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Results for May 2015

0146/1513 May 2015Peters
Website with simple games which promotes Fandangle ice-creams including games that require purchase of product to unlock a code.
0151/1513 May 2015Volkswagen Group Australia Pty Limited
A regularly running advertisement for the Volkswagen Jetta. The driver exits the car with a drink in his hand and wearing a pair of thongs.
0155/1513 May 2015Ultra Tune Australia
The ad is for Ultra Tune. Advertising they now do rubber with two women in S&M gear rolling over cars, cracking wips and licking and kissing tyres
0157/1513 May 2015Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd
A large billboard at Bridgepoint in Mosman with a photo of a blue 4WD accompanied by the words: RANGE ROVER SPORT SVR - THE FASTEST LAND ROVER EVER.
0158/1513 May 2015Tom Ford Beauty
It is a banner poster approx 1 metre high x 2 metres wide in the cosmetics area of Myer Bourke Street, displayed in a prominent position above head height in the central area. It shows a totally naked woman laying in a pool of water with her buttocks presented.
0159/1513 May 2015McDonald's Aust Ltd
McDonalds Lamb & Feta Wrap- made with 100% Lamb
0160/1513 May 2015VISA International

In this advertisement, a man walks in his parent’s room and stubbles upon his father painting his mother who is nude, partially covered by a cloth. The ad was implying that if you use visa checkout, you could've not seen that as you will not waste time to ask your parents for money, and that with visa checkout, you can buy things online easily.

0161/1513 May 2015BPAY Pty Ltd
Photograph of very pregnant couple in wedding clothes and tag line 'you can't perfectly time everything but you can perfectly time your bills'.
0162/1513 May 2015McDonald's Aust Ltd

As discussed I have serious concerns of one of the McDonalds Restaurant commercial played last night during the news around 6.45pm.

The commercial, which I only saw once, as I turned on the set, was showing drivers in various scenes with food in their hands, or the most concerning scene was a female driver beating time on the steering wheel without a secure grip on the steering wheel.

0163/1513 May 2015Tatts Lotteries
The ad features and animated cat walking along a brightly coloured animated street talking about a new type of game, Luckies Lottery. He talks about how fun the game is and describes the nature of the game (you can play every day, winner takes all).
0164/1513 May 2015Catholic Ladies College
It was a poster on the back of a bus for Catholic Ladies College (CLC,an all girls school) in Melbourne, Australia. It said in large writing "girls learn better with girls" with some smaller writing underneath such as the name of the school, and I think the location.
0165/1513 May 2015Sportsbet
The sportsbet NRL/Rugby League multi betting advertisement. It specifically says, "Must place multi"
0166/1513 May 2015Yum Restaurants International
A group of young people in the car while driving are consuming a fast food product (Kentucky fried chicken). All passengers are eating the product until they see that the young driver feels left out. The front passenger gives the young driver a piece to eat distracting him while driving.
0167/1513 May 2015Squirrel Super
The ad in question is for self managed super funds
0168/1513 May 2015Citroen Automobiles Australia
The ad starts off saying that their van is "f(beep)ing perfect for plumbers", then repeated the same sentence in regards to electricians etc..
0169/1513 May 2015Squirt
Advertisement for personals app for gay men featuring picture of 2 shirtless men with slogan "Non-stop hookups" emblazoned on poster.
0170/1513 May 2015Bathroom Warehouse
It was advertising sales products and depicting a couple in a house with pictures to tell the story and then the male had done something wrong by not going to bathroom warehouse and so he then needed to go in.
0171/1513 May 2015Frucor Beverages Australia
A series of three outdoor ads in a row at Kings Cross train station. The first shows the four Avengers characters, the second shows four cans of V each with an Avenger cartoon character on it and the third is a brand ad.
0172/1513 May 2015Coles
Coles advertise sliced belly pork as spare ribs, when they clearly are not.
0173/1527 May 2015Lagoon Restaurant
It is an advertisement showcasing the open restaurant and the chef.
0174/1513 May 2015Wicked Campers
At the bottom of the linked page is a deconstruction of a Wicked Camper van and its features.
0175/1513 May 2015Warner Home Entertainment
A masked character with no eyes
0176/1513 May 2015Windsor Smith Pty Ltd
A group of men and women in a limo
0177/1513 May 2015Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
A row of scantily-clad young women, in their underwear, next to the highway
0179/1513 May 2015Universal Pictures
A poster advertising "TED 2" above the main entry to the cinema, which is advertising for the soon to be released movie.
0180/1513 May 2015Planet ARK
Describing the environmental benefits of wood. Presented by Peter Maddison.
On youtube:
0181/1513 May 2015Wallet Wizard

WalletWizard ad for quick loans is in bad taste, it promotes animal cruelty. Please have this ad removed if you can. It created an unsettling mental image for me and I’m sure many others.

0182/1513 May 2015Urban Purveyor Group

Image on a bus featuring a woman dressed in traditional Bavarian style clothing with the slogan "wunderbra" underneath her.

0184/1513 May 2015Urban Purveyor Group
'Wunderbra." Advertising campaign featuring close ups of women's breasts and jugs of beer, features an image of women in low cut tops with "wunderbra" written underneath.
0185/1513 May 2015Urban Purveyor Group
'Make mine a double.' Advertising campaign featuring close ups of women's breasts and jugs of beer.
0186/1513 May 2015Environment Protection Agency
An advertisement of " don't be a tosser " is a good community message but to show a cigarette being tossed is unbelievable. There has been soooooo much anti smoking ads and you chose to show the cigarette being tossed. Sorry but you guys are the tossers . Surely there is many more products that the public "toss" eg soft drink bottles, take away containers, lollie wrappers only to name a few. Please clean up your ad!!!! Thank you
0188/1527 May 2015Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
There is a shot of a very young girl entering a river in a bikini, the shot is obviously focusing on her bottom, she is probably only 12.
0189/1527 May 2015Diabetes Australia VIC
Poster of clown from the movie IT for diabetes Australia
0190/1527 May 2015Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
Baby is lying in a deep semi bubbly bath.
0191/1513 May 2015Renault Australia

I’d like to complaint about the Renault Cleo ad.  A girl, young and attractive (what else?), says in voiceover: “You can tell a lot about a person from the car they drive”.

0192/1527 May 2015Universal Pictures
It was an ad for an upcoming movie called "Unfriended". It was a movie trailer.
0193/1527 May 2015Universal Pictures
The poster is of a search bar with only the words "laura", followed by a few possibilities (suicide, passed out are some examples)
0194/1527 May 2015The Butterfly Foundation
Celebrities decorating their middle fingers and then extending them to the camera.
0195/1527 May 2015AMP
AMP Shopping Centres have a campaign to promote their centre that I recently saw at Macquarie Shopping Centre, Sydney. It features a pubescent blond girl holding clothes to her chest (no bust visible) but the garment appears to be falling off her at the back. She is patially clothed with the appearance that her clothes are "falling off". She is wearing make-up and looks around 13 years of age.
0197/1527 May 2015Sportsbet
"I'm out" ad. Depicts man at work using his phone to gamble. Youtube address here:
0198/1527 May 2015Mitsubishi Motors Aust Ltd
"It's a Mitsi". Ad shows various people expressing surprise/envy over a car.
0199/1527 May 2015Tom Ford Beauty
The AFR magazine is a mainstream publication, and adjust to a wide audience newspaper. The Tom Ford advertisement is pornographic and has no place in a main stream magazine/newspaper.
0200/1527 May 2015Wix Web Builder
Every time I see this ad on Foxtel it offends me and disturbs me that a violent message is being given to young people. You see a teenage band recording in a studio and at the end the young guitarist smashes his guitar and then picks up the microphone stand and smashes the glass window of the recording studio. This is NOT funny and very aggressive.
0203/1527 May 2015Mars Petcare Australia
Advert starts with a group of boys fighting in the street, pushing each other onto the road, then a dog comes on the road and they go to save it!
0207/1527 May 2015Amnesty International Australia
On Route 370 on Sydney buses this morning (Bus 1861) there was an advertisement promoting some support for removing anti-gay laws in Moscow/Russia. This has some text with a mobile number on it to SMS support, but also included a picture of a man that had been violently assaulted by police and had his nose and mouth covered in significant blood, with an injury to his mouth.
0208/1527 May 2015Stan
New advertisement for "Stan" as being a good place for watching romantic movies.
0222/1527 May 2015Stan
The advertisement for Stan features Rebel Wilson and baldly uses the word 'pussy', oh so cleverly covered by the fact that Rebel Wilson has a cat on her lap[!], and refers to the piquant smell of the pussy.
0223/1527 May 2015The Butterfly Foundation
Stick the middle finger. This is violent, abusive behaviour that insights violence. Fight violence with violence.