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Results for October 2015

0374/1514 October 2015Sojo Pty Ltd
Describing men's underwear and makes inappropriate references to the male anatomy.
0375/1514 October 2015Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd
Sour patch lollies coming to life and interacting with children. In the particular case mentioned a young boy on a bike is featured.
0376/1514 October 2015Super Cheap Auto Pty Ltd
The fathers day television advertisement shows a vehicle up on axle stands and a father underneath the vehicle and the child laid on a skateboard goes under the vehicle as well
0377/1514 October 2015Mojo Homes
The series of adverts for Mojo homes are under the title "Mojo Love dedications" and have implied sexual themes.
0378/1514 October 2015Rejuvenate Wellness Centre Rockhampton
A lady walks down the street and a man wolf whistles at her, then it changes to images of the beauty/massage treatments
0379/1514 October 2015Frockaholics
An email was sent to me promoting a sale on Frockaholics. One of the models appears in pain and uncomfortable.
0381/1514 October 2015Shaver Shop Pty Ltd

The insinuation was an imminent sexual encounter and the man realises, after looking at a rosemary bush he needs to trim his genitalia and commences to try a whipper snipper, chain saw etc.

0382/1514 October 2015Yum Restaurants International
An ad on a bus shelter with KFC logo on top left corner and showing a boy in a blue collared shirt (shoulders up) about to eat a piece of chicken and the words “New Original Tenders” at the bottom on the picture. Images are available on request.
0383/1514 October 2015Isuzu Australia Limited
Characterisation of tradesmen discussing a colleague buying a new truck, full of obvious swearing.
0384/1514 October 2015Pacific Brands Holdings Pty Ltd
Large advertising poster at the tram stop facing the aquarium, of a lady only wearing Berlie bra and panties.
0385/1514 October 2015Universal Pictures
The add was a trailer for a thriller movie that aired at 7:20.
0386/1514 October 2015Hello Fresh
Delivery of fresh food boxes, recipes and preparation of fresh foods
0387/1514 October 2015Isuzu Australia Limited
General advertisement for current model Isuzu vehicle.
0388/1514 October 2015Urban Purveyor Group
The ad on Instragram depicts the same model side by side wearing two different outfits. On the left hand side of the image the model wears what looks to be old fashioned traditional German attire. On the right she is depicted wearing a modernised version of traditional German attire. The text for the ad directly underneath the images says "Classic vs Modern New Menu stick to what you know or try something new. "
The text used to preface the ad posted on Instragram says "A familiar classic or modern bombshell." Hashtags include #vote #whichone #leftorright #foodporn
0389/1514 October 2015Bank of Western Australia Ltd (Bankwest)
John McEnroe shouting at a female member of the banks' staff.
0390/1514 October Ltd
A woman describes the deals that adultshop has on adult toys and a surprise free gift with purchase.
0391/1514 October 2015Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd
You don't have to love bingo to have a weak bladder. Over 40% of women who experience bladder leakage are under 45.
0392/1514 October 2015MTV Networks Australia Pty Ltd
The was essentially a very colourful and I catching series of images and poses of Miley Cyrus nearly naked with objects and animals coming out of her breast area, with inappropriate poses and facial expressions that were extremely sexually suggestive. The images moved fairly quickly and there was catchy music and an odd mix of images such as astronauts and dolphins that almost looked like a children's cartoon or TV show.
0394/1514 October 2015Robyn Hills Photography
Photo of young, blond haired woman in black camisole wearing stilettos with her legs up in the air with an available look at the camera.
0395/1514 October 2015National Stockyard Systems Pty Ltd
Full back page advert, to sell a new "award-winning" Cattle Crush. Large half page sized photo of cattle crush on grass. Lots of negative space on advert with green border around the outside.
0396/1528 October 2015The Victory Hotel
The two billboards were strapped to the back of two separate walkers. They were headlined with TFIF and then followed with Thank F&[email protected] its Friday... Join us for... And then had the time and price of the cheap drink specials underneath.
0397/1514 October 2015AIM Hire
Advert for hire of Toilet.
0398/1514 October 2015Dainty Group
The Iron Maiden tour.
0399/1514 October 2015Virtual Scaffolding
The banner has Viagra Scaffolding in large print; a drawing of a scantily clad, buxom woman in a bikini top with short shorts and work boots with a speech bubble coming out of her mouth saying "We get it up for you".
0400/1514 October 2015Suzuki Australia Pty Limited
The vehicle is shown driving with its front fog lights on but the conditions are clear and dry. This is illegal under NSW road rules which state that fog lights may only be used in fog or rain.
0401/1514 October 2015Edgewell
The ad had three bikini clad woman walking in and stopping with bonsai plants in front of their crotch. They then proceeded to trim the bonsai. This implied they were trimming their crotch.
0402/1514 October 2015David Jones Ltd
A group of teenaged girls hang out together in their underwear, having pillow fights and looking seductively into cameras whilst chewing on various things.
0405/1528 October 2015Urban Purveyor Group
There were a range of adverts on billboards at Southern Cross Station, a series of pictures depicting women with beer. This was promotion for Oktoberfest 2015, an event running at Munich Brauhaus.
0407/1528 October 2015Distinct Property Management
Ad depicted a man who was upset/irrational- had PMS (property management stress)
0408/1514 October 2015Wicked Campers
The exact words of the sticker placed on locations outside of the Wicked Camper van read:
Wicked -"
0410/1528 October 2015Nando's Australia Pty Ltd
A woman and her friend are travelling in their car when one of the women receives a mobile phone call accidentally made by her partner. We hear the man and his male friend making comments. We see them eating Nandos chicken.
0411/1528 October 2015Emerson
The company is selling a insinkeratoer but when the lady says how it saves water, she puts her fingers in the hole of the appliance.
0413/1528 October 2015Wicked Campers
The mural on the side of this camper van depicted the cookie monster holding a gun into the back of his own mouth, with the words 'bad trip' painted alongside this image.
0414/1528 October 2015Toyota Motor Corp Aust Ltd
Shows 2 Toyota Hilux on a test track driving backwards then forward towing three trailers hooked together. The other add showed people riding in the tub of the vehicle.
0415/1528 October 2015Tatts Lotteries
The Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot add is a large side banner add on the Brisbane Times website with over half the add being a large cartoon cat with Lucky Lotteries super jackpot at the top and a small Golden Casket logo in the bottom right corner.
0416/1514 October 2015Edgewell
Three women come out to a row of small bushes placed at crotch level. They then "trim their bushes". With the schick product making her bush a heart shape
0418/1528 October 2015Solar Engineering
This company's advertising invites people to cut their ties to electrical energy companies by installing solar energy. Their advertisement shows a pair of scissors cutting a power cord.
0419/1528 October 2015Vitaco Health Australia Pty Ltd
A short clip shown on youtube before my chosen video started.
0420/1528 October 2015Urban Purveyor Group
The ad is of 3 women dressesd as beer wenches with alot of exposed cleavage holding big mugs of beer right in front of them and smiling suggestively. The middle women is holding a beer that has essentially "exploded" and is running out in front of her.
0421/1528 October 2015Ubet
Gambling ad
0424/1528 October 2015Metropolitan Motorcycle Spares
Print ad - cycle torque: It is an ad advertising a motorcycle wreckers and the parts they sell. The main headline says bringing things back together for over 30 years. It depicts damaged motorcycle on the left and on the right 2 women in lingerie/swimsuit lying down horizontally embracing one on top of the other both looking seductively at the camera.
0425/1528 October 2015Metropolitan Motorcycle Spares

Online ad depicts a motorcycle in the background and in prominence in the foreground a lady dressed in lingerie with back arched face up, reclined; speech bubble from her mouth stating the business dispatches in 48 hours.

0427/1528 October 2015William Hill
I am concerned about the latest William Hill advertisement, it begins with an attractive blonde woman speaking to the camera from the left of screen. A tall, well-dressed man steps into view on the right (closer to the camera so he looks even larger and more dominating) and starts speaking over her about William Hill. She looks surprised and mildly embarrassed and stands in the background, smiling inanely while he continues talking. He then presses a remote of some kind (I think) and she disappears and the background changes to something different - I didn't really see what it was. The man finishes speaking to the camera about the product.