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Results for January 2015

0001/1528 January 2015Australian Insurance Holdings
Captain Risky
0002/1514 January 2015Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Bonds womens underwear advertisement. A bunch of almost naked girls dancing around and shaking their butts.
0003/1528 January 2015Wicked Campers
On the side of the camper van was 2 logo figures simulating a sexual act, on the back of the van was the slogan 'virginity is curable.' I have photos if necessary.
0004/1528 January 2015Yum Restaurants International
Adult male and female child on couch watching TV ...male feigns swearing 'buck' child frowns ... and coins are placed in a container marked swearing ...etc to associate swearing with a food product viz. Kentucky Fried Chicken ...followed by Australian Cricket Captain in Waiting George Bailey admitting live ...via personal microphone on the field ... to swearing and a Channel One employee Mark Howard confirming his and the station and KFC's approval by saying ..'that's all right' ...both events are complementary with marketing designed to associate KFC with swearing/influencing minors amongst other things through national live to air advertising/live discussion and sport as an advertising vehicle.
0005/1528 January 2015Liquor Alliance (VIC)
Making people more thirsty
0006/1528 January 2015Schweppes Australia Pty Ltd
The advertisement starts with a tray of Schweppes mixers being taken into a room of people and progresses to people acting with a mob mentality
0007/1528 January 2015Dept of Premier QLD
The mother goes to work as a nurse helping people and the workforce is kept alive
0008/1528 January 2015Sinchies
Email sent out about smuggling alcohol in pouches from company that make them.
0009/1528 January 2015North Wollongong Hotel
Signage (posters) is currently installed on multiple telegraph poles along a stretch of the Princes Hwy at Blakehurst (NSW) on the northern side of the Tom Uglys Bridge. This signage extends for a range of approximately 1km on both sides of the road.
0010/1528 January 2015Smirkey's Sports
Advertisement appears on television.
0011/1528 January 2015Fernwood Fitness Centres Aust Pty Ltd
The Fernwood health club ad shows two females on a bike without bike helmet as required by law.
0012/1528 January 2015Calvin Klein Perfume
A 30 second ad on tv, while watching better homes and gardens. Calvin Klein's "Eternity" Perfume.
0013/1528 January 2015PVH Brands Australia Pty Ltd
Calvin Klein's "My Calvin's" advertisements, mainly black and white billboards of a shirtless man holding a woman in her underwear. Also any other Calvin Klein advertisement, swimwear advertisement and other underwear brand advertisements that include half naked men and women.
0014/1528 January 2015Travel insurance direct
Brown people hanging onto outside of bus
0015/1528 January 2015Sportsbet
A man was struggling with many bags of groceries when his neighbour asks him if he has made his bet, he then stops carrying the groceries in to make the bet, his wife then texts him to collect milk.
0016/1528 January 2015Nimble Australia
The advertisement is about a lady having a phone bill they can't afford for posting too many 'selfies' and so they get a loan to pay the phone bill.
0017/1528 January 2015RACQ

RACQ ad. Closing scene depicts a woman who has broken down on a isolated rural road. Following scenes depict Good Samaritan who stops to offer assistance. Woman confidently responds she is all good and waiting for RACQ service to arrive. Closing segment of ad shows RACQ vehicle arriving on scene. Good Samaritan vehicle & broken down vehicle can both clearly be seen in the shot. Both these vehicles are parked on the through traffic lanes which are obstructing through traffic.

0018/1528 January 2015SKYN
Full page newspaper advertisement "stating":
"Why is everyone talking about the Designer Vagina?" The contact details for SKYN - petitlady are included.
0019/1528 January 2015Nimble Australia
During a child's extravagant 1st birthday a man in a costume suggests to the parents they should contact nimble and get a quick loan to pay a DJ because they've spent all their money
0020/1528 January 2015Bingle Insurance
The advert was promoting how easy it is to get a quote online from Bingle's website.
A monkey is shown blindfolded, with one arm behind its back, whilst skydiving.
0029/1528 January 2015Nimble Australia
Nimble commercial where the girl has the huge bill due to her excessive "selfie" obsession.
0480/1428 January 2015Federal Tyres Cairns
This is only the approximate time and date of the Advertisement, but has been played a number of times.
It advertises Federal Tyres in Cairns, and at the end of the advertisement, the ad features the owner doing a massive burnout in the driveway of the tyre retail store of Federal Tyres.

0494/1428 January 2015Club Money
Two men in a bar see two women and want to buy them a drink but they have to borrow the money to do so.
0512/1414 January 2015Crawford Productions Pty Ltd
The advertisement lasting about 40 seconds was showing old re-runs of this old show Acropolis now and trying to sell DVD's. During one of the quick scenes an actor utters the words - "They call me wog" the ad then switches to other scenes of this old show.
0524/1414 January 2015First Home Buyers Direct
There have been two ads:
2. Getting laid for $99,000 - 'me and all my brothers getting laid for just $99k'
0525/1414 January 2015First Home Buyers Direct
There have been two ads:
1. Getting laid for the first time - about 'me and my brothers getting laid'

0539/1414 January 2015Road Safety Advisory Council
Puppets trying to promote road safety and take a pledge
0541/1414 January 2015OLIVER

The advert portrays a young man and older man in a labourer’s locker room, then cuts to the younger man having his feet massaged by a young lady in a bikini (that was not the offensive bit), it then cuts away to the older man who is now having his feet massaged by the same younger man as in the first two scenes. The ad ends with the older man looking leeringly at the younger man.......

0543/1428 January 2015Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd
Advertisement for water heaters set in a futuristic laboratory with the main speaker (male) dressed in a white lab coat and all the extras (male) also dressed in lab coats with the female extras all dressed in skin tight catsuits. (The main speaker tries the tap on the shower and gets wet trying to set the correct temperature).
0544/1428 January 2015Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd
Radio ad referring to length of time people need showers ie women need long and not showers, kids and men need much shorter , colder showers
0545/1414 January 2015Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund
Titled "hand made for you're summer"
0546/1414 January 2015Woolworths Supermarkets
A woolworths ad that has many people in it selecting products off the shelf, and they all say something about it.
0547/1414 January 2015Motor Accident Commission SA
Drink and drive? Grow up
0548/1414 January 2015Wicked Campers
the company 'Wicked Campers' has rental camper vans all over Australia - they have graffiti style paint jobs on all the vans - and no 2 are alike.
I have seen numerous that were less than suitable for public consumption with nudity and sexual connotations the norm, however the most recent one I have seen has an overtly drug related context.
In short, Scooby and Shaggy (kids cartoon characters) were clearly high and holding a smoking bong.
I have a picture of the vehicle in question if required.
0549/1414 January 2015Wicked Campers
Wicked campers car bearing registration plate WA
The car has sign writing: "I ate so much pussy in those days my beard looked like a glazed donut"
0550/1414 January 2015AAMI
AAMI - guy swerves to hit cat, cat flees up tree. Guy climbs tree to save cat, cat climbs down on it's own accord and the guy is then stuck in the tree. He then jumps feet-first onto a trampoline from the tree and ricochets off.
0552/1414 January 2015Mardi Gras Sydney
The advertisment is for the 2015 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival with the theme 'Passion'. The main talent represented on the advertisement is covered in black body paint, including facial area and is clearly 'blackface' which is the racist depiction of people of colour.

0555/1414 January 2015Wicked Campers
I was offended by the language sign written on the vehicle.- "Women fake orgasm because they think men care"
0556/1414 January 2015Wicked Campers
Written on the back of the van: "Blow in her face and she'll follow you anywhere."  On the side of the van was a picture of a farmer approaching his sheep for sex and saying "Come to Deddy". One of the sheep says to another, "It's not the constant sex I object to, it's the bloody accent."
0557/1414 January 2015Ultra Tune Australia
I visited the Ultra Tune website to determine where my closest store is located. Once there, an advertisement popped up to saying "We do things strictly by the book. Talk to us about Manufacturer's Handbook Service to keep your warranty intact." Then a clickable button to find the closest Ultra Tune, or the option to close the advertisement.
0558/1428 January 2015McDonald's Aust Ltd
The app is an interactive game where players help “one amazingly awesome cool dude who delivers cargo” sky dive to earth, guiding his descent to avoid obstacles including animals, collecting ‘power-ups’ by rocking the phone until he arrives by parachute at a McDonalds store. The promotional video on the McDonalds website says “smash the target and you could win Maccas food every day!”
It is understood that by playing the game and achieving milestones, players receive prizes of vouchers for snack foods from the McDonalds menu including soft serve cones, small fries, nuggets, apple pies and burgers.
0559/1414 January 2015Crazy Horse Revue Pty Ltd
The image is displayed in the business’s window and can be seen from the other side of the street.
A woman lies topless on her back. Her breasts are fully exposed and only her nipples are concealed by small stars.
0560/1414 January 2015Crazy Horse Revue Pty Ltd
The image is displayed in the business’s window and can be seen from the other side of the street.
A woman a woman dances topless on a pole in a net.

0561/1414 January 2015Crazy Horse Revue Pty Ltd
A woman stands front on in underwear that fully reveals her breasts. Her nipples are covered by tassels.
0562/1414 January 2015Museum of Old and New Art
Sex and drugs $20
Welcome to Hobart
0563/1428 January 2015Pharmabrand Labs
Weight loss product, women on a beach talking about losing weight.
0565/1414 January 2015South Road Cricket Club

The ad featured in the above provided weblink focuses on a scantly clad woman in a bikini and is strongly sexist and offensive in nature by advertising something (in this case- membership of a local cricket club) which has no relation whatsoever to the image used. The ad therefore demonstrates a blatant display of sexual objectification.