertisement for the Saw series of movies on DVD.
0463/1212 December 2012McDonald''s Australia Limited

A scenario which depicts fitness group participants sneaking away from an outdoor class with a personal trainer to eat convenience food, and covering the resulting phone message from the trainer when he notices their absence while they sit in store eating the new product.
They back away physically from the group, and that behaviour is what caught my attention.

0464/1212 December 2012Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
Latest advertisement for the Chrysler 300C.
0465/1212 December

Print advertisement on the back of a Sydney Transit bus.
Visually, photo of young woman reclining on a sofa.
Headline 'She wants it now.'
Advertising online shopping site ''

0466/1212 December 2012Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd

Hyundai car advertisement, the one with the grinning child in the back seat with big gap in his teeth.

0467/1212 December 2012Nigel's Gourmet on Tamar

It begins with one woman asking another woman whether she has tried Nigel's sausage and then they discuss how another woman has tried it and they gossip. The advertisement then begins about the quality of Nigel’s sausages..

0469/1212 December 2012Pleasure State
The advertisement provides a choice as to which push up bra can help you get out of a speeding fine. It has a photo of a young woman with a cheeky grin inside a car, and a police officer outside writing a ticket. Below are pictures of the types of bra options you could use to avoid a fine. The brand is called The Pleasure State.
0471/1212 December 2012Menopause Centre of Australia
Ad refers to natural HRT treatments. A lady begins the ad by discussing the symptoms of menopause.
0472/1212 December 2012AAMI

Rhonda returns from a romantic holiday in Bali, AAMI.

0473/1212 December 2012Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd

I saw this ad on TV during the X Factor final on channel 7 the other night, and it shows the car skidding around and driving erratically on the road. I found it on youtube here:

0474/1212 December 2012KIA Automotive Australia

The ad showed a silver coloured new Kia motor car travelling through a built up area, and then onto an open road. There are young adults depicted as playing the car like it is a musical instrument.

0476/1212 December 2012Sportsbet

SMS notification appearing while playing games on phone. The ad reads: ‘Bet Every Race, Every Day’.

0477/1212 December 2012Westfield Group
Women are interviewed and asked what part of their body they hate, they all respond by saying they hate their bums. Fashion tips about hiding your bum are then provided by a male stylist.
0478/1212 December
There are 2 empty bras floating around the TV screen with female voices discussing breast enlargement.
0479/1212 December 2012Cheap as Chips

Promotion for the "Bongzilla" picture of persons drinking from a group bong.

0480/1212 December 2012Bebi Australia Pty Ltd
Bebi describe their water as "infant suitable" water ready to mix to formula with stating "no need to boil and cool first" and that the water can be stored at room temperature.
0481/1212 December 2012Lion

Numerous blue collar workers walking and singing about their love of the product. Toward the end one of the men allows a dog to consume the remains of the milk product.

0482/1212 December 2012Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd

We believe mother nature is like a mother-in-law. Not worth messing with.

0483/1212 December 2012Sussex Media

The advertisement is an image of the box art of the video game 'Borderlands 2', and seems to be the main advertising poster for the game. The background colour of the ad is yellow and orange, with the dominating central image being of a person (not a robot or 'animated character', because the person has human fingers and hands) wearing tan-coloured skin-tight clothing, a head covering of some sort and light-blue lit-up eye sockets.

0484/1212 December 2012Choosi Pty Ltd

Elderly lady describing why she decided to use 'Choosi' to choose her insurance provider, talks about several good reasons as to why she chose 'Choosi', one of those reasons being they have an Australian call centre. The script goes so far as to say she was "pleasantly surprised".

0486/1212 December 2012George Weston Foods Limited

A family is at the supermarket checkout when the wife notices that they forgot the bread. She asks the husband to go and get it. He comes back with a loaf but the woman says it is wrong, citing it doesn't have enough fibre for their son. This continues for a while, with new reasons for why each loaf is wrong (these all follow the theme of not being healthy enough for the children). Eventually the male is shown stuffing the cart with many loaves of bread until another woman shopper comes past and provides him with the 'correct' loaf, tip tops’ The One. He then brings this to the check out to the approval of his wife.
Below is a youtube link to the aforementioned advertisement:

0487/1212 December 2012Tabcorp
The ad is called ‘How's Your Form’. It shows men placing a bet and winning and women looking on as they celebrate their win.
0488/1212 December 2012Woolworths Supermarkets

The advertisement is from Woolworths. It involves an Asian Woman that has broken English in conversation with her husband a white Australian man. The couple discuss prawns bought from Woolworths. The husband makes a joke of her accent which appears to be the most significant part of the advertisement.

0490/1212 December 2012McDonald's Aust Ltd
Group of teenagers getting out of car. BARETOOT (WITHOUT SHOES) person seen hopping across hot car park bitumen, obviously in agony from hot surface to enter through doors to McDonald's Restaurant to order product. Then seen consuming hot burger.
0491/1212 December 2012Heart Foundation (Head Office)
The advertisement showed a doctor asking viewers to act upon a heart attack as soon as possible -but he was talking with bloody gloves on.
0492/1212 December 2012Yum Restaurants International
From memory it was an advertisement for KFC and broadcast, in prime time, during the 3rd cricket test. The ad featured the Madden brothers from the band Good Charlotte. The ad essentially focused on the brothers having to deliver lines about the advertised product and one of the brothers couldn't remember what he was supposed to say.
0493/1212 December 2012EFTPOS Payments Australia Ltd
Man in a pub buying round of drinks - Hallelujah chorus starts playing - he feels wonderful - pub filled with admiring gazes of people around - all praise and glory be to the user of Eftpos!
0494/1212 December 2012Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
It is filmed from the viewpoint of a children’s lunchbox. It shows the excited, happy faces of primary school children as they open their lunchbox and see an LCM Golden Joy bar inside. The children shout “wow!” and “awesome!” The ad then features a young girl eating a Golden Joy bar as the other children crowd around her, jealously looking at the Golden Joy. The voice over states “liven up their lunch box with new Golden Joys from LCMs, crispy golden flakes of corn on a delicious layer of chocolate”. The final shot is of a box of LCM Golden Joys, with child-like writing on the screen which says “the sure-fire lunch box hit”.
0495/1212 December 2012Schweppes
Some hands are preparing a mojito using Scwheppes cocktail mix. There are ingredients and bottles in the foreground and background. This is part of the Schweppes Cocktail Revolution promotion.