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Results for March 2012

0051/1214 March 2012Kulkyne Kampers
The advertisement says you can catch yabbies better if you use the Kulkyne pyramid net and shows a fishermen catching yabbies in the net and then emptying them in to buckets.
0061/1214 March 2012Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Television commercial introduces three Mitsubishi 'Platinum Edition' vehicles. It then goes on the show individual features such as leather seats, reversing camera and Bluetooth as specific features of the Platinum range. In one scene we see a woman parking her Lancer outside an inner city café. She is admiring a good-looking guy who us walking down the pavement towards her. As he passes the Lancer, we see her subtly engage reverse gear activating the rear vision mirror so she can continue to admire his other side as she reverses.
0062/1214 March 2012Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Radio ad for Mitsubishi Motors where we hear voices of two upper-class British colonists. They speak about the inconvenience of an alien invasion while they are enjoying afternoon tea with one of them saying, "Bollocks..." Voice changes to talk about the convenience pack now available on a Mitsubishi Lancer ES at your local Mitsubishi dealer.
0063/1214 March 2012Coles
Curtis Stone talks about the freshness of Coles' fruit and vegetables and states that Coles never freeze and never thaw their "fresh Aussie fruit and veggies."
0065/1214 March 2012Brierley Hose and Handling
The commercial shows a young female in shorts in a workshop, picking up a particular hose, walking to difficult locations within the workshop and performing different tasks with this hose pipe.
0066/1214 March 2012Three Monkeys Bar
Advertisement includes various images including a group photo of six women in bikinis, a woman holding a bottle of Cuervo tequila and cartoon images of three monkeys in the bottom right corner.
0067/1214 March 2012Coles
Print advertisement for Coles which has images of fruit and vegetables with their corresponding prices as well as pictures of Curtis Stone and the text, "We never freeze we never thaw any of our fresh Aussie fruit and veg."
0068/1214 March 2012Puppetry of the Penis
Billboad advertisement featuring the words, "Live on stage Puppetry of the Penis commences March 22" alongside a picture of open-mouthed people wearing 3D glasses.
0069/1214 March 2012Yum Restaurants International
The Advertisement opens on a shot of a cricket player biting into a grilled wing. The player then bites into the wing again and the wing appears in a "hot spot" view. "Hot Spot" technology is an infra-red imaging system used during cricket matches to determine whether the ball has struck the batsman, bat or pad. It is used as an adjudication tool. More shots of the grilled wings were then depicted and the Advertisement ends with KFC's Fresh Test logo and So Good trade mark.
0070/1214 March 2012Commonwealth Bank of Australia
This TVC is part of a series that features a range of people delivering simple, but humorous pledges to "start" something. This particular execution follows a cricket theme to help support the Commonwealth Bank's sponsorship of the Australian One Day International team and the Commonwealth Bank One Day International Series. It features pledges from a fanatical cricket fan in a wig, a tuckshop lady, a business man and concludes with a scene featuring Australian Cricketers Mike Hussy and Mitchell Johnson and a voiceover which states, "I will not Facebook friend the Indian team. Too messy."
0071/1214 March 2012Aircon and Heating Solutions
Radio commercial promoting Bernies Aircon and Heating Solutions. The 30 second commercial is voiced by Bernie Damman, the owner of the business. It features Bernie asking people to c-c-c-call him.
0072/1214 March 2012Target Australia Pty Ltd
In-store poster showing Dita Von Teese in bra, bottom and suspenders.
0073/1214 March 2012Nestle Australia Ltd
The Advertisement is set in a house, the morning after a party. A man walks downstairs, acknowledging a woman who acknowledges him as well. While there is a level of awkwardness between the characters, the reason for this is not stated this is highlighted by the voice-over; “We all know that ‘after-party’ feeling full of ... complications from the night before...’ Another woman makes her way to the kitchen counter which contains mugs and the Product which is prepared and served.
0074/1214 March 2012EMAP Australia Pty Ltd
The advertisement opens with a very busty young woman serving an enormous kebab to two young men from a kebab van. One of the men is wearing a white tshirt with Zoo written in large red letters across his chest. A male voice over then describes the latest edition of Zoo magazine and how it is currently available for less than two dollars and we see some of the editorial features as well as the front cover which features a scantily clad woman posing.
0075/1214 March 2012Mossimo
Window display with the words "Peep show" and "take a peek inside" accompanied by images of men and women in lingerie. In one image the woman is pulling at the man's underpants so that they are coming away from his waist.
0076/1214 March 2012Mossimo
Facebook and email campaign which encourages people to upload pictures of themselves or to check out Miss Universe Australia in her own Mossimo Peep Show.
0077/1214 March 2012Woolworths Supermarkets
Catalogue includes an image of a male model wearing a T-shirt with the picture of a dog mounting a man's leg. The text reads "Mambo accept no substitute"
0078/1214 March 2012Valeant Pharmaceuticals Australasia
The advertisement for Invisible Zinc features an image of Elle Macpherson in a bikini. She is promoting the importance of using sunscreen for face and body in our Australian climate.
0079/1214 March 2012Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
The advertisement depicts three cartoon characters fishing on a lake. One of the characters, named Jesus, states he's bored and decides to leave the boat and appears to walk on water as he departs. The other two characters in the boat voice their surprise and suggest that this feat may be a miracle or a result of drining Red Bull (which has given Jesus wings) but Jesus replies that it's nothing to do with either, it's because he knows where the stepping stones are.
0080/1214 March 2012Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
The advertisement depicts three cartoon characters fishing on a lake. One of the characters, named Jesus, states he's bored and decides to leave the boat and appears to walk on water as he departs. The other two characters in the boat voice their surprise and suggest that this feat may be a miracle or a result of drining Red Bull (which has given Jesus wings) but Jesus replies that it's nothing to do with either, it's because he knows where the stepping stones are.
0081/1214 March 2012Motor Accident Commission SA
Billboard featuring the text: "Don't Drive Like a" followed by a picture of a rooster. Sub headline: "Country Roads Need Safer Drivers"
0082/1214 March 2012Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd
The advertisement features a typical family picnic scenario, with a group of family members playing a game of football. At one point, the ball is passed to an elderly man, who is running with the ball until he is tackled enthusiastically by a younger man, at which point the other players all stare in surprise.
0083/1214 March 2012Red Bull Aust Pty Ltd
The advertisement depicts three cartoon characters fishing on a lake. One of the characters, named Jesus, states he's bored and decides to leave the boat and appears to walk on water as he departs. The other two characters in the boat voice their surprise and suggest that this feat may be a miracle or a result of drining Red Bull (which has given Jesus wings) but Jesus replies that it's nothing to do with either, it's because he knows where the stepping stones are.
0084/1214 March 2012Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Open on a guy on top of a mountain, loading old fence posts into his bright shiny HiLux. He forgets to put the hand brake on and it starts to roll down a hill. He runs after it, but it’s no good. From his vantage point he witnesses something that’s difficult to experience.
0085/1214 March 2012Nova 937
The advertisement describes Tiger Lil's, a Perth Bar, and features a voice with an Asian accent saying "You listen now to slick willie spokesman for inner city themed bar Tiger Lils". Another voiceover then goes on to talk about going to the bar at the weekend before the Asian accent returns to close the advert with "Tiger Lil’s. West End of Murray Street, City."
0086/1214 March 2012Wicked Campers
Wicked Van with slogan on the back - "I wouldn't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die" Rego is 469 RWU (QLD).
0087/1214 March 2012Manhunt
Billboard on Crown St Surry Hills, just off William St. Billboard includes two topless men embracing and about to kiss. They are muscly and visible from the mid chest upwards. The text reads, "Zero metres away" .
0088/1214 March 2012Grosvenor Hotel
Image of woman in short skirt and cropped top and the text includes, "best buns".
0089/1214 March 2012Grosvenor Hotel
Poster featuring image of woman and some food and the text "Get porked".
0090/1214 March 2012Mars Confectionery
M&Ms are wearing rasta hats with attached dreadlocks. One of the M&Ms is reluctant to wear the hat until he sees a female M&M wearing a coconut bikini at which point he dons the hat and starts speaking in a faux Jamaican accent.
0091/1214 March 2012Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania
Close up image of a woman's face. One side of her face is covered in burns and sores and appears to be swollen. An animal's foot is applying mascara to her right eye. The text reads, "This won't hurt a bit....Stop animal testing."
0092/1214 March 2012Paramount Pictures Australia
Advertisement for the film, The Devil Inside, featuring footage of the film including a 911 call and a woman declaring she has killed three people. The end depicts a scene of a possessed woman contorting her body.
0093/1228 March 2012Suzuki Australia Pty Limited
The TVC shows a Swift Sport at a car park boom gate, with a couple inside. The car then enters the car park, driving up the ramp. The car is shown driving round the multi-storey car park and setting off sprinklers. The female passenger appears to be hot and is shown fanning herself with her hand. The car then parks and the couple get out, with sprinklers going off behind them.
0094/1228 March 2012Aldi Stores
We see a couple at home in their front room. The man throws a nut in the air and misses it. The lady is able to throw it in the air and catches it in her mouth. The man looks annoyed but keeps trying. His wife smiles. We then hear a voiceover stating "Same old nuts. Better Price. Switch to Aldi's exclusive brands and save" and see a pack shot of the competitive packet of nuts and the Aldi packet of nuts along with pricing information.
0095/1214 March 2012Honey Birdette
Image of a woman in red lingerie, stockings and shoes. The bra is low cut and her nipples appear to be covered with gold shields. Above her it is written, "It's burlesque baby".
0096/1228 March 2012Wicked Campers
The advertisement appears on the Wicked Campers website and is promoting a discount to former Catholic school girls and asks, “Were you a tart in tartan?” and makes reference to “sexy nuns”. There is a picture of red tartan material and then information on how you can book a van and claim your discount.
0097/1228 March 2012Rowes Tattoos
Image of a woman wearing shorts and a bikini top with one leg raised up so her foot can rest on something. The woman has lots of tattoos and the wording reads, "Rowes Tattoos. Turn right Beenleigh Road. 0407 354 779."
0098/1228 March 2012Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
We see people sitting by or diving in to a pool which is covered in apple blossom. Above them on a balcony some more people are watching those by the pool and are drinking Strongbow Cider.
0099/1228 March 2012Energy Watch
The fictitious Carbon Tax collector approaches Betty (Grandma) asking her to “Pay Up”. Betty states she doesn’t make any carbon in which the carbon tax collector prompts her to pay up again. Ben Polis (Founder-CEO of EnergyWatch) appears explaining that EnergyWatch cannot stop the Carbon Tax however they can help lower power bills. The final 5 seconds is tailored per state (VIC & NSW) addressing what offer is available.
0100/1228 March 2012THQ Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
A poster advertising the release of the videogame, UFC Undisputed 3, that was placed on bus and tram panels. The image is of a man kicking another man in the face and the text reads, "UFC 3... Your move."
0101/1228 March 2012Exhibitions and Events Australia
Open on a white screen with a close up of the top of a bald male head. He looks upward, responding to the supers that appear as spoken: renovate then build.A screwdriver head appears from above and screws the top off his head. A light bulb appears and quickly morphs into a Courier Mail Home Show logo. The logo comes alive and evolves into a virtual 3D environment as the screen turns into a floor plan. We see a 3D kitchen appliance appear, rotate, then morph into a 3D bathroom fixture, then into a funky 3D armchair. The chair is replaced by French door that open to an outdoor pool scene, then a solar panel. The Solar panel is followed by an image of a house extension in progress. The house extension scene morphs into an interior kitchen scene, then a living room scene. The last product is replaced by the Courier Mail Home Show logo and the whole 3D environment shrinks and moves inside the headspace, then screwdriver replaces the top of his head that is now wearing a safety helmet.
0102/1228 March 2012Lion
A country setting with two characters on pathway. They are bearded men wearing blond wigs and white dresses. There is also a rabbit with a butterfly in its mouth. THe tagline says, ‘Not as sweet as you think’, and there are two bottles of Tooheys 5 Seeds in the foreground, one red logo, one green logo.
0103/1228 March 2012National Gallery of Victoria
Image of a naked woman reclining on a bed with her hand on her hip. Her breasts and nipples are prominent. The image is part of a 1927 Christian Schad portrait and is displayed next to the entrance to the museum with the other half of the painting featuring a man wearing a see through top on the other side of the entrance.
0104/1228 March 2012My Dental Team
A voice which sounds like a young boy describes why he likes My Dental Team at Shellharbour with one of the reasons given as because the dental nurse holds his hand and is hot.
0105/1228 March 2012Swisse Vitamins Pty Ltd
This advertisement is for Swisse Children’s Ultivite and features an eight year old girl stating she doesn’t always eat all of her vegetables, hence her mum buys her Swisse Children’s Ultivite - to help keep her healthy and maintain healthy energy levels. She then goes on to display what she can do when she is feeling healthy ie. bouncing around energetically, mimicking martial arts moves.
0107/1228 March 2012Diageo Australia Ltd
The advertisement depicts a man in bed with computer generated images of two dolphins. The text reads, "Clear character 5 times filtered" and there is an image of Bundaberg Five rum.
0108/1228 March 2012Bulla Dairy Foods
We see a guy aged about 30, in his dressing gown, in a suburban kitchen. He opens his freezer and shuts his eyes as he delves into a box of Bulla Crunch. He pulls out a Bulla Caramel Crunch. He shouts with glee "It’s Caramel Monday! Yeah!" He whips off his dressing gown to reveal his caramel coloured fake tan and ‘Monday’ Y-fronts. He proceeds to do a robot dance round his kitchen. We cut to the Caramel flavoured ice cream on the stick. As it spins, it gets covered in chocolate. Biscuit bits ‘pop’ out of the ice cream. We then see a completed ice cream. Six other ice creams fan out from behind the hero ice cream. Simultaneously, a bite appears in each ice cream, showing the different flavours and we hear a crunch. A voice over then says "Creamy ice cream. Chocolate. Biscuit bits. Bulla Crunch!" We then see an end fame with a Variety Pack product shot and super appears and we hear a voice over say "7 FLAVOURS. 7 DAYS. YOU FIGURE IT OUT" and we see a starburst of our hero character.
0109/1228 March 2012EMI Music Australia
Rapper/hip hop artist 360 speaks direct to camera to introduce and promote his album 'Falling and Flying' saying, "Go and buy this or I'm gonna kick your dog in the fucking head". Although the sound is muted when he says "kick your dog in the fucking head" you can see him mouth the words.
0110/1228 March 2012Bras n' Things
Image of woman in lingerie in the store window of Bras N Things. She is wearing a bra and briefs and is lifesize.
0111/1228 March 2012ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
A 15 second TV advertisement featuring images and articles from the February issue of CLEO magazine. A female voice over tells of some of the exciting stories inside. It also promotes a Seduce dress reader offer. The ad concludes by showing the cover of the magazine and the message that it is out now - it features Ruby Rose on the cover.
0112/1228 March 2012Woolworths Freestanding Liquor
Image of various brands of beer in their respective cases along with the text "30 cent per litre off fuel when you buy ANY 2 cases of these beers. Offer ends 20/3/12."
0113/1228 March 2012Adult Toybox
A cartoon style image of a woman wearing a pink slip. The text reads, "Adult Toybox" and says they sell XXX DVDs, have thousands of products to choose from and are discreet and private. The contact details are: