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Results for April 2014

0059/149 April 2014Surf Life Saving Australia
A beach scene with general public sitting on the sand, lifesavers in background, red and yellow flags with swimmer in the surf.
0075/149 April 2014Lion
Yogo Alley website which advertises Yogo dairy desserts and includes 25 games.
0079/149 April 2014Hungry Jacks
Mango smoothy
0082/149 April 2014Mars Confectionery
The advertisement pictured two young women demonstrating signs of guilt for eating single Malteser chocolates.
0087/149 April 2014Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd

Various scenes of woman describing embarrasing stories experienced because of using pads. One scene has a pad floating in a pool and in another, a girl types into an online search engine, "am I putting it in the right hole."

0088/149 April 2014Transport Accident Commission

Scenes of a man in a night club taking some kind of pill. he then drives and hits a pedestrian.

0089/149 April 2014Unilever Australasia
The Paddle Pop Dino Terra website: features a range of games, videos and activities featuring the recognisable Paddle Pop Lion. The games involve the Lion taking on challenges at the “Ice Temple”, “Floating Islands” and “Secret Pyramid”. Some games are available for download from the app store, to be played on tablets, rated in the I-tunes store for children aged 9+. When visitors to the site first arrive they are greeted by an animated erupting volcano and surrounding jungle scene labelled with the words “Paddle Pop DinoTerra”, as music plays. The Paddle Pop Lion is shown with a speech bubble that says “welcome to Dino Terra! Play games, watch movies and get your own dinosaurs!”
Dinosaurs fly through the sky screeching as the Paddle Pop lion swings through the jungle, performing summersaults and karate moves with a flaming stick as he faces a variety of animated foes. One character says “do you want to rule the world with three dinosaur crystals?” then Paddle Pop Lion says “I have to follow the shadow master into the past!” A variety of fantastic mythical characters with cartoon-like faces that seem to live in the jungle are shown.
0090/149 April 2014Wicked Campers

White car with the Wicked Campers internet address across the rear windscreen and the text, "I was in fuckin' Nirvana dude.  Dave Grohl" written on the side panel

0091/149 April 2014Wicked Campers

Red car with the Wicked Campers slogan and the text, "God I'm Fucking Awesome" written on the side panel.

0092/149 April 2014Wicked Campers

Red Wicked Campers van with a cartoon image of two men and the text, "Shut the f#ck up Donny" on the side panel.

0093/149 April 2014FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
There was a family in a car and I think the advertisement was in relation to entertainment called PRESTO.
0095/149 April 2014Aldi Australia

Aldi commercial about cheese. Depicted as a group in a Church service and the announcer is a Minister in a church.

0096/149 April 2014Lion
4 men are on an island and the ad plays on stereotypes that include playing stupid tricks on one another (hazing/apprentice tricks) such as moving people while they are sleeping, excluding people when hit a hole in one.
0097/149 April 2014Nestle Australia Ltd
The Milo website: provides games and activities directed to children through its “Play-o-pedia” area of its website. The homepage reads “Play-o-pedia! Games-o-fun for everyone.” It features a “random play idea” generator and a list of games including “crazy circuits”, “hop scoop and a jump” and “scavenger hunt challenge”.
0098/149 April 2014Sportingbet Australia Pty Ltd
It is a paintball multi-gun assault on sporting identity Shane Warne.
0101/149 April 2014Fyna Foods Australia
The Wizz Fizz Australia website: is a rich, colourful animated online platform that promotes Wizz Fizz confectionary items to young children using characters, cartoon monsters, “comps and promos” and games. Cute and zany monsters with one, two and three-eyes populate the screen in garish pink, green and orange cartoons. The home page reads “Wizz Fizz - It’s all about fun, excitement and adventure”. The homepage invites children to “Play the Wizz Muncher”, download the iPhone app, and join the Wizz Fizz Club. The Wizz Fizz Club section of the site invites children to fill in their details to receive further marketing communications from Wizz Fizz including “exclusive members’ competitions” and “access fun games and downloads”.
0102/149 April 2014Hudson's circus
Advertising circus performance coming to Loganholme Qld
0103/149 April 2014The Body Shop
Window sized poster advertising large bottle of shower gel. The bottle is tucked into and is sticking out and upwards of the centre front of a man's shower towel, which is low-slung on his hips after a shower. Words in big print are 'WAKE UP TO A BIG ONE EVERY MORNING' or something similar.
0104/149 April 2014The Negotiator
The advertisement, which is located on two vehicles that are always parked in front of a church and adjacent to a primary school reads something along the lines of "Get your attention?" and below has a picture of a woman in a bikini standing in a provocative way, it is a sexually suggestive advertisement suggesting that this particular company is good at getting attention through sexually suggestive imaging.
0105/149 April 2014Aussiebum
There is a man with no shirt and red underpants lying back in a suggestive pose. He appears to have an erection or at least emphasised genitals in a pornographic way.
0106/149 April 2014Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
A young girl typing onto her computer words to the effect " How do I know to put it in the right hole".
0107/149 April 2014Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Various women and girls in the ad discussing period flooding,(covering her dress with a shawl) putting tampons up there....( a young girl reading what to do and displaying a tampon) a photo of a young gymnasts in a group of gymnasts highlighting her period pad showing for everyone to see (making a comment about being on her grandfathers shelf for ever).
0108/149 April 2014Target Australia Pty Ltd
Gok Wan was advertising bras and refers to women's breasts as assets.
0109/1423 April 2014Capri Body Fashions
A group of Women walking down a street in their underwear
0110/1423 April 2014RAMS Home Loans Pty Ltd
A puppet-ram talks to a workman with a ute, about financial issues. This man also has another workman working with him. The original guy has a discussion with the 'ram' about financial issues.
0111/1423 April 2014ANZ Banking Group Ltd
A picture of a very skimpily dressed roller skater with her hands high in the air.
0114/1423 April 2014Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Bonds - Three girls running running and jiggling in bras and underpants.

0115/1423 April 2014Dollar Shave Club
A man walks through a warehouse, doing various things catches a tennis raquet in his left hand, hit a tennis ball, then gets on the front of a reversing forklift, then hold a box while a worker extends the tape while he hits it with a huge blade, then throws the box to a person wearing a bear suit, then walks alnong a pile of parcels. The ad is here
0116/1423 April 2014Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Man talking about bum cracks instead of a house he bought. He has a dog and is doing his shoes up. There is a lady behind him.
0117/1423 April 2014Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
Smith's MAXX: The One up Man Chip. Set in a pub, men sing a refrain as they show off a skill/asset/object/woman, only for other men to sing the refrain louder and more powerfully showing that their skill/asset/object/women are greater. This symbolizes the tag line of the ad (the one up man chip) as it is a play on one-upmanship.
0118/1423 April 2014San Remo
A couple getting intimate on a kitchen bench top
0119/1423 April 2014Yum Restaurants International
A series of scenes with men sitting in silence together while the voice over states that 'silence isn't awkward for guys because they don't need to talk.'
0120/1423 April 2014Mars Confectionery
Several builders are shown on a worksite calling out 'empowering statements' to female passerby's. They call out phrases such as
'oi, that colour really works for you, have a productive day'.
The men chant 'What don't we want?''Misogyny', 'What do we want?' 'Gender Equality'
The screen shows the statement
"You're not you when you're hungry"
0121/1423 April 2014Primo Smallgoods
A naked man is lying on top of a floor of bacon with more bacon falling on to him, while he is writhing in pleasure.
0122/1423 April 2014Horticulture Australia Limited
Advertisement about bananas and it had as the catch line NA NA and another rhyming word which i didn't get written down in time.
At the end of the ad, the camera pulled back and they were playing the jingle and from the left hand side of the screen a great big very red boxing glove came out and hit a person in the head...with the words on a piece of wood or something, saying no bone bananas.
0123/1423 April 2014Paddo Bowls
Full page advertisement on P32 of the Good Weekend Magazine in Sydney Morning Herald on 29 March 2014. The lower portion of the advertisement reads "bowls without the olds"
0124/1423 April 2014Bayswater Car Rental Pty Ltd
The advert says they do not have "birds" (women) working for them! Advert has a man asking for birds!
0125/1423 April 2014Tyres4U
Starring Vince Sorrenti ad claims to find the right tyres for your car
0127/1423 April 2014BMW Group Australia Ltd
Advertisement for new BMW 2 series car.
0128/149 April 2014Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd¬if_t=like
0129/149 April 2014Regal Marine Pty Ltd
It was advertising fishing products.
0130/1423 April 2014Bras n' Things
Floor to ceiling poster depicting 2 naked blonde women posed sitting. Pink comfort bra floating in-between with writing underneath. On either side there are separate posters, again floor to ceiling depicting 2 other women wearing bras and underwear posing.
0131/1423 April 2014My Plates
It's about a Ferrari with plain number plates and the car is speaking to us about his owner being a shocky accountant, pimp and a drug dealer. The car is speaking in an Italian actsent
0132/1423 April 2014Mayo Hardware
Women running to answer door with towel on looses towel by dog grabbing it runs out front naked
0133/1423 April 2014Mars Confectionery
A man falls of a motor bike, the camera zooms in and we see an angry middle aged man, made to look ugly. He is given a Snickers bar and turns into a good looking young man. The caption - You are not yourself when you are hungry.
0134/1423 April 2014Unilever Australasia
Images of male military soldiers on a beach in full army fatigues accompanied by women in bikinis. with the slogan - "make love, not war"
0135/1423 April 2014Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
Nivea are currently promoting a new range to their line, being body wash.
0136/1423 April 2014Witchery
The advertisement is a web video with a still video frame image of a young girl.
0137/1423 April 2014Quit Victoria
Advertisement to quit smoking re: Lung Cancer, where a female is seen lying on a bed with a Dr performing a bronchoscopy type procedure to show Lung Cancer