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Results for March 2014

0042/1412 March 2014Southern Waste
Recommends ways to recycle waste correctly.
0060/1412 March 2014Southern Cross Austereo
The three hosts were talking about winning prizes and what would you do if you one, the female host said upgrade and then the two male hosts turned into topless male models.
0061/1412 March 2014Wicked Campers

"To all virgins: Thanks for nothing" rego plate 457 SKA

0062/1412 March 2014WorkSafe Victoria
Worksafe Victoria advert with a female burns victom who pours poison on herself.
0063/1412 March 2014Lion
Corona has a couple of billboards depicting male youths, who appear to me to be underaged, drinking beer in a camping/outdoors environment.
0064/1412 March 2014Yum Restaurants International
It is an advertisement for the new KFC chicken nachos
0065/1412 March 2014Wicked Campers
Writing on van that said "fat girls are harder to kidnap".
0066/1412 March 2014FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
The advertisement promoted the program 'Manesia'.
0067/1412 March 2014Bomaderry Tyres
They are advertising different types of tyres they are selling. The advertisement is on 94.9 pm Nowra radio station. Bomaderry.
0068/1412 March 2014Sportingbet Australia Pty Ltd
Shane Warne swearing (is beeped out) and carrying on about a spider, yes the swearing is beeped out but my children all looked at TV and said what he swearing for? this necessary at this time bracket?
0069/1412 March 2014Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Carefree pads
0070/1412 March 2014Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Talked about blood going straight through her dress
A young girl holding a tampon saying they want me to shove it up there.
Girl on a bus and tampons fallen out of her bag all over floor of bus in front of everyone.
Girl and guy in a car. Scene implies they are going to have sex but she remembers she has her period
Young teenage girl in gymnastics uniform in group team photo. Picture is displayed on her grandmas mantle with pad showing as she is posing in photo doing the splits
0071/1426 March 2014Drink Wise Australia
DrinkWise - How to Drink Properly. Has a cartoon style character discussing how to drink 'responsibly' and knowing when to stop.
0072/1426 March 2014Oporto Franchising Pty Ltd

This ad portrays violence - Mexican drug cartel kidnapping and violence. One character is tied to a chair and has a sack bag over his head and another has a butcher's chopping knife while another is intimidating the victim.

0073/1412 March 2014Sportingbet Australia Pty Ltd
Australian Shane Warne faces his fear of spiders. It shows a nervous Shane preparing to face his fear and a plate set in front of him. The plate cover is removed.
0074/1426 March 2014Aldi Australia
Line of 6-8 people's head with a round sticker across their mouth. This is prominent at the entrance to all Aldi stores at the moment. From close or afar it is distinct.
0076/1426 March 2014McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonalds Loose Change Menu featuring two pensioners driving an old car that bounces off the road.
0077/1426 March 2014Sportsbet
Sportsbet advertisement, blue background, has a Chinese man in a 18 million cash note at the end of the end saying 18 million dong.
0078/1426 March 2014Sportsbet
Million dollar tipping. Win $10000 every round sports
0080/1426 March 2014FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd

Showed guy watching football on TV ignoring his girlfriends phone call then a crane driver watching football on an ipad and losing control of the crane into a building then a guy on a couch watching sport on TV and getting angry and smashing the remote control.

0081/1426 March 2014FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
The background music was Tina Turners - 'you're simply the best' - advertising how wonderful Foxtels channels are.
0083/1426 March 2014National Stroke Foundation
An image of a woman with a hole through her temple.... Think Fast Act Fast Call 000. Funded by the Australian government for the National Stroke foundation.
0084/1426 March 2014Target Australia Pty Ltd
Target's latest colour catalogue, received in the mail today, Wednesday March 6, of girls in lingerie and 'suggestive' poses. A number of these girls (specifically those on page 10) appear very young, probably in their mid-teens. They are in fairly revealing and 'adult' underwear and in 'sexy' poses. In particular, the bottom middle image shows a heavily made up young girl in underwear, with her back turned to the camera, looking back over her shoulder, displaying a clearly suggestive and sexual pose and expression. The girl to her left, is pulling her track pants downwards with her thumb. Page 8 and 9 of the same catalogue also displays images of young children that are sexualised and/ or adult-like, in terms of expression and pose, though not in terms of revealing clothing, especially the girls on page 8 and the little girl in the middle on page 9.
0085/1426 March 2014Air New Zealand Ltd
The advertisement/safety video is titled 'Safety in Paradise'. It is set on the Cook Islands.
0086/1426 March 2014Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Two women picking apples in an orchard in adjoining rows, with backs to each other.