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Results for June 2013

0164/1312 June 2013Unilever Australasia

Lynx product depicts a young woman who is screaming for help since she has swum out too far, a young man, presumably a life saver, swims out to her rescue. A shark fin comes into view, the young man is seen swimming towards the woman to save her- the next image is shown underwater where the young man wrestles with the shark. The images portray him punching the shark several times, the young man is seen leaving the water carrying the 'unconscious' woman.

The next few scenes don't make continuity sense but he last appears on the beach in an astronaut suit with the young woman jogging towards him in the style of the movie "10" (from the 80s) and the Lynx product is then shown.

0165/1312 June 2013Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd

A dog travelling with its lady owner to a dog training session in a jeep compass’s in two parts...

0166/1312 June 2013Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
Woman is taking her dog to a dog training class - this is the part two where the teacher is now a man.
0167/1312 June 2013MJ Bale
A photo of two women and one man sitting on a bed.
0168/1312 June 2013Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd
The advertisement trailer for the new Hangover Part 3 movie.
0169/1312 June 2013Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd

The billboard is advertising the release of a scary movie that was coming out. It includes lots gauls, skeleton and a guy with his head cut off.

0170/1312 June 2013Ubank

A white man shows a black man a molten volcano in his back yard that is bubbling with gold. He says it is a metaphor for U Bank. The black man puts his hand in the liquid gold and smiles and then screams with pain when he realizes it is hot.

0171/1312 June 2013Bayer Australia Ltd

An advertisement for Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory cream (Canesten).

0172/1312 June 2013Love and
A large, red billboard (owned by EYE Billboards) shows a woman's face and the words "YOU DESERVE IT. EXPERIENCE OUR VIP BOOTHS". A phallic symbol of a rocket taking off towards the woman’s face is clearly visible. The billboard is advertising Love and Rockets.
A photo of the billboard can be provided on request.
0173/1312 June 2013Miele Australia
There is a vacuum cleaner sucking up a cat.
0175/1312 June 2013Sportingbet Australia Pty Ltd
The ad has an image of a female goal umpire waving a flag to signal a behind. Next to it there is text saying "Money Back. If your team kicks more behinds than the opposition and loses in this week's AFL" To the right of that is a logo with "Big Behinds" and "Money Back" written.
0176/1312 June 2013Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
Two females and two males are playing tennis and one female is asking the other why she is so fit.
0177/1312 June 2013Bonds Industries Ltd
A very young looking girl (14-16) is skipping rope in a bra and pants, while different shots are shown of her wiggling her bottom in a suggestive way while skipping. At the end there is a very close-up shot of her girlish bottom.
0178/1312 June 2013Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford Kuga ad - promoting features of the car
0179/1312 June 2013Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd

These two advertisements for Kellogg LCM Original Cereal Bars are part of the LCM “exciting facts” promotion, and were broadcast during April and May 2013. An associated “exciting facts” app, available for iPhone and android, is promoted within the advertisements.
The second advertisement, entitled ‘Snails’, depicts a girl in school uniform looking at an LCM bar in her lunchbox, reading another ‘exciting fact’: “snails can sleep for up to three years!” She glances around at an overgrown wall, and the camera zooms down a dark nook inside the wall, where two animated snails are sleeping in a bedroom (complete with nightcaps, bedroom furniture and gender-assigned pink and blue pyjamas), snoring loudly. The girl’s face is seen peering in as she whispers “nighty night”. The voiceover and end frame are the same as for the ‘stegosaurus’ advertisement.
The LCM exciting facts app for iPhone and android features a light blue background and colourful, cartoonish pictures representing the different classes of ‘exciting facts’, including ‘animals’, ‘sport’ and ‘silly’. It sends an exciting fact out each day, which can be written on the promotional LCM packaging.

0180/1312 June 2013Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd

These two advertisements for Kellogg LCM Original Cereal Bars are part of the LCM “exciting facts” promotion, and were broadcast during April and May 2013. An associated “exciting facts” app, available for iPhone and android, is promoted within the advertisements.
The first advertisement, entitled ‘Stegosaurus’ opens with a young boy in school uniform sitting in the school yard. He produces an LCM bar from his lunchbox and reads in a sceptical tone: “a stegosaurus’s brain was the size of a walnut”. He glances around to see another school boy pushing on a door clearly marked ‘pull’. As he watches, the boy sprouts a bright green, animated tail, which grows into a full dinosaur shape (notably not a stegosaurus). The first boy looks on in wonder. An adult voiceover says ‘LCM write-on wrappers exciting facts: another fun way to surprise them’. The end frame shows the LCM product, with the words “Download the Exciting Facts app”.

0181/1312 June 2013Unilever Australasia
Magnum for pleasure seekers . Moodometer are you pink or black let the moodmeter decide
0182/1312 June 2013Holden Ltd

Encouragement of young people to participate in a hot lap in a normal car on a race track to be excited.

0183/1312 June 2013Pacific Magazines
The advertisement featured a group of Amish women excited by new things that seemed to appear in their area.
0184/1312 June 2013Just Group Ltd
Poster announcing a OMG sale of $20 - $25 items. Then they have an OMFG sale starting from $5.
0185/1312 June 2013Kingpin Bowling
The picture of a woman sitting down, is contained in a digitally printed adhesive vinyl graphic that has been applied to the inside of the windows on the facade of the building, but this image faces out onto the street. A copy of this picture can be viewed on the Kingpin website homepage at
0186/1312 June 2013Yellow Brick Road Super
Opens with female with a child in pram, moves to Mark Bouris advertising superannuation then short shot of a male and female.
0187/1312 June 2013Just Group Ltd
Sale starts in store today!! Like if you're going shopping..., OMFG! Sale Stock from $5
0188/1312 June 2013Yum Restaurants International
Father and young child (2-3 yr old) spending quality time together "Being a good example for your child... having fun together...." the family of 4 sits down to KFC, screen shot of father and child eating KFC.
0190/1312 June 2013Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The

Smiths new potato chips, now 30% less salt - featuring Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story.
Prime time advertising slot for channel 10 - 6:10pm on a Monday during the Simpsons.

0192/1312 June 2013Advanced Medical Institute

As part of the "Yellow Envelope" mailout there was one advertiser that had a small little yellow envelope which had "Adults Only" in black writing.
Inside the yellow envelope there was a fold out pamphlet that was titled "FOR LONGER LASTING SEX" and the aim of the pamphlet advertising a cure for premature ejaculation.

0193/1326 June 2013SCA Hygiene Australasia
A group of girls are out when one receives a call for an impromptu job interview. The interview is required immediately. Her friend drives her to the interview while she "freshens up" in the back seat of the car.
0194/1326 June 2013South Australian Tourism Commission
Ad for Barossa Valley.
0195/1319 June 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
TV advertisement for Nissan Pulsar Hatch.
0196/1312 June 2013Cam River Signs
It depicts a symbol for a female + a symbol for a male = a symbol depicting two wedding rings. Then underneath it states it is "designed by God". It then also says that it is representative of churches in "Wynyard and Somerset" which is the next town.
0197/1326 June 2013WorkSafe Victoria
A man sticks his hand inside a jammed machine to pull something out after he sees his boss isn't around. We then see his face in agony and splattered blood on the machine.
0198/1326 June 2013Sunshine Coast Daily Newspaper
New commercial on TV, Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper advertising their news, up-to-date stories, articles, media services. In the content of the advert, there are a few headlines like from the newspaper articles supported by a video of what's in the headlines.. Particularly, one of them says: Russian expat on a lookout for older men.. Supported by a video of a blonde middle age woman in skinny jeans is sitting down on the park bench next to a man, she tries to flirt with him in a "cougar" style or something..
0199/1326 June 2013Yum Restaurants International


The advertisement shows an ordinary looking man eating KFC hot and spicy chicken, which upon eating it, he begins to cry. He is seen by a young, attractive female pet shop owner who gives him a hug. He is then seen by numerous attractive young women wearing very revealing clothing, and is then seen on a boat with about 10 of these women, who pop Champaign and dance around him, caress him, etc.

0200/1326 June 2013Coca-Cola South Pacific
Group a women sitting on a grass hill. They roll a can of Diet Coke down the hill towards a man mowing the lawn. He opens the can, which spill over his shirt. He removes his shirt and continues mowing the lawn.
0201/1326 June 2013Solahart

The advertisement begins with a female watching a sports program while her male counterpart is asleep on the lounge next to her and then the television goes off. A young boys voice is heard saying 'Sorry, Ma' at which point she gets up and hits the child with the magazine or newspaper she has in her hand to make him wake up and begin pedalling the bicycle that is wired to the television so her program will come back on. The advertisement then informs the viewer that they can avoid missing their programs by installing a Solar Hart system.

0202/1326 June 2013Dads 4 Kids
Shows different ways that Dads can interact with their kids and the "imaginative" ways kids see this interaction / play.
0203/1319 June 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
The ad showed a couple one of whom was pregnant timing their trip from home to the hospital in a car .The car gave the impression that it was speeding and when they arrived at the hospital the couple congratulated each other on the time they took as it was only a practice for the real event.
0204/1319 June 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd

The New Nissan pulsar ad of two people speeding to a hospital - she's pretending she’s pregnant and his timing his effort to get her there.

0205/1319 June 2013Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
The theme of this ad shows a couple in a car speeding and driving aggressively along streets until they turn into the forecourt of a Hospital. The female is shown to be pregnant and the Male announces to the female that he did his best time ever.
0206/1326 June 2013WorkSafe Victoria
I would like to officially complain about the series of Work Safe ads that clearly show mutilated limbs at any time of the day through a variety of media channels.
0217/1326 June 2013South Australian Tourism Commission
Advert promoting Barossa Valley.