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0027/1310 April 2013Surf Dive n Ski
The Advertisement feature an image of two men and woman's back side in a bikini. The image focusses on the fact her bottom is fat and dimpled. The tagline says something like " life is better in boardies".
0093/1310 April 2013IAG Insurance

An advert, about different groups of people driving to various functions, with Shane/Warren Webke (a former footballer celebrity, & reader of the daily 6pm Sports section news on Channel 7 in QLD) in the passenger seat.

0094/1310 April 2013Brand Developers

The product is called never smoke, it is a rechargeable cigarette that can have tobacco or a mint flavour and when you suck on it you actually exhale a smoke substance, and by the way you can charge it through the USB port on your computer.

0095/1310 April 2013Spudbar
A clear coloured poster for the Spudbar restaurant which is dominated by the phrase in black type "why F#CK with a good thing". The Spudbar logo is at the bottom of the advertisement.
0096/1310 April 2013Sussex Media
The "Bioshock" Television advertisement promotes an animated digital game for various game consoles. There is an image of a girl sitting on a horse with a noose around her neck.
0097/1310 April 2013Haggle Co
Haggle Co ad- man in a fat suit.
0098/1310 April 2013Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Two men, maybe three, driving a four wheel drive in in a picturesque area overlooking a spectacular rocky escarpment. This appears as your typical National Park setting up north. They stop and one turns to the other as asks if he knows where they are and the other fellows answers 'no'. The camera pans to a box of beer on the back seat. They get out of the car and sit on chairs drinking beer and taking in the view.
0099/1310 April 2013Wicked Campers

Here is the company's Facebook page, with the upper left photo depicting Snow White doing Cocaine.!/media/set/?set=a.133201...

0101/1310 April 2013Wicked Campers
Fuck it Dude..... let's go bowling! is written on the back of a Wicked Camper. QLD plate 983 MYY.
0102/1310 April 2013Addbuild Master Builders Pty Ltd
Advertisement for design and construction of home additions. Promotes the addition of rooms or space and refers to the phrase "not enough room to swing a cat?"
0103/1310 April 2013Eskanders Betstar Pty Ltd
The advertisement was a male telling people that as black cats are considered bad luck, and with the 13th of the month approaching, that people who wanted to win at gambling should be catching black cats and bringing them to Betfair. It goes on to say that Betfair will only accept cats that are alive because "A dead black cat can't cross your path". The advertisement ends with the man's voice saying that kitty litter and cat food won't be accepted.
0104/1310 April 2013Pelvis

"Pelvis Serve"- Goodgod Danceteria March 22 11pm.
A picture of a naked woman under a table with breasts protruding through the table and the leg of the table between her legs.

0105/1310 April 2013News Ltd
Outdoor poster ad - says "Debbie here used to be a real cow 'insert pic of handbag' now she's got style" 'insert picture of Sunday style magazine.
0106/1310 April 2013Wicked Campers
The advertisement consisted of our car being called "LSD taxi" (it was written on the side) and someone was represented with a blue pill (I think that might have been the "LSD drug") on the tongue.

I have pictures as proofs of my statement.
0107/1310 April 2013Live Nation Australia

It was a promotional picture of 'Rihanna' for her upcoming concert in September. It was on page 12 of an edition of 'The Advertiser' on 14 March 2013. Rihanna is seemingly naked with one arm across one breast and the words unapologetic across the other breast.

0108/1310 April 2013Diageo Australia Ltd
J&B Alcohol advertisement on side of local buses. Depicts young people partying and drinking in a club environment and in a 'junkyard' with women in this particular environment wearing short shorts, crop tops etc. Also images with people wearing swimming costumes
0109/1310 April 2013Sexpo Pty Ltd
Sexpo ad for Canberra Sexpo show.
0110/1310 April 2013Boardroom of Melbourne
The billboard shows a beautiful woman and a lip print, with a caption that reads "You may not be the first, but really... do you care?"
0111/1310 April 2013Yum Restaurants International
Advertising the new deluxe burger range.
0112/1310 April 2013Ubank

This advertisement shows a gentleman explaining a feature in his garden, which looks like a volcano with golden lava, to another gentleman standing nearby. There's some discussion about how this feature represents savings and the second gentleman plunges his hand into the golden lava and screams in pain. End of ad.
A scene of the volcano shown in the advertisement also appears on the advertiser’s web page (

0113/1310 April 2013Extension leads Australia
Company van advertising their business Extension Leads Australia 1300413260
Van spray painted yellow/purple/blue with scantily clad lady on it.
0114/131 May 2013Woolworths Supermarkets
Full page advertisement. Caffitaly system logo in top left. Picture of Capsule machine next to 3 lattes in mugs (poka dot, Hippy Caravan and Blue and White stripe) Headline of 'Cafe quality coffee in your kitchen. Only from Woolworths'. Picture of Gloria Jeans Capsules and Woolworths Select Capsules, next to body of text that states "With new Caffitaly system and coffee capsules from Select or Gloria Jeans Coffees, you can enjoy cafe quality coffee at home everyday. Available now at Woolworths or online at" Gloria Jeans and Woolworths Select Logos in bottom right.
0116/1310 April 2013Sexpo Pty Ltd
The female voice begins the advertisement by explaining she cannot say all she wants to say. But she repeats the word "sexpo" several times, and the word "juicy" in a seductive manner. There is no musical background to the ad, only the loud, sexy-toned voice a woman.
0117/131 May 2013SSAA

Large outdoor poster showing a man posing with a large rifle.
A smaller picture shows the same man dressed in work clothes labelled "John 26, Electrician".
The headline reads "Electrician by Day - Hunter by Choice"
A logo is the corner which reads "2013 Year Of The Hunter".

0119/131 May 2013Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Two young children play on a beach. The young boy has a small guitar and sings the band-aid jingle for the ad.
0120/131 May 2013Coca-Cola South Pacific
This advertisement contains all sorts of rebellious activity being exhibited by huge gangs of youths unsupervised at night (not a good example for young children at all), with the worst part being the highly sexualised content - especially the suggestive camera angles and filthy dancing, finishing off with passionate kissing of the young boy and girl at the end.
0121/131 May 2013Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
A group of blonde adults run through a city street in a parade. They are all wearing tan coloured clothing and at the end of the advertisement it mentions "a pure blonde moment."
0122/131 May 2013Fusion Retail Brands
Jag jeans ad with topless woman.
0123/131 May 2013Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
The advertisement is for Poise liners. There is a group from the 'library or book club group' and they are referring to LBL (light bladder leakage). The group laugh at or with the one little.
0124/131 May 2013Ssangyong Motors Australia
Actor riding on the back of a tray/FWD whist talking.
0125/131 May 2013All Interactive Entertainment
The ad is for a new video game called Dead Island Riptide and it shows a segment of the game where a couple are being attacked by zombies and they commit suicide (create an explosion) in order to escape them. The final shot of the ad shows a man hanging by his neck from a tree.
0126/131 May 2013Unilever Australasia
A pink Magnum ice-cream entitled "Marc de Champagne".
0127/131 May 2013Philips Electronics Aust Ltd
A brown skinned "cave man" with a full beard and voluminous, tousled hair is attempting to shave his face. Cut to animated demonstration of the razor process. The same man is shown shaving his face with the aforementioned razor. The next scene is a very light skinned white man with short, combed-back hair as a voiceover says "switch to the Philips AquaTouch. It's the shaver for the modern man".
0128/131 May 2013Mini Australia

Guy driving his mini paceman home sees his female partner/sister whatever and races her home. He wins.

0129/1310 April 2013Ubank
A white man is talking to a black man about a pool of molten gold in his yard as a metaphor for money he has saved. The black man believing the white man about it being a metaphor puts his hand in into the molten gold and burns himself.
0130/131 May 2013Global Shop Direct
The advert is for an item call GripGo which can be attached to the dash or windscreen of your car to hold your mobile phone or similar devices such as gps, ipod or ipad.
0131/131 May 2013Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd

A passenger is seated incorrectly in First Class, and upon discovery by correct passenger proceeds to hypnotize him with a bowl of cereal and then convince him that he is actually seated out the back, near the toilet, between the big guy and the crying baby. At the end of the commercial he is then trying to hypnotize the air stewardess that she will date him.

0132/131 May 2013OPSM Pty Ltd
Two boys squirting each other with big water pistols - aiming at the eyes.
0133/131 May 2013Woolworths Supermarkets
A general identification of a chain store and its products.
0134/131 May 2013Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd

A mother and daughter are playing tennis against two male opponents.
The mother hits the ball across the net, and the ball strikes the younger male opponent.
The daughter says “Mum, you move so well”.

0135/131 May 2013Coca-Cola Amatil

The ad shows a woman holding a water bottle with a caption saying "Tall, slim, with curves in all the right places".

0136/131 May 2013Zerella
There has been more than one advertisement for these potatoes each with a similar theme, obviously trying to sell this brand of potatoes. Ads refer to 'hot' potatoes.
0137/131 May 2013House Mouse Design

Full page. Young woman; dressed in black; not smiling; huge eyes; large crucifix hanging from neck beads; skirt pulled up; legs apart; chopping board on thighs; knife in hand; hacking fat salami with knife; older guys in background, laughing, looking like they have been having a good time.

0138/131 May 2013Kotton Kandy
Girls' Swimsuit:
Girls' Swimsuit:
Girls' Swimsuit:
0139/131 May 2013Westfield Group

Billboard advertising a trip to Paris if you go to their Facebook page and post a photo of yourself. The girl on the billboard looks anorexic and distorted.

0140/131 May 2013Virbac Australia

A Man presents the Advertisement then images are shown of animals, carcasses, inc image of diseased cattle tongue.

0141/131 May 2013Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd

Ford Australia has come up a TV advertising campaign which takes a dig at people living with real mental and neurological disorders or intellectual delay. The ad consist of a series of historical scenes where one person twirls their finger and whistles as though to comment 'that’s nuts' when presented with novel ideas, then everyone laughs.

0142/131 May 2013Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd

Ford Australia has come up an online advertising campaign which takes a dig at people living with real mental and neurological disorders or intellectual delay. The ad consist of a series of historical scenes where one person twirls their finger and whistles as though to comment 'that’s nuts' when presented with novel ideas, then everyone laughs.

0143/131 May 2013Centrecom
A girl needs help buying a computer and then there are several different accented men talking in whats meant to be IT jargon at her till a lovely "aussie" from centrecom helps her.