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Results for February 2014

0017/1412 February 2014Ozkleen
Advert describes how it's oven cleaning product is so simple that even the man of the house can use it.
0018/1412 February 2014Good Time Burgers
The advertisement was a full page photo of a woman's bottom, in very skimpy, ripped denim shorts. Her legs are spread apart in a provocative manner. Text overlaid the photo. The text refers to a controversial advertisement by the same advertiser in the previous edition of the magazine (which was recently the subject of an adverse finding by the ASB) and says, sarcastically: 'A formal apology....Our point was not to disturb, but to simply introduce the erotic combination of our moist and juicy burger patties and our soft and smooth buns.' The text appears between the woman's legs. Her face is not visible.
0019/1412 February 2014Gold Coast Tata
Man or two caucasian men sitting in a white car/ute with two caucasian women dressed in indian saris standing by the car.
0020/1412 February 2014Woolworths Supermarkets
There are two BWS ads with the same theme just different scenarios. The thrust is every day and any event, regardless of how trivial it may seem is a special day to celebrate and have a drink.
0021/1412 February 2014Yum Restaurants International
2 men, 1 with English accent and the other with Australian accent discussing 'The Ashes' cricket. Reference made to green and yellow bucket on head instead of hat and bad singing from 'barmy army'.
0022/1412 February 2014Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Ad for Nicorette depicting people smoking.
0023/1412 February 2014Coles
Banner on cover and full page ad for RSPCA branded chicken meat.
0024/1426 February 2014D S Family Law
It features a man complaining that he hadn't seen his kids for three weeks and his wife is trying to claim his super.
0025/1412 February 2014Coles
Coles ad for chicken that is free range hosted by Curtis Stone.
0026/1412 February 2014Transport for NSW
Two men sitting in a bar discussing how to get home after drinking. A range of Plan B options are presented including catching public transport, being shot out of a canon, etc.
0027/1412 February 2014Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
A woman from behind in very tight jeans with a can of Mortein spray in her right hand. Between her legs is what appears to be a dead cockroach. In large script in the foreground are the words... " Shoot To Kill"
0028/1412 February 2014Wicked Campers
Wicked Camper. Painted a woman on each side. One side had a wonder woman type figure with no bra with the writing "Pussy cat" The other side had a dark skinned woman Labelled "Pussy Wagon"
The slogan on the back was "Get out your tits or we'll call it quits"
Can supply photo if required with the rego of this particular camper.
0029/1412 February 2014Enhance Clinic
It has a nude woman on it with a single line of the word Enhance across the nipple of the breast and her hand slightly over the vagina area.
The cars have breasts over the bonnet with just finger tips covering the nipple.
0030/1412 February 2014Enhance Clinic
It has a nude woman on it with a single line of the word Enhance across the nipple of the breast and her hand slightly over the vagina area.
0033/1412 February 2014Kellogg (Aust) Pty Ltd
Description of advertisement
We write to complain about the Kellogg “Coco’s Beats” website, The website invites children, with their parents, to ”jam” to “beats”, using web cam and Coco Pops packaging to undertake musical activities. The website requires a specially marked box of Kellogg’s Coco Pops, which has a picture of licenced character “Coco” the monkey, sitting at a drum kit. The website’s instructions provide: “hold up your box of Coco Pops to your webcam to see Coco appear on the stage.” Parents are also instructed to cut out instruments from the back of the box to add songs. The website instructs: “by using either the A,S, K, L keys or the mouse, your child can control Coco’s arm movements so that he hits the drums. To make sure you and your child get the hang of it, we’ve set up a practice round. As the markers approach Coco on stage, the keyboard or mouse controls are used to make Coco hit the drums.”
0035/1412 February 2014Porsche Cars Australia Pty Ltd
Front page of above publication. Bottom section of that page. Porsche pictured in ad.
0037/1426 February 2014Momentum Energy
A man tries to turn on his TV with the remote. He tries many positions and locations while his wife looks on from the kitchen. The camera zooms to her face showing her smirking. He finishes up under the TV with cabled being tangled around him.
0038/1426 February 2014Brumby's Bakeries Ltd

I am complaining about the Brumbies advertisement at about 5 .15pm on Friday, January 17,

2014 during the 5pm News.

The statement was made that 1 slice of their grain bread had more protein than an egg.

0040/1426 February 2014National Australia Bank Ltd
Youths driving classic car, lose control and drive over a cliff. Return car to normal and laugh at what they had done.
0041/1412 February 2014Hammonds Paints

Two females & two males sitting outside discussing the pros and cons of their (actor husbands) painting jobs.

0043/1412 February 2014Jim Beam Brands Australia Pty Ltd
The advert starts with manufacturing of the large can of alcohol then flying them by helicopter to a party where the pool is filled with these can of alcohol and everyone there is having a good time.
0044/1426 February 2014Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd
Outdoor summer clothes males & females good looking, eastern european appearances and one asian male lying near swimming pool.All about 30's age.Sitting at outdoor table male jumps up on table and starts performing and squirting two sauces on salads as females make suggestive faces. A lot of pouting with lips. "If beautiful is boring then go up to the next level".
Eating hamburgers with a "Smiling Face" made by the sauce.
0045/1426 February
The image depicted in the advertisement is a power socket shaped into the image of a set of fingers shaped to "fly the bird". The middle prong is raised as if it were the middle finger raised gesturing rudely.

0046/1426 February 2014Hungry Jacks
A maori gentleman orders a meal at the counter from a hungry jacks employee
0047/1426 February 2014Outdoors Warehouse
A woman wearing a camouflage green crop top and black underpants is pictured standing from behind. Her arms are lifted up to hold up her hair and she looks down and to the right and her face is not visible. She is posed with her hip pushed to the side and her back slightly arched.
The slogan "Do it outdoors" is placed over the top of the image of the woman, across her back. A phone number is placed over the woman's bottom in a similar way, but is stylised in a way that makes it look like it is supposed to be written on her pants. The image appears on a shop front window on a main road. The image can be viewed here:
0048/1412 February 2014Hotels Combined
This complaint is about the Hotels combined advertisement. It shows a man acting like a mental patient, climbing walls, slipping out from under the bed and rambling like a madman about his hotel savings.
At the end of his ridiculous behaviour his wife or girlfriend chimes in and says, "Why don't you just go to Hotels combined?".
0049/1412 February 2014Menarini
Very sensual/sexy scene; couple is kissing; man looks at wall photo of elderly lady. Couple later visit someone re premature ejaculation.
0050/1412 February 2014Queensland Health
As a transwoman I find the sun mum as completely jarring, insensitive and just plain offensive.
0051/1426 February
Set in a forest with males and a female wearing black protective weapons vests shooting at each other with black high powered weapons holding the weapons in both hands and shooting and targetting each other and red blood spurting all over their black vests. Team manager sitting in branch of tree and standing on the ground firing at his colleagues using high powered weapons. One female shot in chest. Then at the end a picture of a Hotel/Motel in the background in the country saying "he will book the night for you"
0052/1426 February 2014Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
The advertisement was for Nivea Deoderant for women and men.
0053/1426 February 2014Reckitt Benckiser (Aust) Pty Ltd
The advertisement talks about having intimiate times/sex on valentines day. It discusses a condom with two types of gel - one of them with a 'tingling' sensation for extra feeling.
At the end of the advertisement, the phrase used is " If you love sex, love Durex".
0054/1426 February 2014Beiersdorf Aust Ltd
The advertisement is saying that Men are hard working, tired and smelling creatures that women don't have that problem.
0055/1426 February 2014Yum Restaurants International

It is a KFC advertisement relating to buying a deal from $5.00 and also for a friend. At the end of the advertisement a persons work station in filled up with what appears to be styro phone beads and he has to cut his way into his booth, and his workmates laugh.

0056/1426 February 2014FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Fox football advertisement for aust rules football coverage.
0057/1426 February 2014Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
The father appears to be reversing his new jeep into driveway and the little boy, who only looks about 3 years of age is sitting on a box or something with no other adult watching, on the edge of driveway.
0058/1426 February 2014Cancer Institute of NSW

There is a picture of an attractive woman and the line is, I used to be a smoker, I’m going to give you some tips on getting ready' in a croaky voice, then you see a very thin bald woman who moves her hand and there is a hole in her throat from some sort of smoking related condition. I couldn't watch the rest I had to cover my eyes as it was too distressing.