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Results for December 2015

0467/159 December 2015Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
A white Amarok utility is stationary in a river while a cayaker approaches it. The driver talks to the cayaker describing to him the specs of his ute.
0469/159 December 2015Lion
Man cooking at backyard BBQ while appearing to be drinking XXXX Pale Ale beer and BBQ catches fire. He appeared to be thinking about whether to use this XXXX Pale Ale beer he was holding to dose the fire and decided not to do so and drank from it instead while allowing the fire to continue to blaze.
0470/159 December 2015BizCover
A full body wax is more painful than getting insurance
0471/159 December 2015Sony Computer Entertainment Aust Pty Ltd
The playstation AU account promoted a tweet that showed a video for an R18+ game. The video shows a women being punched in the face and killed. There is no R18+ The twitter account has multiple tweets about this game showing other videos with no R18+ rating anywhere near it.
0472/159 December 2015Procter & Gamble Australia Pty Ltd
The camera zooms in on a woman bathing in a secluded waterfall in the jungle. The advertisement then shows her washing her hair while a voice over discusses the product. Then, it is revealed that the voice over belongs to a man dressed in the stereotypical Amazonian garb. He continues to talk about the product before more, similarly dressed men and women are shown. The woman is then shown again.
0474/159 December 2015Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
It is a advertisement for children's underwear by Bonds clothing.
0475/159 December 2015Bethesda
Scenes of a man with a gun & German Shepherd. Included extreme violence
0476/159 December 2015Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
A photograph of a teen aged girl wearing a crop top and shorts / leggings.
0477/159 December 20157-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd
The advertisement can currently be viewed on Facebook at the following link:
The advertisement opens with the text "Can you haka (supposedly a pun on "hack a") Kiwiberry?" The advertisement depicts two young (and white) teenagers at a Slurpee machine being surprised by a character who is supposed to be a Maori person (indigenous New Zealander). The character proceeds to perform a satirical version of a haka (traditional Maori war dance), while the teenagers jokingly cower and laugh at the performance.
0478/159 December 2015Cancer Institute of NSW
Without any warning, vision of an autopsy on the body of a smoker is shown.
0479/159 December 2015House of Smiles
The advertisement presents a driver travelling with a passenger who warns the driver of a speed camera up ahead. The driver in the advertisement is heard to speed up the vehicle and says "smile" (inferring good dental work) so they can be captured by the flashing speed camera.
0480/159 December 2015New Holland Publishers
A billboard on Wynyard station advertising a book about the murder of Anita Cobby. The billboard uses the words abduction, rape and murder.
0481/159 December 2015Chemist Warehouse
Britney Spears advertising her perfume, Fantasy.
0482/159 December 2015Advanced Medical Institute
The ad is loud and asks questions of the viewer such "How would /do you like sex?" "Do you like it long, do you like it hard??" They use the word sex repeatedly. The ad is for 'longer, lasting sex'.
0483/159 December 2015Strictly BMX
I received an email from Strictly BMX promoting drinking and promotional goods that promote drinking.