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Results for October 2012

0383/1210 October 2012Centrebet
Two males are approached by five females in black dresses, the lead female retrieves one of the males' mobile phone, whispers, "fire up!" in his ear and then shows the males how to use the Centrebet mobile application. The end frame finishes with the "Fire Up" Centrebet logo device.
0390/1210 October 2012Target Australia Pty Ltd
Revised version of the Target women’s underwear advertisement features various women modelling the different ranges of underwear available at Target.  In one scene we see a woman wearing peach coloured undies leaning over the bathroom sink.
0391/1210 October 2012Woolworths Supermarkets
Big W Catalogue, Page 28, middle advertisement for "Kayser Curve it Up" underwear. Blonde woman in three photos with provocative expression.
0392/1210 October 2012Hypoxi Body Shaping
In the window of the shop are two images of a woman with dotted lines showing how her body can be transformed using Hypoxi treatments.  In one image the woman is wearing briefs and has her arms folded across her naked bosom. Her head is not visible.  In the second image the woman is naked and viewed from the side.  We can see one of her nipples but not her head.
0393/1210 October 2012Nestle Australia Ltd
The Advertisement forms part of the Smilemaker campaign from ALLENS which features the character of Bravo as he travels Australia with the intention of creating a million more smiles in the course of the campaign. The Advertisement in question shows Bravo at a dance studio where he gets the children to get their parents involved by having them teach dance moves to them.
0394/1210 October 2012Beyond Blue
The ad related to left handed people and showed them being bulled and harassed because they are left-handed. The ad then related left-handed people to gays and lesbians.
0395/1210 October 2012Beyond Blue
The advertisement depicted a school aged teenaged boy being bullied at different levels for being left-handed by many of his peers including his family. The voice over compared the boy to people with different sexual preferences to being straight and that intense bulling of this type can cause serious mental illness such as anxiety. At the end the boy is crying and snaps his pencil in half.
0397/1210 October 2012National Stroke Foundation

The advertisements show a man dressed in black in a basement. He is using a facsimile of a human brain to demonstrate what happens when someone has a stroke. He is depicted as a serial killer and pokes the brain with a scalpel and then he appears to strike the brain with a hammer. There were 2 advertisements on air during the time the complaints were received.

The 30 second advertisement:
• Tells the view that one in six people has a potential killer lurking inside them
• Depicts stroke as a silent serial killer
• Tells the viewer stroke is the second biggest killer of Australians
• Conveys the message that for 12,000 people each year stroke leaves them significantly disabled or kills them – by using a brain we are able to educate people that stroke is a ‘brain attack’
• Asks people to Help Fight Stroke and gives the address www.fight against stroke
The longer ad also explains stroke can cause brain damage which may lead to loss of the ability to speak or to the loss of bladder control.

0398/1210 October 2012Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
A billboard viewed on 5 September showed an advertisement for the movie "Kath and Kim". Kim making a rude finger sign.
0400/1210 October 2012Newcastle Permanent Building Society

Big letters across the top, ‘Banking without the bullsh...’ with the end of the word covered by a man's head.

0401/1210 October 2012Drug & Alcohol Office WA

"Think again" with regards to drinking while pregnant. Features Indigenous Australians discussing alcohol consumption.

0402/1224 October 2012Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Shows women inappropriately pulling at their clothing purportedly for uncomfortable sanitary napkins.
0403/1224 October 2012BCF
Two men are fishing with a bait/tackle box between them. They both reach for the bait at the same time and touch hands.
0404/1224 October 2012Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd

The ad features a number of individuals all saying variations of the word 'no' to make the point that hormones are not used in the rearing of Steggle's chooks.

0405/1224 October 2012Haribo Australia Pty Ltd

The Facebook page includes the cartoon character Haribo bear and a rainbow depiction of various Haribo lollies. The company slogan “Kids & Grown Ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo” is also prominent. Haribo packages are present.

0406/1224 October 2012Haribo Australia Pty Ltd
This is a 30 second advertisement. It depicts a young girl in white lab coat and large glasses as conducting an experiment. She narrates the entire ad. Multiple children are shown playing with Haribo Goldbears, smelling them and eating them. The children are unable to resist eating the lollies. “The evidence is clear, Haribo is just too good”. The ad ends with a Haribo jingle.
0408/1224 October 2012Burger Urge
Advertising pamphlet that arrived in my letterbox this week.
0409/1224 October 2012Tabcorp

The ad is called ‘How's Your Form’. It shows men placing a bet and winning and women looking on as they celebrate their win.

0410/1224 October 2012De Rucci Bedding
Billboard displays a picture of an elderly gentleman with a smoking pipe in his mouth. The image in front & below is a bed.
0411/1224 October 2012Parklife music festival

The advertisement is a poster promoting the Parklife music festival 2012. It displays information about the music festival accompanied by the image of a half-naked woman back on emerging from a fur suit. There are fully naked men and women running into the background of the poster.

0412/1224 October 2012Bavarian Bier Cafe

Posters of women appearing to be ripping their clothes off exposing underclothes like lederhosen. The torso is the only part in the poster.

0413/1224 October 2012Bavarian Bier Cafe

Women appearing to be ripping their clothes off exposing underclothes like lederhosen. The torso is the only part visible in the image.
I have subsequently seen this on the Bavarian Bier Cafe website.

0414/1224 October 2012Coca-Cola Amatil

Product launch campaign is titled 'No forking worries'. It’s about SPC's new Big Bean Bar.

0415/1224 October 2012Hungry Jacks
A male voice is threatening to hit another person for not returning some money. The money is to be used to buy a food product. The male then hits other person and then threatens further violence.