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Results for April 2015

0105/1515 April 2015Wicked Campers
The camper van had been painted with the following:
"80% of preists [sic] who've tried camels, prefer young boys" and on the sides there were references to sex and genitalia.
0106/1515 April 2015Ashley Madison - Avid Life
I would like to see the advertisement taken off the tv , it's shocking to see that they have changed the avert and now it's with women , after so many complains I though they would of taken it down.
0107/1515 April 2015Stihl Pty Ltd
A man displays a Stihl Chainsaw, and then casually places that unshielded chainsaw on top of an unstable pile of material in the back of a utility (in which a young lad is also sitting).
0108/1515 April 2015Wicked Campers
This was a decorated Wicked campervan with pictures of various items turned into large penises (cuban cigar, french loaf etc) plus the words "My cock just died, can I bury it in your backyard" painted across the back. The "French" penis was wearing a beret! Rego was 1EBL 791
0110/1529 April 2015Australian Therapeutic Supplies
Zero condoms advertising safe sex during the Mardi Gras, using orgasms as the focus.
0111/1515 April 2015William Hill
The advertisement shows man unable to make a decision regarding sausage tools or meat pies and states not to sit on the fence
0112/1515 April 2015Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd
Advertisement contains material encouraging consumption of meat.
Begins with man racing to avoid parking ticket on his car; switches to child racing to catch school bus; and a young mother attempting to make her toddler wear a shirt.
Previous to this week, the same advertisement had also depicted another young mother carrying heavy shopping which she heaved into her car. This last segment now appears to have been removed.
0113/1515 April 2015Fonterra Brands (Australia) Pty Ltd
Very misleading telling us ingredients are from the local Valley when actually the fruit (berries) come from China. Berries are placed in the box all nice & fresh at the time they they are telling us of their pride of local products.
0115/1529 April 2015Signco Brisbane
It is a sign attached to a fence next to the footpath (facing the main road) advertising Signco Brisbane. It has a picture of Tigger standing with his back to Winnie the Pooh who is aiming a rifle at Tigger's back
0116/1515 April 2015Damien Bredberg Stills + Motion Professional Services
It was advertising their photography on the back of a van. Number plate 433TEW. It's an old man naked on a motor bike - has goggles on and the speedo covers his private part.
0117/1515 April 2015Easiyo
Free to air television ad for Easiyo yoghurt.
0118/1515 April 2015Sportsbet
The commercial behind with a scene at a gym, goes to a track side image with graphics related to golden slipper day- 2nd or 3rd cash back.
0119/1515 April 2015Sportsbet
Reference to "your wife going down on me".
0120/1515 April 2015Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Promoting Violence with Cage fighting, it was an ad for an upcoming fighting event.
0121/1515 April 2015Pharmacare Laboratories

I and many women like me find such ads pornographic.

0123/1515 April 2015Amaysim Australia PtyLtd
Description as per email promotion:
"Here at amaysim, we know you're a bunch of mobile addicts. In fact, recent research found that the average Aussie would rather live without their TV than their phone.
With so many of you using your mobiles for entertainment on the go, we wanted to give you more of it. That's why we've asked Aussies what absurd, funny and scary entertainment makes them happiest, so we can give it all to you - in a snappy two minute video."
0124/1515 April 2015Sexercise the Musical Pty Ltd
Large Billboard covering entire rail bridge with the title for show as well as images of the cast
0125/1515 April 2015Isuzu
The advertisement is for their latest Isuzu 4wd trucks. How they can go different places.
0126/1515 April 2015Toot Toot Car Loans
The ad implies very crude language using the words 'toot toot' to replace swear words being with 'f..toot...toot' amongst others.

0127/1515 April 2015Blumers
An ad for injury compensation legal assistance. It depicts a power saw and a hand.
0128/1515 April 2015Nestle Australia Ltd
Showing kids waking up and having Milo for breakfast and playing soccer.
0129/1515 April 2015Estee Lauder Group of Companies
Model has clinical features consistent with anorexia nervosa.
0130/1515 April 2015Wicked Campers
Wicked Campers rents out vehicles to its customers. The vehicles often contain graphics and messaging which is controversial, comedic or contain parody. This particular vehicle included the following phrase:
"When you think about it, Adolf Hitler was the first pop star" David Bowie
0131/1515 April 2015Puratap Pty Ltd
Don't risk cross contamination with regular tap water
0132/1515 April 2015HSBC
Wherever you are they will be there
3000 ATMs
24/7 contact centre
Mobile banking app
HSBC bank
0133/1529 April 2015Woolworths Supermarkets
The Easter adverts for Woolworths show that oven fresh Hot Cross Buns are sold where there is an in-store bakery. On both Saturday and Sunday the actual Hot Cross Buns on disolay to sell were actually freezing cold and on Sunday, still had ice on then after coming from freezers. I spoke with staff member who told me Woolworths have never baked Hot Cross buns at their Findon Store, they are all frozen and usually left 2 days to thaw.
0134/1529 April 2015Simplot Aust Pty Ltd
A couple are holding a large fish which resembles a tuna fish. They are chased by a brown bear in a region which resembles Canada.
They run along a jetty and at the end of the jetty duck down so that the bear plunges over them into the water. They have retained the fish.
0135/1529 April 2015Frucor Beverages Australia
Special feature advertisement for new Marvel Avengers V energy drinks, 500ml single and 4 packs in Coles & Woolworths catalogues.
0136/1529 April 2015Frucor Beverages Australia
outdoor bollards and packaging promoting collector edition on v energy drink featuring marvel cartoon characters "the avengers"
0137/1529 April 2015Dads 4 Kids
During the ad for "dads for kids" there is footage of a young boy pushing a play plastic lawn mower alongside a presumably oppetating lawn mower this is encourageing young boys to do the same.
0138/1529 April 2015Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd
Depicts a brain smoking a cigarette
0139/1529 April 2015MPM Marketing Services
Large banners at point of sale highlighting the environmental benefits of their products.
"Eco-Smart Hot Cup Lids, truly biodegradable plastic
Truly biodegradable plastic - the smart choice for sustainability
Eco-Smart allows plastic to biodegrade through a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed of in a microbe-rich landfill environment.
Eco-smart allows microorganisms to break down the plastic into natural bi-products
0141/1529 April 2015Clubs NSW

Club NSW advertisement features a range of scenarios of "bringing people together", mainly depicting social events within clubs and celebrations, but including family event.

0142/1529 April 2015Urban Purveyor Group
A picture of two women in German costumes, very low cut showing two pairs of breasts, holding steins of beer and the words 'Make mein a dubbel".
0143/1529 April 2015Australian Super

An elderly couple, the NAKED male in the shower, his silhouette viewed through a frosted glass screen, then he grabs his clothed wife and pulls her into the shower, on the provision of cutting costs, but it comes across that this old couple are going to have sex in the shower.

0144/1529 April 2015ABC Sales and Marketing
Website with simple games which promote Mamee products including Mamee Noodle snacks.
0145/1529 April 2015AAMI
AAMI safe driving app commercial set in an office. One man keeps showing his high safe driving rating to friend at the office in various comical situations. Commercial ends with man's car running out of petrol in the car park.
0147/1529 April 2015Maatouks Law Group
Law firm advertising its services refers to a woman as a "lying, cheating, psycho."
0148/1529 April 2015South African Tourism Australasia
It is a Travel Daily competition to win a trip to South Africa with Qantas. It has the details of South African Tourism AU. Features a picture of an Indigenous South African woman with her front teeth missing.
0149/1529 April 2015Crazy Horse Revue Pty Ltd
Ad for crazyhorse Hindley st..Gentlemens club is suggestive and inappropriate for day time radio that children can hear.
0150/1529 April 2015SST Australia Pty Ltd
Bi-Agra band soil treatment marketed by SST Australia.  Image of a pair of jeans, opened to reveal a field of crops rather than a body.  The text reads, "Bi-Agra Band. More action in your furrow...Enhance your crops' performance!"
0152/1529 April 2015Transport for NSW
I find the advert where a surgeon list a b c for road accidents graphic and highly uncomfortable.

0153/1529 April 2015Club Shoop
Club Shoop Adult entertainment in Dandenong.
Large billboards of female strippers scantily dressed advertising their strip venue.
0154/1529 April 2015Restore Australia
Stop halal Australia..