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0156/129 May 2012Campbell's Australia
The advertisement opens on five silhouettes dancing against a blue background to upbeat music. A light strobes to expose the centre silhouette as Arnott’s Big Tedz. Four kids – two on either side of Big Tedz – are energetically copying his dance moves while remaining in silhouette. The Big Tedz character then spins quickly and turns into the real biscuit, shown with a splash of chocolate on his back. All the while, the silhouettes of the kids remain dancing in the background. With another spin, Big Tedz transforms into the packaged product and lands in a lunchbox alongside a salad sandwich, an apple and some raw carrot sticks. Mum’s hand then comes into view, closing the lunchbox with a reassuring pat. The shot then extends to the end-frame, which shows the lunchbox with the three, new Big Tedz SKUs in the background.
0157/129 May 2012Golden Chain Motor Inns Ltd
Testimonials from guests who have stayed at Golden Chain Motor Inns. The ad contains several people, both male and female retirees of ages 50 and above speaking to camera of their experience staying in Golden Chain Motels and their experiences of the local area where the stay occurred. The ad finishes with seniors saying, “Adventure now, dementia later.”
0158/129 May 2012BMW Group Australia Ltd
The text, "Saturday In Istanbul" appear on screen next to a mini balancing on the edge of a draw bridge. The driver and passenger quickly begin to search through the vehicle to throw out items and balance back the vehicle. After throwing out a number of items, an older gentleman hands back a wallet, potentially putting the occupants in mortal danger! Throughout the advertisement the folliowing text appears on screen: "OMG. OMFG. WTF. LMFAO".
0159/129 May 2012Nestle Australia Ltd
The Advertisement opens on a mum watching her toddler from the kitchen as she makes up a cup of NAN Pro 3 Toddler Milk. The toddler plays with the family dog which is chewing on a dog toy. Having dropped the dog toy, the toddler picks it up attempting to mimic the dog and moves it to her mouth. Having seen this, the mum offers the toddler the cup of NAN Pro 3 toddler milk as a swap for the dog toy.
0160/129 May 2012Oporto Franchising Pty Ltd
The advertisement shows adults in a car on a road trip. A male voice over asks, "Hungry for some real value? Try Oporto's new Ripper Deal" and describes the contents of the deal. We then see the people sat on a beach eating their food.
0161/129 May 2012Hungry Jacks
Voice over says, “Burgers are so cute, they come in pairs”. Cheeseburger minis and rodeo minis are advertised. “Minis plus small fries and coke for just $4.95”.
0162/129 May 2012ABC Sales and Marketing
A boy and Mamee monster sitting on a park bench. Mamee Monster grabs the post box next to the bench and eats it, then burps up posted letters. Voice over states; “There's only two snacks crunchier than Mamee eating a post box – Mamee monster noodle snacks and Mamee monster rice sticks. The crunchiest snacks ever” The boy eats Mamee snacks and laughs at Monster's antics. Product shot at end.
0163/129 May 2012Yum Restaurants International
The TVC depicts the preparation of several different pizzas that have recently been added to the Pizza Hut Signature. Semi slow motion close ups are depicted of slicing thick steak, chunks of chicken breast , slicing fresh produce and drizzling oil. These shots are followed by a hero shot of the pizzas in the Signature range including Mexicana and Tandoori Chicken. Finally one of the pizzas is placed in a Pizza Hut Signature range box and taken by the Pizza Hut delivery boy to be delivered in a stretch hummer limousine as he says to the audience “It’s a slice of the good life”.
0164/129 May
In “The Cloud,” two young adult males are discussing a dream one of them had, when Danica Patrick (famous race car driver) appears and they are all transported to Go Daddy’s Internet Cloud. Up in the Cloud, the Pussycat Dolls (famous all-women signing group) also appear, which cause the young men to question whether they are in Heaven. Throughout the commercial, Danica Patrick is explaining to the young men how to get a domain name, website and other Internet services to make their personal or business dreams come true. At the end of the commercial, credit is given for the special appearance of the famous signing group, the Pussycat Dolls, by stating in writing “Featuring the New Pussycat Dolls.”
0165/129 May 2012BMW Group Australia Ltd
Image of a BMW driving on a road and the male seated in the front right hand seat has his elbow resting on the window so it sticks outside the car. The image appears in an international brochure for the BMW X1.
0166/1223 May 2012Unilever Australasia
A woman drinks some Lipton Iced Tea and becomes almost transparent: she appears to be made from water and tea leaves. The woman gets on the back on a motor bike and we see her being driven by a man, both wearing helmets.
0167/1223 May 2012Symex
A steel knife in a plastic bag marked as evidence with the names of a victim of assault as well as the alleged perpetrator and the police officer in charge of the investigation. The words “Case Dismissed” are in small print below the corner of the plastic bag. An image of Sunlight Power dishwashing foam is also featured on the bottom right hand corner of the advertisement.
0168/1223 May 2012Coles
In the advertisement the comedian Dawn French is being driven around in a car and announcing through a megaphone to various people on the street to stop everything because the all new flybuys is being delivered to mailboxes throughout Australia, and that people should "get it, open it, and activate it". Dawn is sat on the middle back seat of the car.
0169/1223 May 2012Coles
Comedian Dawn French and the celebrity chef Curtis Stone appear in a press conference and Curtis states which My5 products he would choose. At the end of the advertisement Dawn raises her hand to high five Curtis, misses his hand and rubs his chest instead.
0170/1223 May 2012Transport Accident Commission
The TVC shows the reconstructed (in reverse) actions of a motorbike crashing into a car. The police expert descibes the accident and we see (and hear) that the motorcylcist broke his neck in the accident. The expert then explains what could have happened if the motorcyclist was going slower.
0171/1223 May 2012Transport Accident Commission
The internet advertisement shows the reconstructed (in reverse) actions of a motorbike crashing into a car. The police expert descibes the accident and we see (and hear) that the motorcylcist broke his neck in the accident. The expert then explains what could have happened if the motorcyclist was going slower.
0172/1223 May 2012Herald Sun
The poster is promoting the Herald Sun AFL collector card series as a component of the "Full on Footy" marketing campaign. The creative depicts a boy opening the collect album and the player's arm holding a football bursts out and bumps the boy in the cheek.
0173/1223 May 2012Herald Sun
A young boy opens the Herald Sun 3D footy cards collector album and a football flies out of the album, bumps into the kid's face and ruffles his 3D glasses up a bit. A male voice over says, "Grab the new Official 2012 AFL Collector Cards in eye-popping 3D! for you and the kids, only with the Herald Sun, your home of AFL. It’s full on Footy!"
0174/1223 May 2012EFTPOS Payments Australia Ltd
In the commercial, ordinary Australian people talk directly to camera. Their words make up a verse about being in control and in charge, about being Kings of their fate and rulers of their finances by pressing CHQ or SAV when they are next at an eftpos machine.
0176/1223 May 2012Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
The ad is large format outdoor billboard and features an image of a woman wearing a bra. The image is cropped, so the focus of the ad is on the woman's cleavage. The copy line that appears on the ad in question is 'Get your boobs done in your lunch hour' the logo/ positioning line Berlei Your Body appears at the bottom of the ad.
0177/1223 May 2012Coles
The complaint refers to two separate flybuys television advertisements, both of which aired nationally. Advertisement 1 Comedian Dawn French appears in a press conference environment delivering information about the fly buys partners, and is seen on the street with a trolley personally delivering the flybuys activation envelopes to various households. In the final scene she comments to a man in his front garden trimming his bush, “Nice bush!” Advertisement 2 Dawn French appears in a press conference environment delivering information about My5, and is seen in a Coles supermarket engaging in humorous exchanges with customers while informing them about My5. She comments to one male customer that he can “take 10% of your sausage”.
0178/1223 May 2012Yum Restaurants International
The Advertisement opens with a close up of a young girl eating a piece of KFC chicken in an outdoor setting. The Advertisement cuts to a little boy who reaches for some KFC chicken placed in the centre of the dining table. The first two shots are accompanied by a female voiceover that says “These School Holidays make the most of your time”. The Advertisement proceeds with a close up of a variety of KFC family dinner meal items, including chicken crispy strips, a plate of chicken pieces, chicken nuggets, dipping sauces and chips, on the table. This close up is accompanied by a female voiceover that says “A KFC dinner from 19.95 sorts out meal time” and the super “From $19.95”. The Advertisement closes with a zoom out of the entire group of families, consisting of five adults and six children, seated at the outdoor dining table sharing KFC family meals together. The final shots are accompanied by a female voiceover that says “And getting the family out of the house sorts out together time… It’s all part of the Goodification”. The Advertisement ends with KFC’s “The Goodification” and “So Good” trademarks.
0179/1223 May 2012Blackwood Park
The advertisement begins with a young married couple leaving their car to walk along what appears to be a country track. The sound track is a blues-type song with the words "Over my head, I hear music in the air" which continues throughout the commercial and is the only spoken word. The couple continue their walk up a rise through woodland to arrive at a cleared pasture of cropped, green grass. There are gum trees in the background. They sit down and unfold white paper bags that they place carefully around the field. As dusk approaches, they carefully place lit tea-light candles in the bags and sit back to observe their handiwork. We see that the tea-lights have outlined a house and the commercial ends with the Blackwood Park branding and website address.
0180/1223 May 2012Green's Foods Ltd
The commercial features a family unit of four – two adults and two children – in a colourful home setting. During the commercial a 100 gram serving of Poppin Microwave Popcorn is prepared to be shared by the family of four people and whilst the mum keeps an eye on the popcorn in the microwave we see the dad and children 'popping' on the sofa in the lounge room. At the end of the advertisement the family members have 'popped' back to their original seats and the mum brings in a bowl of the popcorn for them all to share.
0181/1223 May 2012Harvey Norman
The ad commences with a man, woman and their son interacting in the kitchen, finishing the washing up. The man indicates that a game of football is about to commence. He walks toward a set of doors, and opens them to find himself in a large, empty sports stadium. He walks to the middle of the stadium and takes his place on a couch in front of a TV with a surround sound system set up. In both the AFL and NRL versions of the ad, a game commences right in front of him. At this point the woman looks towards the lounge room and smiles. A montage of available TV’s, home theatre systems and brands is then shown with a voice over describing the range of products available at Harvey Norman. The ad returns to the man, with a football popping into his hands, thrown to him by the son, who joins his father on the couch as the woman stands at the door to the lounge room.
0182/1223 May 2012WorkSafe Victoria
Series of Worksafe advertisments that show a variety of scenes in warehouses, outdoors, office and factory settings with a supervisor directing staff to undertake unsafe tasks with a definite risk of injury and/or death. The employee agrees in all cases but looks concerned and confused. Ending with tagline " Would you do what you ask your workers to do?”,
0183/1223 May 2012Cheap as Chips
Page 10 of Cheap as Chips Mother's day catalogue, on sale May 3rd 2012, features a pink tool set with the text, "ladies or low testosterone male pink tool set 6 piece".
0184/1223 May 2012Vogue Australia
The promotion for Belvedere Vodka ran in the June 2012 edition of Vogue Australia magazine. It features an image of a man and woman sat at a table laden with eggs, toast and bloody mary drinks. The accompanying text reads, "Lighten up your brunch with a twist on Belvedere Vodka's classic Bloody Mary: the 'Skinny Mary'".
0185/1223 May 2012Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
The ad is on buses and features an image of a woman wearing a bra. The image is cropped, so the focus of the ad is on the woman's cleavage. The copy line that appears on the ad in question is 'Get your boobs done in your lunch hour' the logo/ positioning line Berlei Your Body appears at the bottom of the ad.
0186/1217 May 2012Volvo Car Aust Pty Ltd
A black Volvo V60 being driven in a warehouse style environment. The vehicle is driven while music plays in the background and the text appears on screen, “Designed to turn heads. Engineered to perform. Plenty of room for pets. The Dynamic Volvo V60." It also shows a panther jumping into the back of the car.
0188/1223 May 2012Nova
The advertisement is for an upcoming gig at The Met Hotel, Brisbane, featuring Tom Piper and Daniel Farley at which they would perform their popular song “LGFU”. The lyrics of this song are played with the F word beeped out.
0189/1223 May 2012Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Cropped image of a woman wearing a black bra. We can see from her chin down to her waist. The text reads, “It WILL happen overnight. Berlei Your Body”.
0190/1223 May 2012Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Cropped image of a woman wearing a nude coloured bra. She is visible from her chin to her waist. The accompanying text reads, “Smooth Operator. Berlei Your Body”.
0192/1223 May 2012Chatswood Hills Tavern
The advertisement is a poster with an image of a female holding up a football. The female is wearing a white sports crop top, a white wrist band and black bottoms. She also has black painted strokes under her eyes. There is a football stadium in the background. The slogan on the advertisement states “Friday Night Footy at the Chatty, Half Time Prize Draw with Cash Jackpot, Free Bar Snacks, Promo Girls.”
0193/1223 May 2012Strike Bowling Bar
Poster which reads, "It's all fun and games until you shoot your girlfriend" - Laser Skirmish coming soon to level 3 at Strike Melbourne Central.