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Results for November 2012

0416/1214 November 2012SCA Hygiene Australasia
One woman wakes the other up to go to Boot Camp. The one in bed says she has her period. The first throws a packet of tampons at her and tells her to 'come on'.
Next scene, they're sitting in a car, watching men at the boot camp, while drinking coffee.
0418/1214 November 2012Sensory lab

"Coffee is our drug of choice Pin & Win competition" depicting two employees using coffee making equipment as drug paraphernalia.

0419/1214 November 2012Natural Health Specialists
Two full colour A4 size brochures with text and pictures. Images included naked men and women. Advertising was for Sex magnet - magnetic chip.
0420/1228 November 2012Moroccan Tan
White background poster with a woman's torso. She is wearing black underpants and is topless with her arms/side pony tail covering her breasts. She is wearing a black necklace, bangles and ring. Words 'Moroccan tan' are written on the left side of the poster.
0421/1214 November 2012Bethesda
The advertisement has the figure of a creature (man like) with a skeleton face holding a sword with blood on the end.
0422/1214 November 2012Samsung Electronics Aust Pty Ltd

A male voice rants complaining about his wife, her decorations around the house and her relatives. The tone is misogynistic and aggressive.

0423/1214 November 2012Australian Hot Water

Roughly: (Spoken in comical voices)
Mum comes into kitchen and asks son where his "little girlfriend" is. Son replies he thinks she is still asleep. Mother states the father is in the shower, and he should get out for breakfast.
Mother goes into bathroom to get father out of shower and finds the "little girlfriend" in the shower
(From memory) The father's voice tells the mother he is showing the girl how good the new hot water system is, which reveals the "punch line" that both the girl and the father are in the shower together. Mother says to father something to the effect of "I'll speak to you later!"

0424/1214 November 2012Hasbro Australia Ltd
The advertisement shows animated robot-type toys with large guns on their shoulders and is animated to appear as if the robots are moving and shooting. They then turn into cars and other transport and then turn back into the gun-wielding robots. The voice over says things such as, "More Destruction" and "Annihilation."
0425/1214 November 2012Goodman Fielder Limited
The advertisement depicts houses and being covered in yellow flowers, narrated by children taking about mothers making the "plant seed promise" by switching from butter to margarine. A fridge opens to reveal meadow lea and more yellow flowers. A little girl and boy walk from a house carrying "2.5kg of saturated fat". The children then hug the mother and sing "you ought to be congratulated".
0426/1214 November 2012Narellan Pools
Advertising Narellan Pools- kids skipping over tiles next to a swimming pool.
0427/1214 November 2012Parmalat Australia Ltd

A roughly metre high and 50cm wide poster sitting on the floor. It had a man’s face with the words KILL on the first line, then HUNGRYTHISTY on the second line, then DEAD on the third line.

0428/1214 November 2012FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd

Ad for a movie on Foxtel - 'Walking Dead'. Man is holding a gun in a shooting position.

0429/1214 November 2012FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd

Ad for a movie on Foxtel - 'Walking Dead'. Man is holding a gun in a shooting position.

0431/1214 November 2012Target Australia Pty Ltd

Roberto Cavalli swimwear advertised at Target.

0432/1214 November 2012Coles

Promotion of Coles baked bread. Including the statement "our bread comes straight from the oven to you"

0434/1214 November 2012Muscle Worx

The advertisement has a photograph of both a man ad women on it. They are obviously body builders. The man is not wearing a shirt and the woman is wearing very little. The woman is wearing what looks like a swimsuit. However it appears that the photograph is of her taking off her underwear. It is very difficult to see her underwear and they look to be so low that it shows her pubic area.

0435/1228 November 2012American Apparel Inc
ALL Women's wear within the website. Images of ladies lying on beds in provocative poses, one lady with a horse, another woman in a handstand pose, all wearing lingerie. The rear of women is visible with only a g-string on.
0436/1214 November 2012Cat Media Pty Ltd

Images of women in bikinis who apparently take the Coconut Detox product to so that they look thin and glamorous.

0437/1214 November 2012ACP Publishing Pty Ltd

People are invited to comment on images on the Facebook page. Examples include:

A woman is on the beach, separated in to top and bottom 'halves'
Pair of breasts with arrows pointing to each breast.
A woman wearing underpants that read "nintendo" - what would you call this console?

Invitation to upload 'selfies'

0438/1214 November 2012ACP Publishing Pty Ltd
Full page advertisement in Zoo weekly Magazine. Text reads "Zoo Two Reasons to Like our Facebook page." The ad includes a large photograph of a pair of breasts in a bikini top with arrows pointing to each breast. Text below reads "check out heaps more at"
0439/1214 November 2012Energy Australia

It’s about the energy company tracking consumers usage of power and features a man sitting inside a fridge.

0440/1214 November 2012Energy Australia

In the advertisement a householder opens his fridge to obtain a late night snack, only to find a spokesperson for Energy Australia sitting inside it. The spokesman then goes on, stating that Energy Australia is monitoring your power usage to provide a better service to you, the consumer.

0441/1228 November 2012Energy Australia

Black envelope containing letter for energy supply exchange. (no problem with the letter)
Envelope had coloured picture covering 2/3rds of envelope showing open fridge door with one male looking in obviously feeling hot to another man sitting in fridge in long trousers and jumper, writing on clip board.

0442/1228 November 2012KIA Automotive Australia

Kia motor car in drive way being cleaned by dad and two children mum in house doing housework dad and children interacting having fun, dad reading to both children at bedtime mum out in the hall. Mum tries to enter bedroom young daughter gets of bed and closes door on mum so mum cannot enter room.
The caption reads its ok to have a bit of Fatherism.

0443/1228 November 2012Holden Ltd
About the new Holden Colorado 7 seater.
0445/1228 November 2012Woolworths Supermarkets

BIG W Catalogue for sale Nov 1-7. Front page has what appears to be 3 female teenagers (minors) dressed only in bras and briefs.. Next 4 pages contain similar type content.

0446/1228 November 2012Frank Health Insurance

Ad encourages listeners to contact Frank Health Insurance so as not to be "ripped off." This is accentuated by background voice over of male having a "crack, sack and back wax".

0447/1228 November 2012Seafolly Pty Ltd
The advertisement shows a woman's waist to knees. She doesn't wear anything except her swimsuit bottoms (which is what is being advertised). She is pulling the swimsuit over her bum.
0448/1228 November 2012Energy Australia

My complaint relates to the Energy Australia press advertisement in today's Sydney Morning Herald featuring a man trapped in a fridge.

0449/1228 November 2012BCF
Two men on a fishing boat.
0450/1228 November 2012Priceline Pharmacy

Catalogue – ‘Paying Less is a gift’ written on front effective 8th - 19th November 2012 perfumes & makeup advertised on front.

0451/1228 November 2012Mars Confectionery
Young man train surfing at the end of advertisement.
0453/1228 November 2012Boost Juice Bars Australia

It is a TV ad where Janine Allis talks to the camera about the content of Boost Juice ingredients. She holds an orange and squeezes it, then hugs/squeezes a Boost staff member.

0454/1228 November 2012Wimmers

Man with fishing rod arrives at the door of a couple. Man that lives at address says he forgot something; he will be back in ten minutes. Man and the woman who lives at house immediately run inside to have sex. After a time lapse, man comes out of bedroom into kitchen and opens fridge. He reaches for drink and then puts it back. Voiceover tagline says "you wouldn't steal your mate's Sars" or something to that effect.

0455/1228 November 2012Suntory Australia
The advertisement features a woman standing with her back to the camera, looking over her shoulder. She is wearing shorts. The advertisement states: "Midori. Best mixed with short shorts."
0456/1228 November 2012Bayer Australia Ltd

The advertisement features vitamin supplements which supposedly reduce the likelihood of having a child with the condition Spinabifida, referred to as a 'defect'.

0468/1228 November 2012SindeRellas

Sinderellas we have it all. Your one stop adult shop. Sex in the shower plus pictures, we vibe 3 plus pictures, two sex looking women.

0470/1228 November 2012Hot Stuff Adult Shop
The advert is a banner that is hanging facing a main road intersection. The banner is hanging from the awning of the shop premises.
0475/1228 November 2012Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse catalogue, Real Ranges, Real Brands, Real Savings, November issue.
The front page has a picture of Lady GaGa naked, on her side with small men climbing over her body. A men on the boob, leg, private parts, knee, feet and hips and a perfume bottle in her hand.