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Results for February 2015

0021/1511 February 2015Advertising Advantage
Shows women wearing clothing that is available to purchase. There is a woman in a yellow one piece and her vagina appears visible.
0022/1511 February 2015Barracuda Boat Trailers
A woman wearing a pale pink bikini is advertising boat trailers.
0023/1511 February 2015Novus Auto Glass
Radio communication advertising the autoglass repair or replacement company known as "Novus autoglass" operating in the Southwest of WA. The advert continually states "If you're in xxxx, show us your crack; if you're in yyyy or zzzz, show us your crack, etc"
0024/1511 February 2015Australian Insurance Holdings
A man dressed in racing car suit doing very foolish things. He is seen at the start climbing a very tall ladder and diving into a shallow pool.
0025/1511 February 2015Pharmabrands Labs
Advertisement begins with a healthy sized person scoffing food and a voice over says "are you disgusted with how much weight you've put on over the holiday season". It follows with some pictures of people eating food and the voice over says "do you wish you'd stop stop stopped". The advertisement then introduces Rapid Loss as a means of weight loss.
0026/1511 February 2015Unilever Australasia

I am disgusted with a commercial I just witnessed on 7Two for Lynx Hair Product showing two men kissing.  You may wish to advertise this product on SBS during a late night foreign film however it is completely unacceptable to put on at this hour on this channel during the tennis. 

0027/1511 February 2015Matee Turkish Restaurant
A flyer advertising the restaurant and the fact that it delivers locally. The restaurant is Matee Turkish Restaurant and includes an image of a partially naked woman.
0028/1511 February 2015St John Ambulance WA
 It depicts a child being burnt with a woman talking to the Ambulance trying to work out what to do.
0030/1511 February 2015Peters
The advertisement is for an ice-cream and involves scenes at the beach and surrounding areas and a song about the product. In one scene a woman walks past a group of men that make a comment about her appearance.
0031/1511 February 2015AAMI

A lady is sitting with a neck brace having a drink and a portly man walks out in a small house coat and approaches the fridge and bends over and reveals is underwear and the message states if you don't have income protection you might have to take in a boarder

0032/1511 February 2015AAMI

Depicts a woman with a neck/head brace unable to turn her head away from her flatmate who is in a short dressing gown bending over to get something from the fridge.

0033/1511 February 2015Sportsbet
Featuring two young men in a gym. One is spotting his mate on a bench press. He looks up at the gym tv, sees a sporting event and becomes distracted, he leaves his mate on the bench press. Walks to the tv picks up his phone and places a bet. Meanwhile his mate is seen in the background struggling with the weight if his lift, requiring the assistance of an alert stranger to recover the weights off his chest.
0034/1511 February 2015Advanced Medical Institute
The ad contains a man playing a piano with his penis, and then after his treatment at the AMI premature ejaculation doctors he plays the piano again and the song lasts longer.
0035/1511 February 2015Advanced Medical Institute
The ad invokes a young man playing a piano with his penis and not his hands with judges watching him - as he finishes playing the piano the judges say 'not good enough' and he does it again (play the piano).
0036/1525 February 2015Ashley Madison - Avid Life

Ashley Madison is a adult dating site promoting adultery. There is a fee attached for some levels of introduction. The advertisement features men singing about "looking for someone other than my wife."

0037/1525 February 2015Subaru (Aust) Pty Ltd
All New Subaru Outback Value uses the term Corroborree.
0039/1525 February 2015Animals Australia
Photo of a cow apparently in distress
0040/1525 February 2015Wicked Campers
Slogan: "Gay guys settle disputes by going outside and exchanging blows."
0041/1525 February 2015Employment Hero
The advertisement contains the phrase
"pour shots until you call the shots. Get a real job"
0042/1525 February 2015Country Racing Victoria

I have a concern with a current advertisement being aired by your channel over recent weeks.

I refer to the linking of children to Country Racing as an enjoyable event.

The aim, in my opinion, is for children to encourage parents to take them to

Country Horse Racing Events or, to promote the entertainment focussing on children's attractions and enjoyment. The horse racing and associated gambling and betting, which will ensue from accompanying adults, is a secondary, but important, issue related to the advertising.

0043/1525 February 2015Toppik
Adding product to hair to give thickness and volume.
0044/1525 February 2015Wicked Campers
As part of their brand promotion Wicked Campers ( paint offensive wording on their campervans together with their brand name. On the back of the vehicle in our tourism carpark highly frequented by people of all ages, in large words was written: "Confucius say man with dick in peanut jar is fucking nuts"
0046/1525 February 2015Drink Wise Australia

Billboard titled 'How to drink properly'.

0047/1525 February 2015Universal Pictures
My 4 and 6 year old children watch the Australian Open together with me, during daytime; yet every 5 minutes during the advertisement breaks I need to send them out /switch off due to 18+ material being promoted incl home and away, Fifty shades of grey - movie promotion. The advertisement is hugely tasteless and unnecessary for myself not mentioning for any young children; not mentioning disappointing during a public holiday and daytime while trying to encourage my children to enjoy the family tennis viewing!


0048/1525 February 2015Universal Pictures
The Advertisement for an erotic film with images of sexual content. Images of sexual activity and BDSM present.
0049/1525 February 2015Universal Pictures
Large poster on the side of a bus stop in Rosalie village in Brisbane advertising the movie mentioned above.
0051/1525 February 2015Universal Pictures
I saw a bus carrying school children (508 outside Rossmoyne High school) advertising the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, with nakedness and provocative language on it.
0064/1525 February 2015Century Entertainment
The poster says "talk shit get hit". There are a few of them all in a line and easy to ready - especially by my young children.
0068/1525 February 2015Pharmacare Laboratories
It was marketing a type of tattoo cream that aimed to stop the fading of tattoos.
0530/1411 February 2015Club Minx
Tv Ad for minx strip club in Brisbane
0554/1411 February 2015Nude Muse magazine
A large, still life image of a completely naked woman on the side of the car