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Results for January 2014

0002/1415 January 2014Female Choice Plumbing
Female Choice Plumbing.
0003/1415 January Ltd
It entailed a man and woman humming the description of excitements and then a voice over relating to some we vibe4 sex toy from adult shop.
0004/1415 January 2014Wicked Campers
"Does your asshole ever get jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?" Slogan on the back of the camper.
0005/1415 January 2014My Chemist
My Chemist advertisement in newspaper for fragrances featuring sexualised images of Katy Perry and Rhianna.
0006/1415 January 2014Rugs a Million
An actor dressed as Austin Powers saying he " got a SHAG for $60" and a woman saying that she also got a SHAG for sixty dollars. The voice over continues to say "sixty dollars" but is interspersed with the words SEXTY dollars.
0007/1415 January 2014Rugs a Million
End of year sale on carpets at Rugs-a-million. ie. Boxing week sales. A woman presenter states that "size does matter."
0008/1429 January 2014Pacific Equity Partners
Various scenes of people apparently enjoying themselves in the sun. Many people appear sunburnt.
Ad is set to "anthem" sounding music - most likely "Ode to Joy". In the final scenes rows of people are portrayed biting in unison into Drumsticks ice creams.
0009/1429 January 2014Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Men are shown drinking VB while operating machinery e.g. lawn mower, electric hand tools.
0010/1429 January 2014Frucor Beverages Australia
V energy - Manic lane changing energy banner on a taxi.
0011/1429 January 2014RAA of South Australia
Actor George Kapiniaris is seen in the advertisment attending a funeral.
0012/1429 January 2014Sony Music Entertainment Australia Ltd

Beyonce's new album includes sexually suggestive images of Beyonce.

0013/1424 January 2014Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Sam Kekovich's Lambasodor ad.
0014/1424 January 2014Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Sam Kekovich and his Lambassador 2014 ad.
0015/1429 January 2014Expedia

Complaining about using the word 'Harlot' in an advertisement for travel by Expedia

0016/1429 January 2014Expedia
Expedia has been running a series of advertisements to use them as a booking agent for overseas destinations. The one I am complaining about shows a solitary bonsai plant sitting on a vacant desk in an unkept condition as the owner of the plant has gone overseas on holidays
0435/1315 January 2014Transport for NSW
An advert set to music with the words "get your hand off it". A man in orange clothing driving with a mobile phone, offends a woman alongside him, drives into a brick wall while using his phone while driving.
0436/1315 January 2014Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund
The summer subway ad introducing new rolls for summer.
0437/1315 January 2014Fantasy Lingerie
The advert was a series of semi naked women dressed only in lingerie, with text pointing to
0438/1315 January 2014AC's striptease
A blonde woman with heavy make up and very large possibly fake breasts is wearing a Santa hat, a white and red bikini style top and garter belt with striped stockings. It seems likely she's not wearing any panties under her garter belt but due to clever camera angle and a bow her vagina is not visible. It also has ACs logo and text advertising Christmas parties and invites the reader to 'come enjoy our hot ladies...'
0440/1315 January 2014Wicked Campers
Offer of a free day of camper van hire if you pick it up naked or send in a photo of yourself naked in front of a 'Wicked' camper van .
0441/1329 January 2014Cantarella Group
Child drinking cup of coffee.
0442/1315 January 2014Pharmacare Laboratories
The advertisement showed young women taking the chewing gum at work and at home and talking about how it helped them eat less by reducing their hunger.
0443/1315 January 2014Sportsbet
Have you lost a leg? Don't worry. Footage of one legged man hopping on walking stick.