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Results for October 2014

0385/148 October 2014Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Bonds Boobicon "Big Boobs" adverts on the station
0386/148 October 2014Honey Birdette
I have a photo depicting a young woman sexually posing in lingerie. The woman is wearing a red bra and knickers and the text SGT Pepper - Earn your stripes is written underneath the image.
0387/148 October 2014Mentholatum Australsia Pty Ltd
A young, thin woman is holding a piece of chocolate, with a caption underneath stating 'Treat your tummy'
0388/148 October 2014Worx
A man uses a power saw to cut various different materials. A range of stores that sell the product is given at the end of the advertisement. The man is holding a piece of wood with his hand which would be very dangerous if he slips with the saw.
0389/148 October 2014AAMI
A man, holding a lunch container, in an office walks up to co-worker. We see that the lunch belongs to someone else. The man shrugs his shoulders and eats it anyway. At the end of the ad they show the lady looking for her missing lunch.
0390/148 October 2014General Pants Group
The advertisement had images of women in swimwear with the tagline "Wet Dreams" posted across the front.
0391/148 October 2014Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Three posters on the tram shelters describing and depicting different sizes of women's breasts.
0392/148 October 2014Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
It was a series of posters in a bus that read, in big letters, 'BIG BOOBS', 'NEW BOOBS', 'MAMA BOOBS'.
0393/148 October 2014General Pants Group
Girls dressed in swimmers with the words "Wet Dreams".
0394/148 October 2014General Pants Group
Girls dressed in swimmers with the words "Wet Dreams".
0396/148 October 2014Bank of South Australia
A couple are going through a house with the view of buying it. The couple repeat the expression
"oh my God". I find this expression offensive and belittling to Christians.
0397/148 October 2014AAMI
A man sitting in a bath with a big dog.
0399/148 October 2014Unilever Australasia

The advertisement depicts a group of three young children running towards a castle. Subsequently each child begins to eat a Dragon Pop Icy Pole. One of the children then turns into the Paddle Pop lion and he and another animated character (each holding an icy pole) win a battle against a villainous character. Both of these characters are from the Magilika film (see below).
The ad is then subtitled with the statement True Heroes Balance Energy Intake and Activity. Enjoy Paddle Pop as a Treat within a Balanced Diet‚¬. This is shown for a total of ** seconds.
The second part of the ad relates to competitions run by Nickelodeon and the advertiser, for tickets to and Magilika competitions, giving ticketing, entry and prize details. Slimefest is a children’s entertainment event being held in Melbourne and Sydney in September 2014, featuring music, rides, merchandise and food. The prize includes ticket and flights for “you, a friend and a guardian‚ (“Paddle Pop Magilika is a movie which premieres at Hoyts Cinemas in October 2014. It features the recognisable promotional character “Paddle Pop Lion‚ as the main character. The closing scene refers viewers to the competition website: .

0400/148 October 2014Go Health Clubs
Back picture of woman (just her bottom) in skimpy briefs (almost g-string) with the words 'suns out, buns out'
I have taken a photo of billboard so I am able to forward it if you wish
0402/148 October 2014Southern Cable Services
A man says to an employee "That's all right then". He then yells "Gary! Gary!" A voiceover says that to stop this happening to you, contact the company and "dial before you dig".
0403/148 October 2014Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
The advert has women dressed as cowgirls and walking with their legs into a bar and another across a street
0404/148 October 2014Myer Pty Ltd
Myer Festival for Dad Fathers Day catalogue page 13 Mont Blanc fragrance advertisement. "The scent is classic, demanding, timeless and never consensual".
0405/148 October 2014Sportsbet
The advertisement declares that it is finals season now and as their special it is "Bet-Tember" at Sportsbet
0406/148 October 2014Hungry Jacks
Just a simple ad talking about a new burger that has a hash brown on it. Uses images of a block of cheese getting sliced. They use processed cheese slices. Misleading
0407/1422 October 2014Coles
Curtis Stone was advertising for Coles fresh spring apples
0408/148 October 2014Isuzu
Large four wheel drive vehicle, D Max, being driven through a variety of terrains.
0409/148 October 2014L'Oreal Australia Pty Ltd
A baby lies in its cot, and it's tired mother tends to him. She uses Garnier BB cream to feel better about her tired appearance.
0410/148 October 2014Builders Academy Australia
Builder seen using nail guns without safety lock.
0411/148 October 2014Builders Academy Australia
Advertisement depicts a builder demonstrating his skills after completing a Builders Academy training course. Includes throwing a chisel, jumping off a building and firing a nail gun freely in the open
0412/148 October 2014Honda Australia Pty Ltd
The ad shows the several ways in which the Honda CRV is superior to competitors, including having a reversing camera
0413/148 October 2014Mazda Australia Pty Limited
The SUV is being used to pick children up and drive them, and it shows the features, including blind spot monitoring
0414/148 October 2014Urban Purveyor Group
Video titled "Bavarian beauties training for Octoberfest Australia"
0415/1422 October 2014Nikon
There is a photo of a (likely) 5 year old girl sitting in a hammock, smiling, with her bare legs at the front of the photo (dominating the picture), where, because she has a short pink dress on, you can see up to her crotch (though her legs are blurred). And then the caption says 'I'm easy to use'
0416/1422 October 2014Lexus Australia

I am appalled by the image used in the Lexus advertisement, as enclosed.

This is currently running, and I cut this one out of The Age of Saturday 6th September 2014. Presumably it is to be seen in many other places.

I generally find the objectification of women, so widely used in advertising, offensive. But this ad takes it to new extremes, not only in the excessive representation of the female in a doll-like manner with massive amounts of makeup, beyond all regular use, but particularly the direct sexual implication in the manner of her mouth represented as an orifice.

0417/1422 October 2014Krystal Adult World
Advertisement covers a purple van with a large (oversize) image of a woman wearing very little and holding a whip.
0418/1422 October 2014JCDecaux Australia Pty Ltd
The ad shows a pigeon stuffed and trapped in a bottle unable to move or remove itself.
It is called and branded JCDecaux
I took a pic of the ad, but there is no place on this site to attach an image. It would be a good idea if this site had the capacity to do that.
0419/1422 October 2014Bras n' Things
A huge poster of two women in bikini underwear and bra
0421/1422 October 2014City of Holdfast Bay
The ad showed a split screen with things to do around the Glenelg area in the day on the left hand side and at night on the right hand side. It had words with the images saying things like see view etc and at the end said something about visiting (?) the City of Holdfast Bay.
0422/1422 October 2014Hopscotch
The advertisement showed two hands showing the sex sign. One hand had the thumb touching the forefinger, making a circle, depicting the vagina. The other hand had the forefinger depicting the penis going into the vagina. There was an arrow indicating that the finger depicting the penis to go back and forth.
0423/1422 October 2014People's Choice Credit Union
There is a male painting a wall yellow with a paint roller. He gets more and more worked up and his accent becomes Scottish (emulating a film character). He hold up the paint roller like it is a sword. He then hits his females partner on the face with the roller.
0424/1422 October 2014Expedia
Advertisement is about being able to change your bookings on short notice or on a whim, allowing for flexible travel plans. Advert uses "vintage" style footage cut with images of different hotels and destinations.
0425/1422 October 2014Mt Barker
It is a dish of cooked drumstick with green leafs. Above the dish, the main slogan for the product is "not made in China".
0426/1422 October 2014Tom Waterhouse
Look Better, Dress Better, Live Better, Bet Better.
0428/1422 October 2014Australian Rotary Health
Starts off with two cartoon eyes, then spotlight lights up potato looking man, then a few other cartoon characters, and a hat falls onto the potato man and they start jumping around like idiots.
0429/1422 October 2014Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund
In the ad a man lines up some people and questions them about their food. They answer army style. If the answer is no then he throws away the food they have.
0430/1422 October 2014Menulog
Menu Log titled: "The last Supper".
0431/1422 October 2014iiNet
It's an ad for iiNet NBN broadband services which begins with a statement to the effect of "Did you know that Australia's internet speeds are slower than those in Romania?"
0432/1422 October 2014True Value Solar
The television commercial features two males discussing electrical supply; one of the men is Mark Thompson, coach of the Essendon Football Club, who indicates he has installed solar panels as an electricity saving measure. Towards the end of the commercial, he proceeds to lay full length, face down, in an illuminated sun bed watched by the second man. I believe True Value Solar to be a sponsor of the Essendon Football Club.
0433/1422 October 2014Brown Forman Australia
Young men drinking. Spurts of alcohol. Edit's to young woman's face being drenched..
0434/1422 October 2014Warner Village Theme Parks

Fright Night

0435/1422 October 2014Warner Village Theme Parks
0436/1422 October 2014Jalna Dairy Foods
A woman is blindfolded and fed yogurt by a little girl then a man.
0438/1422 October 2014Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses
Billboard pictures a horse lying on its side and the text reads: "is the party really worth it." The website is