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0113/1425 June 2014Advertising Standards Bureau
Your advertisement has sexual pictures in it at an a inappropriate time. A lot of young children are not in bed at this hour. I think people can understand what type of "pictures" you are talking about by using words. Children may start asking parents questions about why the women were dressed like that and why the woman and man were on top of each other. It is inappropriate and as a teacher i think the images should be removed from the advertising. 6-6:30pm is a hour of dinner where family's sit around and spend time together possibly watching television.
0185/1411 June 2014Smith's Snackfood Co Ltd The
The man is eating deli rocks, woman kiss the man so torridly because she liked the taste of the chips
0186/1411 June 2014Ultra Tune Australia
Ultratune ad; 2 girls driving a car following navman for directions, they keep being told to go left by navman and end up driving into a dam, then get towed out
0188/1411 June 2014Bethesda
Wolfenstein new order video game 3 'Nazi type soldiers with machine gun
0189/1411 June 2014Kinki Gerlinki
The advertisement is for a 'flash' three day sale. It depicts a male Figure holding open his coat to a female figure who is facing him with her face covered by her hands.
0191/1411 June 2014Adult Wonderland
Black and white photographs covering shop front windows
0193/1411 June 2014Crop Care
The Crop Care "Nail It" commercial shows the use of a nail gun as a weapon shooting nails into four identified agricultural weeds.
0194/1411 June 2014Energizer Australia Pty Ltd
Facebook app shows full page ad "get closer to a schick model now."
The page includes a Youtube video of a woman writhing around on a couch, walking and running around a house seductively in underpants and a t-shirt.
The t-shirt has a man's face pictured on the front. She lands on a bed and rips off her shirt, revealing another similar shirt (with a man's face pictured on the front.) Strip tease style, she progressively rips off more shirts, revealing others underneath. Finally towards the end of the ad, she goes to lift off the final shirt. As she lifts the shirt to reveal her bare stomach, the video pauses and a message "Click here to see what happens next" appears on the screen. The video then cuts to imagery of a razor and information about the product.
Those who click on the "click here to see what happens next" video will be directed to YouTube to see a new video called "We're revealing it all" where the model removes her shirt completely. View of her breasts are obstructed by various items as she poses seductively for the camera. The "photoshoot" is then shown to be 'finished' and she then leaves the room, topless, to go and speak to other production crew. Various items are strategically placed to obstruct the view of her breasts, however it is apparent that she is topless.
The app invites people to participate in a promotion called "Get Closer." The heading says "Have your face worn by a Schick model." By uploading your picture to the app, you can go in the draw to win a Schick grooming pack.
The text reads "1 in 20 personalised t-shirts and Schick grooming kits to be won. (Model not included)"
By entering the competition, participants choose which model they want to 'wear' the shirt in the online gallery.

0195/1411 June 2014Cancer Council NSW
Bare breasted singer all singing "I touch myself".
0196/1411 June 2014Llewellyn Motors
The advertisement focuses on a jingle "we won't be beaten" relating to price etc.
0197/1411 June 2014Love Honey
It's couples who use this brand if sex toy from the brand love honey and how it has helped it them in the bedroom.
0199/1411 June 2014Sydney Film Festival
A group of small clips is shown along with a fake animated audience reacting to the clips
0200/1411 June 2014Wicked Campers
The words " half of life is fucking up" on a green Wicked Campers vehicle, rego 1EIP 359
0201/1411 June 2014Ultra Tune Australia
Ultratune advertisement just before state of origin kick off.
0202/1411 June 2014Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Contestants from the programme illustrate how many adults can fit in the vehicle. As an afterthought they let a dog into the vehicle.
0203/1411 June 2014Chrysler Australia Pty Ltd
A woman is running through an orchard being flirtatious with a man. She sees another man buying fruit from a roadside stall and gets in the car with him and drives off. The fruit vendor implies that she left with a stranger because he has a luxury car.
0204/1411 June 2014Montserrat Day Hospital
It starts of with Music stating Grow some balls then after advertising to get vasectomy, it continues with Grow some balls to music
0205/1425 June 2014Nestle Australia Ltd
The advertisement for Nestlé “Wonka/Cookie Creamery Chocolate Block” was broadcast on commercial television in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney during the period April 27th – May 17th 2014. It features an animation in which a family of six (grandparents, parents and children) sit around a table with a ‘Wonka’ book. The book suddenly flies into the sky scattering pages which are made of chocolate and the grandfather takes a bite of one of them. The grandmother is seen gardening, taking a bite out of roses made of chocolate. The family is seen sailing across the sky in a hot air balloon as rolling hills and a colourful castle are seen in the background. The word 'Scrumdiddlyumptious', floats across the sky, apparently made from chocolate. The final shot depicts the product “Wonka Cookie Creamery” and slogan “Live a little Wonka” and directs viewers to “Like Us on Facebook”.
0206/1411 June 2014KIA Automotive Australia
Pricing of the Kia motor vehicle
0207/1411 June
Eat now - search order eat - then add says "say bugger off" to cooking -
0208/1425 June 2014Carlton and United Breweries

There was a man who was standing in the living room of a hotel and his wife was putting jewellery and as she asked him about some food he opened a door and one of his mates walked through from a door that was connecting to another hotel room both of which were holding the brand of beer Carlton Draught while drinking. This then happened again with another person walking through another connecting door also holding a beer all men then they say let’s go to the pub, leaving the wife behind without giving her a second thought.

0209/1425 June 2014Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd
The ad is a bogus research institute with a bath filled with electrically heated water and one filled with a controlled gas heater. A white coated "researcher" plunges a teddy bear in the hot bath and his legs turn bright pink as if scalded. The teddy frowns. It is done again in cool bath a teddy smiles.
0210/1425 June 2014Windsor Smith Pty Ltd
Men's shoes, 90s dance music, young women in white leotards. The dance lyric 'oh yeah'!
0211/1425 June 2014Sportsbet
The use of Christ the Redeemer as a cartoon to advertise gambling in Rio
0212/1425 June 2014Sportsbet
Triangle shown and being shaved to demonstrate a "Brazilian shave". Also show a three legged player which can be seem as a man sexual organ.
0214/1425 June 2014St John Ambulance WA
On the side of a bus. The ad subject is a small boy who hits his head when jumping into a backyard pool. The mother is unable to reach him and therefore save him.
0215/1425 June 2014Sportsbet
Sportsbet advertising betting on the World Cup soccer in Brazil, with suggestive material of a woman's pubic region & male genitalia.
0217/1425 June 2014Sportsbet
Sportsbet flew an advertising balloon over the Melbourne skyline that I saw while cycling to work.
0218/1425 June 2014Sportsbet
The advertisement is using the statue of Christ in Brazil to adversities for gambling. The advertisement is insulting as it shows Christ wearing a shirt about sports bet.
0219/1425 June 2014Mars Confectionery
The advertisement showed bell ringers dressed as monastics who appear to be energised by eating Mars Bars accompanied by bell-ringing and rap music.