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0032/1414 May 2014Mardi Gras Sydney
Avant Card postcard for #There's only oneparty. The The image by Elvis Di-Fazio depicts an oiled and naked man sitting on the back of a female dressed in black underwear and fish-net stockings - symbols of a sex. She is crouched on all fours on top of a kitchen bench dressed in leoards and stilettoes. He is laughing and obviously having a gret time and is about to slap her behind (ie he is 'riding' the female). He is holding a botle and wineglass with melon balls in his other hand. She is open mouthed in a cliched sexual expression with one hand steadying her body and the other draped over a half cut water melon. She is wearing knee bads suggesting the pose is prolongued.
0126/1414 May 2014Unilever Australasia

The advertisement is depicting an image of a female cyclist using a bicycle without wearing a helmet. It is part of a collage of images promoting Rexona deodorants and features the text, "Australia's No.1 deodorant congratulating Coles on 100 years."  The fine print on the bottom left corner of the page reads, "Advertiser promotion".

0138/1414 May 2014Isuzu
An advertisement promoting the Isuzu MU-X7 motor vehicle.
0140/1414 May 2014Boost Juice Bars Australia
Boost juice company competition and products.
0141/1414 May 2014St. George Scrap Metal
Billboard in Rockdale for St. George Metal Recovery with tagline:
"They are definitely not the largest but I wouldn't sell my stuff to anyone else".

0142/1414 May 2014Sydney Institute of Plastic Surgery
Once again this advertiser has presented both before and after pictures of completely naked breasts in a bid to promote breast enlargement surgery.
0143/1428 May 2014MacKenzies of Perth
There are four large poster pictures on the walls of the building. There are two pictures with scantily a scantily dressed woman in very sexual poses.
0144/1414 May 2014Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Suv starts on a road then turns off in to a crop then into a kem plant end with kids covered in goo.
0145/1414 May 2014Boettcher Realty - Rentals
Billboard contains the words "The Perfect Address for Exposure - Phone Darren Anytime for Inspection" with a LARGE photo of the rear view of a man in a raincoat holding the raincoat wide open - with the direct inference he is "exposing" full frontal nudity.
0146/1414 May 2014St John Ambulance WA
Mother trying to save drowning child.
0147/1414 May 2014Quit Victoria
Child is left alone in what looks like a train station.
0148/1414 May 2014Fosters Australia, Asia & Pacific
Men on holiday with their wives who meet up with mates and feign surprise to have crossed paths against the odds of doing so, then proceed to happily spend time with the mates instead of their wives.
0149/1414 May 2014FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Father watching movies on a laptop and requested by wife to go see his daughter and friend. Ad then cuts away to the father dancing in front of two girls and then goes back to the father and his wife. What Father watching movies on a laptop and requested by wife to go see his daughter and friend. Ad then cuts away to the father dancing in front of two girls and then goes back to the father and his wife where she advises him to watch another movie instead. ere she advises him to watch another movie instead.
0150/1414 May 2014Valvoline (Aust) Pty Ltd
Men driving round in cars doing burn outs/doughnuts.
0151/1414 May
Very pretty young woman talking about finding spare tables at restarants all over australia.
0152/1414 May 2014Environment Protection Agency
The campaign says don't be a tosser
0153/1414 May 2014Club Shoop
Scantly clad woman in a sexual pose on a pole. The ad was larger than life size on a billboard on the tray of a truck in obvious view of all commuters.

This image was advertising Club Shoop.

31 langhome St Dandenong, ph: 97923071

0154/1414 May 2014Yum Restaurants International
Families of generally 4 persons consuming fast food.
0155/1414 May 2014Guthy-Renker Australia
Advertising the proactive skincare range.
0156/1414 May 2014KIA Automotive Australia
It is for a new Kia Optima which is being advertised.
0157/1414 May 2014Queensland Health
This advertisement has a plastic surgeon walking down a hospital corridor talking about burns and he walks into a patient's room.
0158/1414 May 2014Universal Pictures
Advertisement for upcoming movie Bad Neighbours has references to condoms and bad language.
0159/1414 May 2014Wholesale Paint Group
It is about buying cheap paint for $20 it has red writing with a white background and a siren that plays throughout the advertisement
0160/1414 May 2014World Mark Motor One
30 second radio commercial with police siren in advert all the time.
0161/1414 May 2014Lion
Man coughs up his animated 'mouth' who complains about all the lies the body makes him say, then cuts to the man whispering 'I love you' in a woman's ear, the cuts to man drinking the beer - therefore 'giving his mouth a break'.
0162/1414 May 2014Adult Sinsations
An image of a naked woman with just her hair covering her private parts. In a sexual pose.
0163/1428 May 2014The Firm Gentlemens Club
A large poster featuring a mostly-naked woman, photographed from behind. Her face is not shown, only the back of her head. The most prominent feature of the ad is her buttocks, which are totally exposed except for a black g string. Text reads 'Miss Firm 2014'
0164/1428 May 2014Think Education Group
Billboard advertising a website to go to for education options includes images of women in various reclined positions.
0165/1428 May 2014Southern Cross Austereo
They are advertising the radio station FoxFM and include references to "squealing like a girl"
0166/1428 May 2014McDonald's Aust Ltd
The app features ‘Happy’, a cartoon character based on the Happy Meal box and characters called 'emlings'.
0167/1414 May 2014Rip Curl Pty Ltd
Advertising for rip curl
0168/1428 May 2014Mars Petcare Australia

Dog Snacks: Shmackos Animated Advert
Scene 1: Door opens to room. Shows a sinister dark female shadow holding a weapon imitating a large knife dagger.
Scene 2: Shows dog cowering and terrified whimpering in corner with eyes bulging and paws up to nuzzle afraid of being attacked with knife dagger.
Scene 3: Female switches light on. Large knife dagger is exposed to scissors being held up high snipping. Dog is still afraid.
Scene 4: Female entices dog with Schmackos treat to come forward towards scissors.
Scene 5: Jingle song of product-Dogs go wacko for schmakos'.

0169/1414 May 2014French Connection
Full wall ad on the side of the FCUK store in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria.
4 women - full length. 2 women have clothing. the other 2 women are naked, and their nipples are visible (they have slight see-through brush strokes), but you can see the nipples. They also cover their vagina with their hands, and have their mouths open in a sexualised and suggestive way.
0170/1428 May 2014Wicked Campers
0172/1428 May 2014Specsavers Pty Ltd
There are a number of very drab, elderly people, seemingly in an aged nursing home, working out and exercising to a rhythmic voiceover that says a number of times: "I know that I'm sexy!"
0173/1428 May 2014Pet Rescue
Awareness about adopting pets which shows parents explaining to their pets that they are adopted.
0174/1428 May 2014Universal Pictures
A 30 second video trailer for the film "A million ways to die in the west".
0175/1428 May 2014L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
Naked woman covered in bows like a present for new perfume bonbon.
0176/1428 May 2014L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
Nude woman with body painted bows, with crotch covering perfume
Advertising Viktor and Rolf BonBon perfume
0177/1428 May 2014Running Bare Australia Pty Ltd
Large portrait of very young female in center of photo wearing the clothing.
0178/1428 May 2014Menulog
Encouraging to download an app called menulog to locate and order food for home delivery that portrays Jesus with his disciples at the last supper.
0179/1428 May 2014Wicked Campers
A slogan "If you love God Burn a Church".
(I took photographs of the campervan, and if you wish, I can email them to you)
0180/1428 May 2014Aldi Australia
Aldi coffee capsule advertisement.
0181/1428 May 2014Target Australia Pty Ltd
Girl of about 7 or 8 years old lying on a Peppa Pig bed in pyjamas with her right leg open to one side, shading around her crotch area. Her hair and face looking very adult.
0182/1428 May 2014Beam Suntory
Large Advert about two thirds life size Picture.
0183/1428 May 2014Sexpo Pty Ltd

Advising times of sexpo in Adelaide containing lewd content.

0184/1428 May 2014Beam Suntory

The ad was for Canadian club beverage and nit had a man throwing a snowball in a woman's face.

0190/1428 May 2014VIP Weekly
The Alladin II by Lady Calston – your three wishes will be granted tonight
Enjoy :
Clitoral Stimulator
Vaginal Stimulator
Anal Stimulator
Enjoy internal penetration front and back PLUS clitoral stimulation
3 unique areas of pleasure
7 Powerful function vibes
Use lube to insert into product
REQUIRES 2 x N Baterries 1.5V ( NOT INCLUDED)
Material / Texture
Material: TPE
Texture: Smooth
Safety features: Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
Design / Shape / Size
Color: Purple
Length: 7 1/2?
Insertable length: 2 1/2?
Circumference: 4 1/4?
Diameter: 1 1/2?
Weight: 0.4 lb
Functions / Performance / Controls
Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating
Special Features:
Clit attachment
Control type:
Push button
Powered By:
0192/1428 May 2014Valvoline (Aust) Pty Ltd
A young man driving a car
0198/1428 May 2014Menulog

Showed the scene of the last supper. 'Jesus' says how about pizza..the 'Disciples'.....all agree.....'Jesus' scrolls thru and finds a place with 30% off and a light shines down on him and the 'disciples' all say its a miracle.