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Results for February 2013

0022/1313 February 2013Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd

The advertisment shows scenes of women bouncing on exercise balls in order to show the effective support offered by the Berlei sports bra.

0023/1313 February 2013Centrepoint Tamworth
Banner on side of building - 3/4 metres wide - showing a pair of breasts with the words "Double the fun" written across them.
0034/1327 February 2013Il Ricco

Panties for first menses.

0035/1327 February 2013Choosi Pty Ltd

An older man describes how easy it was for him to get funeral insurance from Choosi Insurance. A second older woman astride a pushbike tells the viewer how easy it was to discuss her business with the Choosi call centre. Both testimonials are interspersed with shots of a man answering a phone and various graphics displaying the company's logo and phone number.

0036/1313 February 2013Burger Urge

"Get intimate with our new premium beef"- Refer

Image featuring a young woman licking the face of a cow. Condom packets bearing the slogan "get intimate with our new premium beef'

0037/1313 February 2013Afters

The advertisement was talking of after sex comfort liners to wear.

0038/1313 February 2013Man with a Van
The ad depicts a woman opening her door to some overweight unattractive moving men and not being pleased with this fact. The men are then bending over revealing their plumbers crack while doing their job with the woman watching in disgust.
0040/1313 February 2013Liquor Alliance (VIC)
Advertisement for their "hump" club.
0041/1313 February 2013Jamberoo Action Park
"Get Bitten By the Funnel Web" Jamberoo Recreation Park fun water ride for children.
0042/1313 February 2013Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund
Subways new $5 breakfast sub.
0043/1327 February 2013Hollard Financial Services
Discussion of the need for life insurance, shows family at a swimming pool and a toddler enters the pool with a flotation device strapped around her waist.
0044/1327 February 2013Cotton On
Cotton On advertisement for active booster shorts. The pose the model is taking constitutes nudity as her buttock is exposed.
0046/1313 February 2013Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific

A poster at the Kings Cross Railway Station with an older male (probably in his 70's and representing a grandfather). The person has a look of, I suppose disgust, on his face. Advertisement is for Dirty Granny cider.

0047/1313 February 2013The Penthouse
This mobile billboard advertising is parked on Pitt Street, Sydney most days. I believe the vehicle is parked up near Park Street early in the morning (6am) and then moved down the street near the back of the Hilton Hotel and the Wesley Centre. The billboard advertises a brothel and shows a lady in a sexual pose and with limited clothing, I have photos if required.
0048/1327 February 2013Lovers Adult Store

Sound of a vibrator.

0049/1327 February 2013Honey Bunny's Adult Store & Quiver
Advertising the sale of adult sex toys for sale.
0050/1327 February 2013Unilever Australasia

The advertisement is for "Lipton New Virgin Cocktail" drinks, specifically the "Pina Colada cocktail" line. It has images of young females riding bikes and the tag line "enjoy irresponsibly".

0051/1313 February 2013Virtual Scaffolding
The advertisement was in the form of a large poster attached to low-rise scaffolding on a building site. The poster featured a woman wearing a bikini and a hard hat, next to the acrostic text: 'Virtual Instant Access Guaranteed Right Away [VIAGRA] Scaffolding'. It also had contact details for the company.
0053/1327 February 2013Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd

The ad shows a 'geeky' guy fixated on a very attractive woman, who is bending over in a dress. You see her from the side, but the ad indicates that the man would be able to see her underwear. He watches her, she comes over, speaking Italian and berates him for peering at her. She then whispers in his ear, kisses him, dips her finger in his coffee, drops some on her cleavage and has him lick the remaining froth from her finger. The ad then shows that he was imagining the woman and is shown looking at the Fiat Abarth car.

0055/1327 February 2013SCA Hygiene Australasia
Libra tampons for comfortable removal.
0056/1327 February 2013Australian National Preventive Health Agency
Quit smoking advert: graphic images of pried open eyes.
0057/1327 February 2013Civic Video

Very large and indeed prominent lettering displayed on the window of the Civic Video Movie shop "Tight Ass Tuesday".

0058/1327 February 2013Department of Health (formerly ANPHA)

The ad is a scene of a man sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting for test results about a shadow on the lung. We hear the man’s worries through his thoughts. It is promoting lung cancer.

0059/1327 February 2013BCF

Advertising eskys and different fishing rods and reels.

0061/1327 February 2013Global Shop Direct

A guy driving in his car showing how to use the Gripgo, a mobile phone holder that is stuck on the windscreen. They show other drivers using their phone in the car, in various scenarios.

0062/1327 February 2013Converse

The billboard shows a man leaning over a motorbike wearing converse sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt. The slogan reads "shoes are boring, wear sneakers".