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Results for June 2015

0178/1510 June 2015Centrefold Lounge/Men's Gallery
Two women dressed in show-girl style costumes under the title "Men's Gallery - pure viewing pleasure"
0204/1510 June 2015Coca-Cola South Pacific
The Fanta ‘My Fanta Tastes Like…’ ad is a fun cartoon fantasy featuring animated figures talking about “what their Fanta tastes like”.
The opening scene features six characters sitting on a lawn drinking Fanta.
The first character says her Fanta tastes like “an awesome ride” and a rollercoaster is visible in the background. The second character says his Fanta tastes like “a bubble explosion”, featuring two cartoon figures jumping into a large container of orange bubbles (presumably Fanta).The third character says his Fanta tastes like “busting out to my favourite beats”, featuring a black and white shadow effect of the character dancing. The first character then states “Whatever your Fanta tastes like, it’s always full of fun”.
0205/1510 June 2015Coca-Cola South Pacific
We write to complain about the “Fanta” website,
The website features fun videos, downloads and the ‘Fanta Crew’. The ‘videos’ page include a Fanta advertisement, featuring whimsical, playful animation with brightly coloured characters obviously intended to appeal to young children. The ‘downloads’ page includes fun screen savers and wallpaper to download, featuring fun childlike characters drinking Fanta. The ‘Meet the Fanta Crew’ page features brightly coloured cartoon style children described as followed:
• Maude - A hip, inquisitive girl who’s known to find beauty and fun in the things around her. She’s one for the simple pleasures in life and loves to giggle. Her friends know they can look to her for where the party’s at.
• Tristan - A clever, independent, creative, street-smart guy who seems to be hardwired for mischief and fun. He’s always armed with sarcasm to lighten the mood around him, and he isn’t afraid to wear his sunglasses at night.
• Gigi - This cool, confident party girl isn't afraid to show her goofy side. She's friends with everyone, and can hold her own in any crowd, whether it's getting people off the couches and on to the dance floor or winning a belching contest with jocks.
• Floyd – A true music fan, he's always listening to bands you haven't heard of yet, but are about to. He's a music critic and writer, constantly on top of the music scene. Though, ironically, he's really awkward on the dance floor.
• Kimmy - An artist and rocker girl. She's pretty, but that's not the first thing you notice about her. A lot of guys are attracted to her because of her looks, but the more they get to know her the more they want to be her true friend. She's a free spirit, and is always up for adventure.
• Lhava Twins - This mysterious duo are the like the jokers in a deck of cards, you never know when they’re going to turn up. They’re friends with everyone, but nobody really knows their story. They’re never apart, and always seem to pop up wherever the action is.
• Todd - An impulsive prankster, his style is eclectic, a mash up of all the things he likes. At first glance, he might seem a little nerdy, but he makes it cool. And he’s too confident to care what anyone thinks of him anyhow.
0206/1510 June 2015Coca-Cola South Pacific
The Fanta “Fruit Slam 2” app is an interactive device marketing Fanta to children. The app opens with bottles filled with oranges and depicts the ‘Fanta crew’ (as cross promoted through the Fanta website and TV advertisement, the subject of separate complaints) drinking Fanta. By clicking on the Fanta crew various games can be played, including catching fruit that is thrown and otherwise featuring oranges and other fruit.
0209/1510 June 2015Seafolly Pty Ltd
The poster for Seafolly swimwear is hanging in a street-facing window and depicts a woman in a swimsuit, sitting with her legs spread widely as she looks provocatively into the camera.
The image can be found here, on page 4 of the Seafolly catalogue:
0210/1510 June 2015Nestle Australia Ltd
A man, dressed only in an apron, extols the virtues of Nestle Condensed Milk. In front of him is a table full of baked goods, supposedly made with condensed milk.
0211/1510 June 2015Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors Pty Ltd
Scary as for an upcoming cinema horror movie with disturbing visuals.
0212/1510 June 2015Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
A simple picture of the car with associated slogan.
0213/1510 June 2015Sportsbet
The Sportsbet product Cash Out gives the user freedom. This freedom is depicted by the user throwing salad on the ground and eating steak with his hands, taking his pants off and walking around the house in his underpants, lifting the toilet seat up with his foot, and placing a drinking glass straight on a wooden table deliberately avoiding a coaster which is right in front of him.
0214/1510 June 2015The Body Shop
Full store window poster of naked male torso with hemp leaf covering genitals.
0216/1510 June 2015Advanced Medical Institute

This "Make it bigger and last longer" advertisement features still images of a man and woman as well as a lot of text regarding 'bigger' sex.  The font is large and blue and stands out.

0217/1510 June 2015The Body Shop
Hemp soap on rope
0218/1510 June 2015Murray Goulburn
Devondale cheese slices.
0219/1510 June 2015Department of Health and Ageing
The government issued ice addict commercial with the man hitting his mum and someone digging into their skin.
0220/1510 June 2015Twentieth Century Fox Film Distributors Pty Ltd
There is an advertisement for the new horror movie poltergeist being shown from about 6pm onwards, the content is inappropriate for children during non evening viewing, understand showing it later but showing during that time is inappropriate when children are watching tv.
0221/1510 June 2015Machine Zone
Game of War computer game.
0224/1510 June 2015Club Shoop
It was a large mobile billboard on the back of a truck, with women in suggestive stances with the word 'Explicit' across their chest and hips.
I also have a photograph of the advertising in question if you require it to be sent in an email, please contact me
0225/1510 June 2015Nestle Australia Ltd
The television commercial is a recent commercial for Uncle Tobys Oats.
The scene is a family in a kitchen consisting of a middle aged man, his wife and daughter. The man proceeds to prepare a bowl of oats and says to his wife, did you know that Uncle Toby's Oats with milk are naturally rich in protein, which helps build muscles and they're a superfood. He then flexes his muscles and says, Can you tell, I eat them everyday?
At the end, there is a picture of the boxes of oats and the text appears alongside the box of oats:
"Naturally Rich in Protein Superfood".
The voice over is, Uncle Toby's Oats, the naturally rich in protein superfood that's news to some.
There is a small disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that reads 40g serve of UNCLE TOBYS Oats with 2/3 cup of skim milk contains 11.1g protein.
0226/1510 June 20157-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd
There is a large wall advertising the Slushee drinks that an be purchased (it is very pink) and there are three images of females 'enjoying' the drinks
0227/1510 June 2015Bingle Insurance
A magician cuts a lady with sword during the time she is geting the quote on her mobile!!!!
0228/1510 June 2015Michael Warshall Picturemaker
Side of building. Large black and white poster of a woman's bottom in lingerie of a sexual nature. No other relevant details.
0229/1510 June 2015Whitford Property
A man's voice describing noisy neighbours so what about moving or buying a property from Whitford Property Geelong?
0230/1510 June 2015Centrefold Lounge/Men's Gallery
The whole car is covered in advertising including large photo of a woman bending over, from behind with g string only on.
0231/1510 June 2015Aldi Australia
A cave man sits next to a fire. On the fire appears to be a mammoth wrapped in foil. The mammoth moves indicating that it is being cooked alive.
0232/1510 June 2015Victorian Hearing
Advertising for very small / invisible hearing aids.
0233/1510 June 2015Victorian Hearing
The ad stated that hearing aids can be ugly, but they had a solution that was invisible.
0234/1510 June 2015Victorian Hearing
A woman has a picture of a prawn behind her ear with the tag line "Hearing aids are UGLY"
0235/1510 June 2015Yum Restaurants International
The KFC TV advertisement shows a man walking out of a fruit & vegetable shop confused by the available fresh salad ingredients inside, then it shows him walking away from that scenario eating a KFC wrap, happy.
0236/1510 June 2015Sportsbet
5 or 6 20-30year olds are hiking in the wilderness to the top of a hill/small mountain. When the get to the summit the take out a mobile phone with a selfie stick and make out like they are going to take a photograph (selfie) but instead start watching a horse race.
0237/1510 June 2015Ashley Madison - Avid Life
A woman wields a baseball bat indicating she may wish to harm, injure or kill her spouse. So to feel alive again and save her marriage or to prevent her harming her spouse, she is encouraged to have an affair.
0238/1510 June 2015Urban Purveyor Group
Two women - one in Bavarian costume small breasted labelled Traditional
The other large breasted in modern dress labelled Modern
The insinuation was that they were on the menu and you could choose either - nothing to do with selling beer and food
0239/1510 June 2015Urban Purveyor Group
"old but new" type slogan. Had the same female juxtaposed in 2 images: one old (classic Bavarian dress), the other new (boobs falling out of a partially unbuttoned blouse
0240/1510 June 2015Department of Health and Ageing
The ad shows a lady digging a metal object into her skin to show the dangers of ice addiction.
0241/1524 June 2015Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Ad for an 'uncut' DVD of the film Shades of Grey which has appeared every night for over a week during the program Bargain Hunt between 6.50-7.30pm.
0242/1510 June 2015Nestle Australia Ltd

Features young man wearing an apron and no shirt baking. He has a smear of chocolate on his face. The voiceover of two older women is heard making suggestive comments about him.

0243/1524 June 2015SindeRellas
Page 26 of The Mail (Mandurah).
Full colour, half page advertisement showing the photograph of a naked female from the waist up, breasts covered, alluring pose.
Next to her the title:
"The ultimate in Luxury ADULT TOYS".
Then a photograph of 6 colour vibrators of various styles, each approximately 6 cm in size.
0244/1524 June 2015Secret Fantasies
On the Karratha Visitors Centre Map bottom left hand corner purple background. Woman on the left hand side posing with tongue out and the black outline of a woman posing. Has the map reference for the shop C9 in top left hand corner.
Same advert appears in various spots throughout the Pilbara Newspaper. It can at times be next to or above adverts for the Local Youthshed and their programs for youth.
0245/1524 June 2015Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
A group of females and one man doing yoga in park. As the group bends over, the man stares at a females bum.
0246/1524 June 2015Department of Health and Ageing
There were three different ads about Ice awareness. These might have run several times during the program we were watching however we switched off.
0247/1524 June 2015Sexpo Pty Ltd
As for sexpo dates and entertainment to be provided at the event
0248/1524 June 2015Sexpo Pty Ltd
They are advertising an upcoming sexpo and some of the main "entertainment" including Australia's best "amateur striptease"
0249/1524 June 2015Sexpo Pty Ltd
A mobile billboard advertising Sexpo was parked in the carpark of a park on Jones Street, Balcatta. This is directly opposite Takari Primary School.
0250/1524 June 2015Darwin Red Devil Fishing Charters
Fishing charters a shark is being caught and a women is screaming loudly.
0251/1524 June 2015Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
A tv commercial channel ten for bonds girls underwear.
0252/1524 June 2015iSelect Pty Ltd
Don't bury your head in the sand, let iSelect help you choose health insurance.
0253/1524 June 2015Fantastic Snacks Australia
Delites chips ad, husband eats some chips, wife decides to lick his lips/face in order to establish what the flavor/taste is.
0254/1524 June 2015Jim's Mowing SA
The cartoon version of Jim's Mowing and garden maintenance.
0256/1524 June 2015Lonsdale London
Again, it was an in store video that was being shown on the TV screen behind the main counter.