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Results for December 2014

0462/1410 December 2014QLD Police Union of Employees
The advert shows a female police officer dropping her daughter off at music lesson.
The officer is then involved in a domestic violence job where the female victim is been told she is now safe while the frustrated male aggressor looks on. The advert then implies the female officer attending now becomes a victim of violence as well.
0504/1410 December 2014Cars Guide
A young lady standing on the right of screen in front of a purple background and an older man standing on the left side in front of a white background. A man is hit in the head and groin by a ball or by bees.
0505/1410 December 2014Computer Troubleshooters
The advertising was promoting themselves as skilled I.t professionals. During the advertisement the F word is beeped out as someone gets frustrated with their computer not working properly.
0506/1410 December 2014Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD:
A couple drive to their children’s school and go into the school during school hours to take their two children, age range 6-9 yrs, out of class to go recreational driving off road and Beach driving. The vehicle drives on the beach to meet a sea plane.
0507/1410 December 2014Fantasy Lingerie
Girls wearing sexy/fantasy lingerie posing on all fours and with their legs open.
0509/1410 December 2014The Search Party
Post advertisement. I am happy to provide a hard copy or a scanned copy of the advertisement.
0510/1410 December 2014East Shores IT
It was advertising how to get your computer fixed but the voiceover used the word Mongrel.
0511/1410 December 2014ASSA ABLOY
An ad for LOCKWOOD Digital Door Lock. A woman appears to be locked out of her home when putting the garbage out but the voiceover says "just use the finger" and she holds her index finger up to then put in the key pad code to enter her home.
0513/1410 December 2014Advanced Medical Institute
"do you want longing lasting sex" "Do you want to make her moan?"
0514/1410 December 2014Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
The new Bonds underwear advertisement. People in underwear on swings and doing somersaults.
0516/1410 December 2014AAMI
Two men in vehicle dressed in fancy dress swerve to avoid a cat on the road (Trevor) which is owned by a female jogger, cat runs up tree and one man in the car tries to rescue it.
0517/1410 December 2014Clean and Fit Wear

A paper flyer containing six photographs of the back of muscular males wearing items of clothing, including a t-shirt with writing on it stating: "I come fuck shit up and leave" and a jumper with writing on it stating: "No pain no gain so shut the fuck up and train."

0518/1410 December 2014QANTAS Airways Ltd
The latest Qantas advert is for workers from what appears to be remote locations going to fly home to family.
0519/1410 December 2014Love Honey

A man and a women talking about sex toys and their benefits of using sex toys and the discrete delivery.

0520/1410 December 2014Coles
The Coles advertisement exclaims that their washing powder is only $4, everyday etc.
0521/1410 December 2014Budget IPL
4 photographs of the different laser hair removal options. one face, one Brazilian, one under arm one chest.
0522/1410 December 2014Mattel Pty Ltd
Please add this toy to your letter to Santa on
0523/1410 December 2014Aldi Australia
Large lady assumed to represent a French woman speaking to promote Aldi products and the advertisement ends with the woman saying 'I like French kissing' and beckoning to a weak-looking, small man to get up from a couch to come over to her and then they engage in what is evidently French kissing in an offensive and lewd manner.
0526/1410 December 2014Frucor Beverages Australia
The massive hit
That improves you a bit
0527/1410 December 2014Pepsico Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
Pepsi ad. It's terribly sexist and implies that camping is not a good time for women on their own and camping will be much more fun if they get attention from men who are hooting at them and want to get into their tent.
0528/1410 December 2014Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd
Quote from ad- 'You're not born glamorous- you create it'
0529/1410 December 2014Campbell's Australia
You are currently airing a commercial for shapes where a women is bullying a young girl playing table tennis.
0531/1410 December 2014Sunbeam Corporation Ltd
Images of women and men (mainly women) in 1950s dress and decor insulting and threatening one another in speech bubbles.
0532/1410 December 2014Sunbeam Corporation Ltd
Images of women and men (mainly women) in 1950s dress and decor insulting and threatening one another in speech bubbles.
0533/1410 December 2014Pharmacare Laboratories
Brut Back Yourself advertisement shows a motorcyclist performing various stunts such as wheelies, standing on seat and behaviour which should be deemed to be of a reckless nature.
0534/1410 December 2014Specsavers Pty Ltd
An ad for Specsavers shot on the beach at a game of beach volleyball
0535/1410 December 2014Ella Bache
It was a Christmas themed ad for Ella Bache featuring a nude woman laying on her side with only wrapped up Christmas presents covering her breasts and genital area.
0536/1410 December 2014Calvin Klein Perfume
TV advertisement in channel 9 - details above
0537/1410 December 2014McCain Australia and New Zealand

Healthy choice ad
Construction workers are having lunch, blonde sandy haired man is eating healthy choice meal
he is thin and neat and superior the darker haired ethnic characters are exposing their flabby bellies like apes against a chain link wire fence and asking for food from the sandy haired blonde Anglo man
he says no to them saying he doesn't want to ruin their figures but it reads as they are begging him like caged animals for his food and he is refusing. It drags up a terrible racist stereotype of the mean nasty Anglo Australian not sharing or treating fellow Australians as equals. No migrant would want to ask for the Anglo Australian's food we bring our own food and our food was better first this ad would have lasted about two seconds in America or a European country where people will identify themselves as the dark haired person being put down it's totally racist.

0538/1410 December 2014Coca-Cola South Pacific
The advertising is made up of  video advertisements.
The advertisements feature "South Americans" who are present to attest to the authenticity of the product (because they are black, and South American, and therefore have coffee expertise). The advertisements feature the slogan "approved by those who know", and include a specific tag line for each individual person.
0540/1410 December 2014Specsavers Pty Ltd
On the advert there are people plying beach volleyball, and it shows a player jumping up and hitting a live bird, thinking it was the ball.