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Results for March 2015

0045/1511 March 2015AICS
Advertisement features female presenter announcing "don't suffer from someone else's negligence" and shows a vehicle travelling along the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the female driver of the vehicle texting on her mobile phone.
0052/1511 March 2015Honey Birdette
Larger than life pictures of women in underwear on the front of the shop.
0053/1511 March 2015Victorian Aids Council
The poster features a man wearing nothing, but a pair of white underpants that he is holding open at the top. There is a small dog in mid-air at his chest height. The tagline is "Go fetch! Testing is easy. Get tested, get treated, no drama!"
0054/1511 March 2015Sportsbet
As a parody of 'fifty shades of grey' a woman and greyhound are represented as being in a sexual relationship.
0055/1511 March 2015Sportsbet
Advertisement which depicts a women in a sexual/erotic relationship with a greyhound as a depiction of the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' movie.
0056/1511 March 2015Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
Ford tv commercial advertising the plate run out sale
0057/1511 March 2015Lion
The billboard shows an airborne 4WD on a dirt road, with the caption "Your Daily Commute" and the XXXX logo
0058/1511 March 2015St. George Scrap Metal
The billboard contained two men hugging with the words 'Our Service Is Straight Up' - 'Brokescrap Mountain'.

0060/1511 March
Television commercial featuring meerkats.
0061/1511 March 2015iSelect Pty Ltd
iSelect health insurance advert which includes a QANTAS frequent flyer double points promotion.
0062/1511 March 2015Kelly's on King
The poster advertises a 'pool comp' showing a woman with pool balls stuffed in her mouth.
0063/1511 March 2015Quilly Park
Advertisement reads: Treat a woman like a race horse and she'll never be a nag. Quilly Park Creating Champions
0065/1511 March 2015Cancer Council WA
The advertisement was an anti smoking ad which depicted the graphic consequences of smoking. The advertising depicted graphic medical procedures and adult related content.
0066/1511 March 2015Australian Drug Foundation
Good Sport trying to bring awareness of drinking culture at sports clubs. Brought to advertising by the Australian Drug Foundation yet the only 'drug' mentioned was alcohol
0069/1511 March 2015AAMI
This is the tv advertisement for the AAMI Driver Rewards app/promotion/competition. In this ad the 2 men are competing to achieve the best score for their ability to drive economically.
0070/1511 March 2015Sportsbet
Betting offers on the Asian Cup (soccer). A voice describes the offers. There is lettering in an old-fashioned 'Asian' style. No actors or actresses are seen.
0071/1511 March 2015Ashley Madison - Avid Life
Ashley Madison advertising that if you want someone other than your wife join this club. U tube Ashley Madison it will come up with the ad.
0072/1511 March 2015Vaporfresh

An advertisement for Vapefresh, a smokeless cigarette replacement with several different flavours. may be plugged into a USB charger, and electronic product.

0073/1511 March 2015Freedom Aged Care

This pamphlet was placed at our address today to advertise ‘Freedom Aged Care’.

0074/1511 March 2015Wicked Campers
Picture of a cigarette packet (Winfield) with the slogan 'Anyhow book online today.'
0075/1511 March 2015Frucor Beverages Australia
Can you handle it maximus campaign with a competition about a trip to Las Vegas. Shows a male hand in a shower and another hand approaches and touches the first hand.
0076/1511 March 2015Frucor Beverages Australia
The advertisement was for a sports drink called Maximus. It is bottled in a 1 litre bottle, and the billboard explicitly imply masturbation. They lube up their hands and shake the bottle before the bottle cap pops off.The punchline was something like you need a big grip, can you handle the size?
0078/1511 March 2015Stan
Ms Rebel, was leading a miniature unicorn around while attempting to promote a web service The final comment is "now its licking my crotch."
0079/1525 March 2015Australian Super
Australian Super have mailed out a box which is made up to appear like pharmaceutical goods (pain relief). Oversized "medication" in blister packs.
0080/1525 March 2015PVH Brands Australia Pty Ltd
Calvin Klein Jeans billboard poster towards north end of platforms 3 & 4 picturing a man lying almost on top of a topless woman looking like they are about to have sex.
0081/1525 March 2015Actron Air
The ad features people of different races wearing items of Australian national colours. Ie: asian man wearing green and gold hat with kangaroo on it with a voice over urging people to only buy Australian made and avoid purchasing inferior overseas goods masquerading as Australian. 
0082/1525 March 2015Actron Air
The Advertisement is promoting Actron Air, as an all Australian Brand. It's male actors shot on a white backdrop and portrays an Asian man wearing an Australian hat and depicted as being "fake"
0083/1525 March 2015Universal Pictures
Sex scenes and inappropriate scenes displayed in the vicinity of young children
0084/1525 March 2015Monster Beverage Corporation
Advert with photo of two women with the caption "Two is always better than one... right?"

0085/1525 March 2015Lion
The advert depicts men on a beach drinking. There is another group of men apparently ship wrecked, one of who is trying to put on sunscreen. He is then ridiculed by the other men who are drinking and tanned. By the end of the advert, they have covered him from head to foot with sunscreen and a suggestion is made that if he drank XXXX he would not need it.
0086/1525 March 2015American Apparel Inc
The girls under lingerie seem very young and quite a lot of the underwear advertised is totally see through. There are images where the girls nipples and pubic hair is visible. The photos appear pornographic.
0087/1525 March 2015Kimberly-Clark Aust Pty Ltd
The ad shows a baby at different stages throughout the day. The baby's name is Larry and because it is wearing Huggies nappies it always wakes up happy. In one scene the mother goes in to attend to the baby and the safety rail on the cot is already down.
0088/1525 March 2015Mars Confectionery

The advertisement for Maltesers has two women eating maltesers and then putting their sleeping boyfriends in a sexual/suggestive position and then laughing at them. The advertisement perpetuates the idea that being gay is something to be ridiculed.

0089/1525 March 2015Nissan Motor Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
It was about a car driving through a container yard.. with containers being lifted and the car driving under them. There are no safety features in place.
0090/1525 March 2015RB Sellars
MARCH catalogue. On page 15 "special offer ends 28/02/2015" down the bottom. Three men are jumping from a rock-face into water.
0091/1525 March 2015Northern Rock Pest Control
Man forgets to add something and is slapped and sworn at...the word Malaka is used
0092/1525 March 2015Club X
The ad was for fetish fantasy series, club x and fetish sex toys. A very suggestive ad.
0093/1525 March 2015FOXTEL Management Pty Ltd
Advertisement covers clips from the show in which people are watching television. Advertised as pre-rolls on Bob the Builder (show for toddlers) and Wheels on the Bus Toddler songs.

0094/1525 March 2015Laminex
Woman is heard saying 'wow did you see the size of that cock?'
0095/1525 March 2015Ford Motor Co of Aust Ltd
The latest Ford Kuga motor car advert currently showing on free to air television. A driver completed an overtaking pass on the crest of a hill which is dangerous because of poor visibility.
0097/1525 March 2015Coca-Cola South Pacific
The ad is about an older lady (approximately 65 years of age) and a young boy (approximately under the age of 18) meeting up for a date, they met each other online, they are both unaware the person they are meeting up with is each other however later on in the ad they discover that they are the person they met online, later on again a guy passes them both a sprite to drink and they make out, the punch line is "cut through the heat".
0098/1525 March 2015Holden Ltd
A man driving a Holden Colorado comes up to a slow moving vehicle towing a caravan. He complains about "Bloody caravaners" and then overtakes the vehicle.
0099/1511 March 2015Frucor Beverages Australia
Maximus Sports Drink Advertisement:
The Ad is labelled "The First Time Grip" The Ad opens with a pair of hands applying lubricant/hand cream to their hands and proceeds to run up and down a shaking bottle until the cap pops off and liquid spills out.
0100/1525 March 2015Westpac Banking Corporation
The ad is about 'Home Loans' which can stick around or 'get in the way'.
0101/1525 March 2015Westpac Banking Corporation

I protest against the Westpac ad that portrays an unwanted home loan as a middle aged man.

No one would put a middle aged woman in the role of an unwanted home loan.

0102/1525 March 2015Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers van, rego 1CFS 129.  Text reads, "It makes my heart race when you sit on my face".

0103/1525 March 2015Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers van, rego 050 SRR.  Text reads, "A blow job is a great last minute gift".

0104/1525 March 2015Australian Insurance Holdings

The company shows “Captain Risky” bathing in a hot tub with innumerable electric extension leads plugged in an ad apparently “live”. He suffers no effects of electrocution even though the expansion boards and leads are sparking when water from the hot tub splashes over the side directly onto them whilst he is still in the hot tub.

0109/1525 March 2015Holden Ltd
The advert shows car towing caravan across country and getting held up by another vehicle towing a caravan. The young boy in the vehicle mimcks the driver and says "bloody caravaners."